10 Best Picnic Spots Near Nashik That You Must Visit

Looking for best picnic spots near Nashik for a family outing? Then you have come to the right place. Nashik is known as one of the most popular and beautiful pilgrimage destinations of India lying on the banks of Godavari River. It is also famous in the country for its annual celebration of the religious Kumbh Mela. If you love exploring beautiful temples, Nashik is the ideal location having plenty of exotic temples holding the values of Hindu Mythology.

But apart from the temples, Nashik has a lot of breathtaking tourist attractions starting from various enchanting waterfalls, caves, mountain passes, vineyards, gardens, forests, sanctuary and many more. So let’s have a look at the gorgeous destinations in and around Nashik that are perfect for family picnics and also an amazing weekend gateway.

Top Picnic Spots Near Nashik

Beautiful Picnic Spots Near Nashik (Waterfalls)

Someshwar Water Fall

Someshwar water is a prime tourist attraction in Nashik which is also popular as Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The waterfall serves as an eye feasting treat to the visitors due to its thick creamy flow down the cascades that often looks like gallons of milk flowing between the rocky surfaces.

The water has a height of only 10 meters but is extremely fierce and looks magical especially during the time of monsoon when it is in full bloom. Surrounding the waterfall are the rocky edges and vibrant greeneries which makes the entire destination look like a painted watercolor beauty. It is one of the most beautiful picnic spots near Nashik.

The waterfall is dedicated to the famous Someshwar Temple of Lord Shiva and is situated at a 2km distance from the temple. The destination in summers turns out to be an amazing picnic spot with a cool refreshing climate providing ultimate relaxation to the visitors. It is a must-visit destination in Nashik especially when you pay a visit to the Someshwar Temple.

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Dugarwadi Waterfall

Located at 38 km from Nashik, Dugarwadi Waterfall is an amazing destination and among the stunning waterfalls in Maharashtra. The location Dugarwadi itself is a gorgeous natural beauty blessed with lush green surroundings, vibrant green forests and on top that this enchanting waterfall gives a panoramic edge to its beauty.

It is a two-tier cascading waterfall flowing all the way in full volume like glistening white stream. The contrasting beauty of the milky white waterfall in the bright green surrounding is a feast to the eyes and to captivate you more is the climate of the place which is pleasantly cool with refreshing air and the roaring sound of the waterfall in the serene background.

The destination is great for family picnics and escaping the busy city crowds for a while. The destination is also perfect for some amazing photoshoot keeping the charismatic beauty in the background. The ideal time to see the blooming beauty at its best is the monsoon season.

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Vihigaon Waterfall (58 Km from Nashik)

This is one of the popular waterfalls of Nashik and also known as Ashoka Falls. It is situated at 59 km from Nashik in the village of Vihigaon. The waterfall cascades from an altitude of 120 feet and ends in a pool. Not only it can be enjoyed by the nature admirers but also the adventure enthusiasts due to its amazing location.

The trekkers and hikers can explore a short route through the dense green forests up to the waterfall and in the way can view many wildlife species and birds. Followed by an amazing forest trekking they can also go for waterfall rappelling from the towering height to 120 feet all the way down to the pool.

The experience is absolutely thrilling and memorable one for a lifetime. This spot due to its typical Indian waterfall beauty has been also the shooting destination of many popular Bollywood films and one of them is Asoka. It is an amazing weekend gateway from Nashik.

Your trip to this beautiful city would be incomplete without visiting these beautiful hill stations near Nashik.

Amazing Picnic Spots Near Nashik for Nature Lovers

Shri Pramodji Mahajan Garden

Pramodji Mahajan Garden is one of the most visited destinations in Nashik. The garden is a very well maintained with attractive lawns, vast expanses, walking trails and lots of exciting rides and slides for the kids. It is a very good place for relaxation and spending some quality time with your near and dear ones.

The park looks extremely attractive housing statues of various animals strategically placed in the green landscapes. The destination is most loved by the kids as they can not only play around in the huge lawns but also enjoy the fun rides. The adults can go for casual walking, relax on the garden benches, and also for jogging in the long trails.

The garden also includes fast food stalls to crave your quick hunger while spending time in the manicured garden. The fresh and eco-friendly environment of the garden is amazing to spend a lovely evening with friends and family. It is a destination to be enjoyed by visitors from all age groups.

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Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary (39 Km from Nashik)

The bird sanctuary in Nashik is situated in the Nipad district of Maharashtra. It is a very popular tourist attraction in Nashik housing 240 bird species, 460 plant species and 24 species of fish and mammals. The sanctuary is pure love for the bird watchers and nature lovers. It offers four machans sitting on which you can observe the bird species and their activities.

