11 Best Places To Visit in Chandigarh with Friends

11 Best Places To Visit in Chandigarh with Friends

Chandigarh is among the most beautiful metropolitan cities of India due to its well-planned layout and architecture. It is all clean and green, housing plenty of hotels, resorts, business centers, and tourist destinations. Read on to know about the best places to visit in Chandigarh with friends.

Due to its beautiful location at the foothills of Shivalik ranges, the city has got amazing scenic beauty and also acts as a gateway to many beautiful hill stations of North India.

Best Places To Visit in Chandigarh with Friends

The city leads in local attractions, shopping destinations and plenty of high-class restaurants to enjoy with friends. So, if you are making plans for the weekend or visiting Chandigarh with friends, head on to these 11 best local attractions of the city.

Here is a list of the most popular places to visit in Chandigarh with friends.

Rock Garden

It is among the top tourist attractions in Chandigarh to visit with your friends’ gang in Sector 1. It covers a 40 acres garden area housing decorative sculptures prepared by Nek Chand Saini who started the garden work secretly in the year 1957.

The garden consists of more than 5,000 statues made from bottles, glasses, bangles, ceramic, pots, broken pipes and different kinds of waste materials. The entire garden boasts of having stunning sculptures made from the waste materials that make you gasp at their beauty.

The garden area is divided into three zones like an open exhibition hall. The garden follows the theme of lost Kingdom housing different archways, vestibules, lanes, and streets and an open-air theatre with a vast pavilion. It has its beauty at the peaks during the Teej festival.

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Sukhna Lake

Want to have some quality time with your friends? Head on to Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. It is an artificial lake having mesmerizing scenic beauty due to its location at the Shivalik foothills.

The lake covers a total area of 3 sq.km which was created in 1958 by diverting the natural flow of Sukhna Choe originating from the Shivalik ranges. The creator of the lake was Le Corbusier and P.L. Verma. Further to maintain its tranquility, motorboats got restricted in the water area along with vehicular traffic on the dam walkway.

The Dam promenade by the waterside gives an excellent scenic view of the backdrop for some amazing Photoshoots with your friends. If your gang is looking for some water fun, go for boating, yachting and water skiing in the lake area.

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Pinjore Gardens

Also famous as Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore Garden is a beautiful heritage destination to hang out with your friends. It is situated in the Panchkula district of Haryana. The 17th-century garden covers an area of 100 acres land inspired by the architecture of Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar, Kashmir.

The first terrace houses the biggest attractions of the garden is Sheesh Mahal Palace and the Hawa Mahal Palace. The second terrace houses the beautiful Rang Mahal Palace.

The third terrace is full of lush green vegetation and colorful flowerbeds; the fourth terrace has the breathtaking Jal Mahal, the fifth terrace is full of beautiful fountains and trees while the last terrace houses the open-air theater. It also houses a zoo and is famous for the festival celebrations like Baishakhi, Mango fair, and Pinjore heritage festival.

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Fun City

Amusement parks are the best destinations to have crazy fun with your friends. In Chandigarh, you can have the best of it at Fun City at Sector 22-B. It is the biggest amusement park in North India covering an area of 43 acres of land.

It boasts of having the spine thrilling high-end hydraulic rides with world-class safety standards. The amusement park area consists of 20 hydraulic rides to have fun with your gang. You can also opt for bowling, Hedge maze and enjoy an amazing show at the 5D theatre.

The water park area is perfect for summer fun with your gang having 17 water slides, six pools, one wave pool, rain dance floor, and waterfall area. The fun city is perfect for a super fun day out with your gang.

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Thunder Zone

This is another renowned amusement park at Chandigarh on the Mohali Sirhind Road. You can head on to this destination with your friends’ gang on weekends for a fun day out. The park was established in 2002. It covers an area of 11 acres land and houses 14 rides.

In the amusement park area, you can enjoy the land rides like Swinging chairs, striking cars, Columbus, train rides and many more to relive the childhood moments with your friends. It also houses a lake for different types of boating fun.

In the water park area, you can enjoy a crazy splash and swimming moments with your friends, hop on to the slides together, dance under the rain and grove together on the wave pools with music beats. The destination is absolute fun.

