22 Best Places To Visit in Bangalore – Explore The City Of Gardens

Places To Visit in Bangalore

Are you looking for best places to visit in Bangalore? Bangalore being the capital city of Karnataka is a very popular tourist destination of India with an active lifestyle. The city throughout the years has earned different names like “Silicon Valley of India”, “Pub Capital of India”, “City of Gardens” and “Air Conditioned City”.

It is best known for its IT Hub but other than that Bangalore has the perfect blend of history, culture, Natural beauty, Spirituality and Festivities making it a vibrant and enjoyable location for all kinds of people across the world. So let’s have look at the most important and beautiful places to visit in Bangalore that is enough to have an amazing short vacation.

Most Popular Places To Visit in Bangalore

Historical Places To Visit in Bangalore

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is an epitome of beauty and a major tourist attraction located at Palace Gardens in the heart of the city. It is an exemplary architectural work done by the Wodeyars in 1887. The architecture of the palace follows Tudor and Gothic Style pretty much similar to the medieval castles of Normandy and England.

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It sprawls around a total area of 45,000 sq.ft. The beauty of the palace is magnificent and grand with the interiors decorated in wooden structure along with the beautiful carvings in the interior and exterior reflecting the royal culture of the Wodeyars. The Palace is also famous for hosting different cultural events, Marriage ceremonies, and Rock Shows. It is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for history lovers.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

The Palace is an important heritage site glorifying the accommodation of Tipu Sultan who was the ruler of Mysore. It is a very popular tourist destination located in Old Bangalore at the junction of Albert Victor Road and Krishna Rajendra Road. The Palace used to be the summer residence for Tipu Sultan and is also famous as “Rash e Jannat” which means envy of Heaven.

The Palace follows Indo-Islamic style architecture and offers a breathtaking sight for the visitors with its beautiful creativity like Portruding Balconies, Ornamental Frascos, Brilliant motifs and Magnificient arches. The interior of the Palace consists of Tipu Sultan’s throne and Museum with collections of weapons, clothes, armors, coins, crowns etc giving a glimpse of his history.

Devanahalli Fort

It is a popular historical attraction situated at a distance of 35km to the north of Bangalore. The Forts spans over an area of 20 acres and was used to be the residence and birthplace of Tipu Sultan. The Fort is made of stone and mortar with 12 semi-circular bastions each of them having gunpoint view and spacious battlement.

The best of this Fort is the residence of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan which is 6ft. tall structure with pillars. The entrance of the Fort is small decorated with cut plastered work. The major part of the fort is ruined and has a crumbling structure still it manages to hold its glory throughout the years.

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Best Places To Visit in Bangalore For Nature & Wildlife Lovers

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a popular tourist attraction in Bangalore spanning around an area of 300 acres. The location has amazing natural beauty surrounded by lush green foliage. The park was founded by Lord Cubbon and hence it has the name. The Park houses more than 6000 trees creating a fresh and vibrant ecosystem. The major attractions of this Park are exotic floral beds in the different avenues, Lotus Pond, Ringwood circle Dancing Fountain and Bamboo Grove.

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Apart from this, the Park has the largest Bangalore Aquarium with an array of colorful water species and Jawahar Bal Bhavan offering an enjoyable toy train ride around the garden especially for the children. The park also houses major structures of the city like Attara Kacheri, Cubbon Park Museum and Sheshadri Iyer National Park. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Bangalore for nature lovers.

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

It is a renowned national and international center for its exquisite collection of Botanical Artwork, preservation of different plant species and also for scientific research. The Garden is a paradise for the Nature lovers having 1,864 unique species of plants. It covers an area of 240 acres lying in the heart of Bangalore city.

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It is famous for the rare plant species of the French, Persian and Afghan region. The location attained its name for the 3000 million years old Lal Bagh Rock which was found here. The Garden also houses an annual flower show every year and consists of an Aquarium and a lake. The location is an absolute delight to the photographers for some beautiful natural shots.

Bannerghatta National Park

It is a very popular tourist destination located at a distance of 22km from Bangalore. The National Park sprawls around a total area of 104.27 sq.km and was established in 1971. It is well known for its rich variety of flora and fauna. The National Park is a home to different wildlife species like leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Spotted Deer, Royal Bengal Tiger, Cobras, Monitor Lizard and India Gazelle.

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It also houses a no. of botanical species like Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Neem, Bamboo, Tamarind and many more along with India’s first Butterfly Park. Other attractions here are Snake Park, Zoo, Aquarium, Crocodile Farm, Prehistoric Animals Park and a museum.

Ulsoor Lake

It is the largest lake in Bangalore covering an area of 50 hectares. The Lake was built by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowrin who used to be a commissioner in Bangalore. It offers picturesque natural beauty surrounded by islands and fresh greeneries. It is an ideal picnic spot with family and also a perfect place for the nature lovers to spend some quiet time admiring the Nature’s Beauty.

