16 Best Waterfalls Near Bangalore – Enjoy The Magic Of Bangalore’s Beauty

Waterfalls Near Bangalore

If you are just tired of your busy routine, head towards the city of Pensioner’s Paradise to explore the most famous waterfalls near Bangalore. Located near the Western Ghats of India, Bangalore leads a fast-paced life with a sophisticated culture. Immerse yourself in sedateness and have a zest to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts to the fullest.

Karnataka is a home to a number of waterfalls which will let you escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Waterfall soothes and calms the restless soul and hence has a special appeal among the nature lovers. We have arranged a list of the best waterfalls near Bangalore which should be on your list.

Beautiful Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Popular Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 100 Kms

Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura (89 Km from Bangalore)

Located in Kanakpura Taluk about 90 kilometers away from the city lies the magnificent Chunchi Falls, which is a popular spot for a picnic for the local population. The Chunchi Falls is located 6 kilometers ahead of its junction with the Kaveri River, Sangama.

Abruptly present in the middle of the arid deciduous forest the river descends from a crevasse into 80 feet deep craggy crater of rock. The contour around is jagged and unceasing fall of water which has extended and has eroded the boulders present here. The eye-catching panoramic view of the waterfall offers a scenic background around it.

Mekedaatu Falls, Kanakapura (100 Km from Bangalore)

The impressive waterfall is located at the Kanakapura Taluka region at a distance of 100kms. It creates a Sangam of two holy rivers: Kaveri and Arkavat. River Kaveri cascades down the hard granite rock providing a magnificent view of the surrounding. This waterfall is also known as the “Goats leap” and legends have a story to back it.

Once upon a time, a tiger was chasing a goat that successfully crossed the river saving its life and hence attained the title. The place is good enough for a Picnic trip with friends and family, a boating date, and other adventurous activity.

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Thottikallu Falls (33 Km from Bangalore)

Popularly known as the TK falls, watch the mesmerizing beauty of the waterfalls as it steps down with elegance and royalty. This place sees visitors during the monsoon season when the water is voluminous. Enjoy the serene atmosphere near the falls as you sit on the rocks located close to the waterfall.

At the entrance of the TK falls you will find the Muneshwara Temple situated under a huge tree. This peaceful site surrounded by the lush greenery and chirping birds makes it more spiritual. Indulge yourself in trekking and stroll down the forests and rocks for an adventurous trip.

Muthyala Maduvu Falls, Anekal, and Bangalore (41 Km from Bangalore)

Muthyala Maduvu falls, also known as Pearl Valley, is a small waterfall situated amidst the hills. This isolated place is great for picnics, adventure, and thrill and is surrounded by the mountain range. In Kannada, Muthyalu means Pearls and Maduvu means Pond or Pool.

The water cascades down with a height of 100 feet and you can observe the royalty of the place. Dive into the crystal clear water and refresh your body and mind. At the foot of the falls lies the Holy temple of Lord Shiva adding religious feel to the place. Visitors every year visit this place and temple during monsoons.

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Famous Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 200 Kms

Hogenakkal Falls, Dharmapur (130 Km from Bangalore)

If you want the view of the Niagara Falls of India then Hogenakkal Falls is the best for you which is just a 2-hour drive away from the oppressive temperature of Bangalore. The Kaveri River enters the border of Tamil Nadu after making its way through Karnataka, cascading down to form the beautiful Hogenakkal Waterfalls.

It takes 3 hours to drive from the Malur-Hosur-Adiyamancottah Rd to reach the waterfalls around Bangalore. You can indulge in swimming or can take brilliant photographs of the waterfalls above. Coracle riding is one of the most famous attractions of the area which is during the dry season when the waterfalls aren’t strong enough to dismay the boat. It is definitely one of the best waterfalls near Bangalore.

Shivanasamudra Falls, Mandya (140 Km from Bangalore)

On the banks of river Kaveri, the small town of Shivanasamudra is located which is the site for one of the first hydroelectric power station of Asia. As the Kaveri River makes its way through the stoned topography of the plateaus of Deccan, it then drops off in the form of the Shivanasamudra Falls.

This town has very old temples in it and being an island the river here is divided into two waterfalls-the Barachukki and the Gaganchukki. There is even a watchtower which enables to have baroque views of the Gaganachukki falls and even enables to capture brilliant photos of the entire magnificence.

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Chunchanakatte Falls, Myore (191 Km from Bangalore)

Located 55 Kms away from Mysore, this is a famous waterfall formed by Cauvery River. This giant waterfall is 60 feet tall and one of the most visited places during the monsoons. This waterfall has a connection with Hindu Mythology. It is believed that Goddess Sita once took a bath in this area and till date that area has that yellowish turmeric color in the water increasing the aesthetic aspect among people.

You will also find Kodanda Rama temple near the banks of the river. Enjoy the picturesque view of nature and find the migratory birds visiting this place often.

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Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls, Mysore (144 Km from Bangalore)

Constructed on river Kaveri, Balmuri Falls is a favorite film shooting spot for stars. This man-made waterfall is created by a check-dam constructed on river Cauvery. They are actually small falls which are great for picnics with families. Located about 3 km from Mysore city, Balmuri Falls lies in the heart of nature surrounded by greenery all around.