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Botanical Garden Chandigarh

This is a beautiful location to have fun with your friends in Chandigarh amidst nature’s lap. The beautiful garden is a famous tourist attraction in Chandigarh at the foothills of Shivalik ranges.

The entire garden covers a massive area of 176 acres of land and is connected to the Patiala ki Rao forest through a causeway. It is the biggest natural reserve in Chandigarh having 15 Botanical sections.

It is mainly constructed for the purpose of research, education, case studies and to promote a green environment. There are 75+ species of medicinal plants in the garden, 55+ species of natural shrubs, and plenty of big trees like Amla, Neem, Jamun, Kathal, Sandalwood, Sarpagandha, Camphor and many more.

It also houses many gorgeous nature trails, 2 lakes, 5 water bodies, Meditation huts, and a cafeteria.

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Sector 17 Market Chandigarh

This is a premium shopping destination in Chandigarh to explore with your friends, party together, and have a gala shopping time. The shopping destination is beautifully decorated with vibrant green vegetation, gorgeous fountains, dazzling neon lights, and artistic sculptures making the location look like a dream hangout destination.

The area houses showrooms and shopping complexes in a row where you can find everything from dress, accessories, shoes, to electronic goods at the finest quality.

Whether you are looking for formal wears, pair of denim, wedding gowns, or traditional wears, books, handicrafts the marketplace has got everything under one roof. It also houses plenty of restaurants to party and satisfy your hunger cravings with your gang. The destination sees the maximum crowd of youngsters in Chandigarh.

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Le Corbusier Centre

If your gang loves exploring museum; head on to Le Corbusier Center at Sector 19-B in Chandigarh. Le Corbusier is the architect of Chandigarh city and the museum is a tribute to him.

It houses the lifestyle, exhibits, and works of the famous Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier to let the visitors gain knowledge about the talented designer of Chandigarh city.

It displays several documents, plans, photos, handwritten letters that belonged to the architect as exhibits with facts described for each one. It can be also called a hub of painting and art that showcases the extraordinary work of the architect.

The museum consists of several rooms displaying the artifacts. At times even small lectures are arranged at the museum by artists and historians in Chandigarh to preserve the heritage of the museum.

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Vintage Terrace Lounge Bar

This is a high-end destination in Chandigarh especially built for the young crowds to have a happening weekend with friends or special ones. It is situated at Hotel Mountain view at Sector 10 in Chandigarh.

The bar features a 27 feet linear-shaped structure with world-class urban décor serving as an epitome of luxury. It features both indoor and rooftop seating arrangement.

While the indoor area features a party like a cozy ambiance with synchronized lighting, the outdoor area is simply a visual treat with open-air refreshing ambiance accompanied by great music.

It has the finest collection of imported liquors and tops in serving mouth-watering finger food to accompany the drinks. Grab a glass of wine here with your best pals and have a niche gossip session with some groovy music and delicious food.

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Tagore Theatre

This is not a friend’s hangout destination but if your gang has immense love for cultural programs, nothing can be a better place than Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh at Sector 18.

The theatre is a tribute to the famous poet Kavi Rabindranath Tagore. It was inaugurated back in 1962 by the Tagore society and is referred to as the biggest cultural hub in Chandigarh. The theatre aims at promoting Indian traditional culture through arts, folklore, and Plays.

The theatre was designed by Aditya Prakash who was in the team of Chandigarh Capital Project led by Le Corbusier. The theater houses a Main auditorium, Mini auditorium, Rehearsal halls, Souvenir Shop, and a Book Shop. It gives a great platform for local artists to showcase their cultural talents.

Bougainvillea Garden

It is a beautiful location to hang out with families, friends, and special ones in Chandigarh. The park was established back in the year 1976. It sprawls over an area of 20 acres land.

It is painted in colorful blossoms having 65 unique varieties of Bougainvillea plant in different shapes and structures serving as a visual treat. Some have the shape of beautiful arches, some are like a cluster of bowers, some are just in the tree enhancing its beauty with bright colors while some are in the form of pavilions and arcades.

It features among the topmost tourist attractions in Chandigarh and is equally crowded by the locals. You can have a nice time here with your gang strolling through the nature trails and spending some quality moments amidst the colorful paradise.

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