The Lake is famous for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations during the month of August to September every year. It is an ideal day out destination to enjoy a serene atmosphere escaping the crowded city life, go for boating in the Lake, and watch the birds flying to take some candid photographs.

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Nandi Hills

It is an amazing tourist destination located at a duration of half an hour drive from Bangalore city. It is a favorite morning destination for the Bangaloreans to watch the sunrise along with Trekking and Hiking or enjoy a one day vacation to escape from the busy city life. The tourists enjoy this beautiful destination among the misty mountains exploring the small hillocks, enjoying the heartwarming pleasant climate and take some beautiful pictures of the painted surroundings.

The hill houses the Yoganandeeshwara temple with a majestic statue of Nandi Bull at the doorstep from which the area derives its name as the “Nandi Hills”. The entire destination is a combination of religious, nature and adventure activities. I would highly recommend adding this destination to your list of best places to visit in Bangalore.

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Lumbini Gardens

It is a public park situated on the banks of Nagwara Lake of Bangalore. The Park has got its name from Lumbini of Nepal. It is a quiet and relaxing gateway for the local people and the visitors from the crowded city life. It holds a mesmerizing natural beauty with the lush green landscapes and thick greenery.

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Being dedicated to Lord Buddha the Garden maintains a completely serene environment gathering a huge amount of visitors every week. It offers a long stretch of leisure walk of 1.5 km along with gardens for kids and a boating club offering boat rides in the Lake for the visitors. The night view of the garden is extremely captivating illuminated in various lights.

Famous Religious Places To Visit in Bangalore


It is a holy pilgrim site situated at Rajajinagar in Bangalore. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna crowded by millions of devotees across the world. The Temple houses the shrine of Lord Krishna along with other popular shrines of Sri Radha-Krishnachandra, Sri Krishna-Balarama, Sri Nitai-Gauranga, Sri Srinivasa-Govinda and Sri Prahlada-Narasimha.

The religious complex is famous for different cultural programs and activities revolving around Lord Krishna. It hosts Bhajans, recitals, lectures related to Lord Krishna as an act of admiration and offering prayer to Lord Krishna. It also houses separate Krishna communities and offers memberships to devotees to let them have the pleasure of organizing programs and festivals of Lord Krishna.

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Dodda Ganapathi Temple

It is one of the popular temples in Bangalore located in Basavanagudi area. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha holding a huge shrine of 18 ft. height and 16ft. wide. The temple holds a high religious significance as it is believed that idol of Lord Ganesha here had grown to its current size on its own. It is also famous as “Shakti Ganapathi” and “Satya Ganapathi”.

The temple is crowded by numerous visitors every-day and during Ganapathi festivals. The famous one among them is “Benne Alkandra” when the grand idol of Ganapathi is smeared with 100kg butter covered in a cream color outfit with golden laces and buttons. It is a beholding sight for every devotees and visitors.

Bull Temple / Basavanagudi Nandi Temple

This is the oldest temple in Bangalore and a popular tourist destination. This is the biggest Nandi Temple in the world dedicated to Nandi Bull. Nandi is known to be the Vahana of Lord Shiva and also the protector of Lord Shiva’s abode. The temple follows Dravidian architecture with the Nandi Bull Shrine carved out of a single granite rock of 6.5 meters length and 4.5 meters height.

The statue was initially grey in color but regular application of Coconut oil, Benne, and Butter on it has changed its color to Black. The temple complex also houses a Ganesha Temple where the shrine of Lord Ganesha is made of 110 kilos of pure butter every year.

St. Mary’s Basilica

It is a very old church in Bangalore and the only one to gain the status of minor basilica in the States of Karnataka. The Church has an exemplary beautiful architecture consisting of Towering façade, glass windows and the amazing statues of Mother May. It follows a gothic architecture having a height of 160 ft, a length of 172 ft. and a breadth of 50ft.

The church holds a captivating statue of Mother Mary with little Jesus in arms having a 6ft.height which form a major attraction of this place. The Church restores the traditions and cultures of Christianity with the Grand feat Day dedicated to Mother Mary in the month of September every year gathering numerous Christian devotees in the state of Karnataka.

Wonder La Water Park

It is the best amusement Park in Bangalore city and a perfect place for the ones looking for fun and adventure. The Park consists of more than 60 rides and especially known for the high thrill rides making it a perfect destination for the adrenaline rush lovers. It also includes fun and relaxed rides catering to the wish of every visitor.

The Waterpark here is amazing with lavish water thrilling rides along with the facilities of changing rooms and lockers. Another famous ride of this Park is the “Reverse looping Roller Coaster” which makes you ride in both straight and reverse direction. The Amusement Park also offers a number of food stalls and restaurants for visitors serving delicious dishes.