You can visit this place in winter but the flow isn’t that heavy; makes it safe to swim and enjoy with kids. This waterfall sees visitors generally during the winters but you won’t find peace in the area when crowded. Visit this place during summers to beat the heat.

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Beautiful Waterfalls Near Mumbai Within 300 Kms

Hebbe Falls, Kemmangundi (277 Km from Bangalore)

This wonderful waterfall is situated inside Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary surrounded by dense forest and coffee plantations. It streams down from a height of 550 feet and has gained popularity among visitors. It is believed that the waters are infused with medicinal properties and can heal any skin related issues.

The waterfall forms a small pool at its feet where you can swim and play. People often visit this place to take bath in the medicinal water to cure the disease and refresh them. Hebbe Falls is a perfect break from city life and should be visited from October to January.

Talakona Falls, Tirupati (236 Km from Bangalore)

Experience the enchanting atmosphere bewitching you with its fascinating beauty of falls which will rejuvenate your soul. The milky white water of Talakona Falls is located in the Sri Venkateswara National Park with a massive height of 270-feet. This is known as the highest waterfalls in that region.

As you tootle down the woods, you will be amazed to see the rare species of flora and fauna. Legends believe that the water of Talakona Falls has medicinal property. Stroll through the 240 m long overhang rope stroll which is a major point of attraction. Enjoy your stay close to the nature around lush green trees, birds, and animals.

Irupu Falls, Coorg (256 Km from Bangalore)

This place has an importance among the pilgrims besides the adventure lovers. Visit the place during monsoon and feel the positivity in the air during Shivaratri when hundreds of pilgrims visit the Shiva temple. Irupu Falls is also known as Lakshmana Tirtha’ Falls cascades into River Kaveri and covers itself within the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

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The Rameshwara temple situated on the banks of the river makes it a most visited place in Bengaluru. This 170feet high waterfall has a story of its origin attached to it. Add in a bit of trekking towards the Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary to enjoy the picturesque view of the place.

Mallalli Falls, Coorg (251 Km from Bangalore)

Visit this Atlantis-blue waterfall gushing over the rocks located 54kms from Madikeri. The surging waterfall is one of the most visited places in Coorg and lies on the foothills of Pushpagiri Mountains. Gasp in the beauty of nature as you watch Mallali Falls cascading down into Kukke Subrahmanya from a height of 200 feet.

The plummeting funnel of water looked like a drape of blue aluminum, such as its lushness. This is considered as the most beautiful waterfall in the entire region and the valleys, forests add into royalty to the place. Visit this place during monsoon as you watch the majestic voluminous waterfall with your family.

Abbey Falls, Coorg (275 Km from Bangalore)

This picnic spot located 8 km away from Madikeri town is named after the daughter of Madikeri’s first British Captain. Abbey Falls gracefully from a height of 70 feet providing a breath-taking view of the surroundings. The famous waterfall loses itself into River Kaveri and is bounded by the coffee plantations providing you with an ecstatic lifetime experience.

Stroll down to see the majestic waterfalls camouflaged in coffee bushes and pepper vines. Have a deep conversation with your partner and enjoy the spectacular view and enroll a feeling which you have never felt before. Do visit the hanging gardens which lie opposite to this waterfall.

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Amazing Waterfalls Near Bangalore Within 500 Kms

Hanuman Gundi Falls, Chikmagalur (348 Km from Bangalore)

Located in the hilly region between Karkala and Lakya Dam, this majestic waterfall near Bangalore is surrounded by the Kudremukh National Park. This is a famous attraction among the hiking groups that visit trek in the park. Hanuman Gundi Falls is a tiered waterfall with a height of 72 feet.

The lush green surroundings are home to a number of animals and birds helps the visitors indulge themselves into an adventure of locating them. Watch the spectacular waterfalls as it climbs down 300 steps to reach you. The place is declared to be safe enough to swim and take bath.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa & Karnataka Border (548 Km from Bangalore)

The Sea of Milk is considered as one of the tallest waterfalls in India. Located amidst the Western Ghats bordered by Karnataka state, the cascading waterfall looks as clear as milk; hence the name Dudhsagar waterfall. This four-tiered waterfall is high on energy during the monsoons and offers a stunning view of nature and ranks itself a favorite among the tourists.

Stay for a day at the small rest house in the forest close to Mother Earth and make some lifetime adventure. Go for trekking, explore the forest surrounded with deciduous trees and locate some rare species of animals and birds in the forest. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore.

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Jog Falls, Shimoga (412 Km from Bangalore)

Located near Samara on the Tioga and the borders of Uttar Kannada districts of Karnataka, this is one of the highest rainfalls in Karnataka. Witness Western Ghats giving rise to the Shivaratri River enclosed in the dense evergreen forest. Catch the glimpse of rainbows kissing the nature during the monsoon season.

Jog falls, also known as Gerusoppaa falls, is well connected by both rail and road which makes this place easily accessible. It is one of the most amazing waterfalls near Bangalore. Feel the splash of water on your face as the majestic water slaps the rock. Enjoy the water sports like kayaking and Zorbing and enjoy the splendid view of nature.

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