The sanctuary laid its foundation stone from a stone pickup near the banks of Godavari which eventually developed into the biological environment sustaining the aquatic species and the birds. Some of the popular bird species spotted in the sanctuary are White Stork, spoonbills, cranes shanks, pintails, godwits, spot bills, egrets, vultures, herons and many more.

The sanctuary is also rich in plant species like Bamboo, Mango, dhawada, hiwar, babul, tendu etc. The sanctuary is also home to wildlife species like Junglefowl, hyena, blue bull, sambar, wild boar, baking deer etc. It is one of the amazing family destinations for weekends. It is one of the best picnic spots near Nashik for bird watchers.

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Brahmagiri Hill

Brahmagiri Hill is a stunning destination nestled in the Western Ghats mountain ranges in Nashik. The hill as the name suggests is dedicated to Lord Brahma who holds a high religious value in Hindu mythology. The mountain in the earlier times was forbidden to climb as it was considered to be Lord Shiva but then in 1908, 500 stone steps were constructed by Seth Lalchand and Seth Ganesdas which ultimately made this hill accessible for the public.

The mountain serves as a visual treat to the visitors having water flow in three different directions- The water flow in the east is the Godavari River, the water flow in the south is the Vaitarna River and the water flow in the west is the Ganga river which ultimately meets the Godavari at Chakra Tirth.

The top of the hill houses the temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Godavari. The destination is an amazing pilgrimage site and can be enjoyed by the adventure lovers too.

Picnic Spots Near Nashik (Vineyards)

Vallonne Vineyards (31 Km from Nashik)

Vallonne Vineyards in Nashik is a wine factory and also the first boutique winery of India widely known for the production of wines in the French style. It is situated on the slopes of Sahyadri ranges in the area of Kanvai village. The winery is extremely fascinating to be explored by foot through the plantation grounds to the bottle storing rooms and the chamber of barrels.

It produces 60,000 bottles of wine per year and the location also facilitates the visitors to purchase their premium quality wines for different age groups. Visitors on entering the destination is accompanied by their professional guide for a lovely tour of the winery, explaining the facts and details related to the vineyards and also the about the production method of different wines by using grapes.

The visitors can also have the opportunity to attain a wine tasting session where experts allow them to taste different wines and let them feel the unique flavors. The experience is lovely and amazing.

Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards is another popular winery in Nashik that is also spread among the other areas of Maharashtra covering 1800 acres in total. The winery is famous for its different varieties of grapes like Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Zinfandel that are widely used in the production of wines.

The vineyard houses 60 wineries along with two amazing restaurants serving delicious food, a bottle shop and also a gift corner. One of the most entertaining attractions of this vineyard is the grape stomping activity in which the tourists can participate during the month of January and March.

The vineyard presents an amazing opportunity to the tourists to explore its vast plantation grounds, indulge in the wine tasting sessions and relax in the beautiful surroundings. The vineyard literally takes you to a beautiful world of wine and you will feel like you are somewhere out of India. It is an amazing weekend destination to be visited with family in Nashik. It is one of the must visit picnic spots near Nashik.

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Other Important Picnic Spots Near Nashik

Mangi Tungi

It is a wonderful destination for the adventure lovers located at a distance of 125km from Nashik. The destination houses two towering peaks Mangi and Tungi connect by a plateau in between. While Mangi lies at an elevation of 1,324 meters above sea level, Tungi, on the other hand, lies at an elevation of 1,331 meters above sea level.

The destination also has high religious importance as it is considered as the sacred destination for Hindus and Jains. The two peaks Mangi and Tungi are believed to be the symbolism of enlightenment as numerous holy saints including Lord Rama and Lord Krishna is believed to have attained enlightenment in the peaks of Mangi Tungi.

Due to this reason, the location is visited by millions of Jain and Hindu community devotees and hence serves as the most prominent heritage destination in the states of Maharashtra. Mangi Tungi is also amazing for trekkers offering panoramic scenic beauty from the highest point.

Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam is a popular weekend gateway located at 10km from Nashik. The dam was constructed in 1954 on the banks of Godavari River and is carved beautifully with stones, sand, and mud in a traditional way. The dam stretches at a long length of 3920 meters and has a storage capacity of 215880.00 km3.

The dam is known to have the longest reservoir in Asia and offers beautiful scenic beauty with a serene and peaceful environment. The dam has a garden in its close proximity which the visitors love to explore having an extremely appealing scenic beauty in the middle of the waterbody and also houses numerous migratory birds.

You can also organize for a family picnic in the garden with prior permission from the authorities. The destination is perfect for some amazing photography having the mesmerizing views of the Godavari backwaters in the background. It is undoubtedly an amazing weekend destination of Nashik and also a must-visit tourist spot.

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