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Most Popular Places To Visit in Bangalore

Vidhana Soudha

It is a popular attraction in the colorful Bangalore city housing the Karnataka State Legislature and the Secretariat. The Building is famous as the “Taj Mahal” of South Indian with its Marvelous sophisticated poise look. It is more than beautiful and grand to inspire any visitor with its architectural beauty on spot.

The Building consists of four entrances in four different directions. It has four storeys from the ground and one below the ground. It is a glorified structure covering an area of 60 acres and follows Neo-Dravidian architecture with a fusion of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The building is definitely an eye treat for the tourists during Sunday evenings and festivals lighted up with millions of colorful lights.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Located in the city of Bangalore and administered by Bangalore Association For Science Education, this place is perfect for the science lovers. The entire structure aims at providing detailed scientific knowledge about Earth, Space and many other scientific things in an exciting way.

It covers the most interesting topics like the Formation of Stars, Evolvement of Planets, Origin of Human Life, How Eclipses happen, History of Space Expeditions, and how the law of gravity works with the help of its entertaining fun setups. Another main attraction here is Sky Theater hosting different shows throughout the day. It is one of the most interesting and amazing destinations to make your day with a bag full of knowledge. It is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore with family and friends.

Innovative Film City

It is an Indian Theme Park located at Bidadi area with a distance of 40km from Bangalore in the outskirts. It is a major tourist attraction covering an area of 58 acres. The Film City is enough to make your day exploring its three elaborate divisions.

The most innovative attractions here are the different sections like Cartoon City, Wild West Wind, Film Studio taking you to the world of glamour and movie, an amusement park with fun rides, museums, in between shopping with global cuisines and high-quality blending of different themes to be enjoyed by people from all age groups. It is the best place to enjoy with your family and friends.

UB City Mall

It is a luxurious one-stop destination for the shopaholics in Bangalore. The Mall is located in the Central Business District of Bangalore spreading over an area of 13 acres. The mall ensures to serve every possible need of the customers. Starting with high-end retail stores to multiplexes, food courts and Spa the mall covers everything to give you relaxation from a hectic schedule.

It houses all the latest international fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Canali, Burberry, Rolex, Estee Lauder and many more along with luxury beauty products. The Mall has the exclusive brand new collections of clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, and accessories. It also houses different events from time to time for entertaining the visitors.

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Bangalore Aquarium

It is the second largest aquarium of India located in Bangalore at Cubbon Park. The Aquarium was built in 1983. It contains an exclusive collection of various ornamental and colorful fishes like Catla, Siamese Fighters, Goldfish, Red Tail Shark, Freshwater Prawns and many more. It is an octagonal shaped structure covering three floors including laboratory, office and a small outlet for feeding the fishes.

The first floor consists of 14 huge tanks with varieties of giant fishes and the second and third floor consists of water tanks in two rows with ornamental fishes. It is a must-visit destination for all the aquatic enthusiasts and other tourists to have unforgettable 2 to 3 hours duration of their precious time.

HAL Aerospace Museum

Inaugurated in 2001, the museum is a major attraction in Bangalore. The museum was created with an aim of educating the visitors about the journey of HAL which is the largest aeronautical company in Asia. The museum displays the history of aviation commercially as well as for the defense purpose in terms of scientific, academic and historical facts. It creates an effective environment for the visitors to have the best aeroscope experience.

It believes in demonstrating each fact practically and theoretically to the visitors by making sure that they get an extensive knowledge about HAL’s experiments, achievements, possibilities along with the possessions of Indian Air Force. The entire experience is extremely knowledgeable and enchanting for all the visitors.

National Gallery of Modern Art

The Heritage Museum is located at 49 Palace Road in the Manikyavelu Mansion of Bangalore. The museum has its subsequent branches in Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai. It is famous for its exquisite collection of more than 14,000 incredible artworks from contemporary and modern artists. The top collections among them include sculptures and paintings from Jamini Roy, Raja Ravi Verma, Rabindranath Tagore and Amrita Shergill.

The museum complex covers an area of 3.5 acres surrounded by bright green gardens with blooming flowers and having a perfect fusion of modern and ancient architecture. The museum is a two-storeyed structure having bright enormous halls featuring the exclusive artworks. The museum also contains a cafeteria and library for the visitors.

Krishna Rajendra (KR) Market

It is an iconic location of Bangalore also known as the “City Market”. The location is crowded with millions of people being one of the places in Bangalore to shop at affordable prices. It is located at Kalasipaylam New extension close to the junction of Avenue Road and Mysore Road. People from different areas of the state come here to sell goods like fruits, flowers, vegetables.

The market caters to your regular needs by offering the best price for the products. The market is best known for its Flower market where you get different varieties of flowers for every occasion starting from regular use to lavish parties. It is also a hub for the electronic items, fruits, vegetables, and spices.

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