9 Popular Street Foods in Bikaner And Their Famous Eateries

Popular Street Foods in Bikaner

Looking for best places to have mouth watering street foods in Bikaner? Then you have come to the right place! Bikaner which is famous in the world for its magnificent forts, palaces, and historical heritage sites, is also famous for its mouth-watering delicacies that are worth giving a try. Talking about food, the signature item which makes the city of Bikaner famous in India and all over the world is Bikaneri Bhujias.

It gives a kick start to your food tour in Bikaner and even serves as a wonderful food souvenir to carry for your family members. It is the first item to taste in Bikaner followed by an array of other traditional delicacies. You can find some of the best Rajasthani food in Bikaner in its market areas and various eateries. To make it easy for you, the following are the 9 delicious food items and their best eateries in Bikaner.

Delicious Street Foods in Bikaner That You Must Try

The following are the best places to have mouth-watering street foods in Bikaner

Bikaneri Bhujia at Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweet Shop

Bikaner is popular all over the world due to its mouth-watering crispy Bhujias. The Bhujias have a lovely texture of light and dark yellow color available in a variety of flavors with lots of ingredients and spices. The crispy Bhujias for the first time was made in Bikaner during the rule of Maharaja Shri Dungar Singh n 1877, and since then till date, the legacy continues following the same age-old traditional royal recipe.

Although Bikaner Bhujias have the best quality all over the city, for a satisfactory experience, visit the Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweep Shop in Bikaner station road. This is a 40 years old sweet shop best known for its amazing sweets and Bhujia quality in Bikaner. The prices here are very reasonable to purchase Bhujias in bulk for your family members.

Raj-Kachori at Chappan Bhog

Kachori is a very popular Indian snack in Rajasthan to try for breakfast having a spicy sweet tangy crispy stuffed flavor. It is one of the famous Indian traditional chaat item known for its lip-smacking taste. If you want to taste the most delicious Raj Kachori in Bikaner, visit the Chappan Bhog eatery. It ranks in top position in term of pure quality and hygiene procedures. The eatery was established back in 1990 and is famous in Bikaner for traditional sweets for all occasions and snacks item.

In Raj Kachori, the outer part i.e. the Kachori is a round-crispy Circular structure that is stuffed with potato, sev, chutney, curd and sprout fillings. It is an amazing tea time snacks and will arouse your taste buds with its mixed flavors. Don’t miss to try this delicious chaat at Chappan Bhog while traveling in Bikaner.

Ghevar at Bhikharam Chandmal Bhujiawala

It is a famous sweet item in Rajasthan especially consumed during Teej and Rakshabandhan. It tastes highly delicious and a perfect one to end the morning breakfast on a sweet note. It has a disc-shaped structure and looks like a sweet cake having a honeycomb soft texture soaked in sugar syrup. It is made from flour, ghee, milk, sugar and topped with cardamom, almond, and chopped pistachios to add the flavor. In Bikaner, visit the famous authentic sweet shop Bhikharam Chandmal to give yourself the pleasure of tasting the most delicious Ghevars ever.

The quality of this age-old shop is unparallel due to their pure ingredients and 100 percent hygiene control packaging. Having the sweet, luke warm delicious Ghevars are a must try in this shop while you are in Bikaner and especially if it is accompanied with creamy rabdi.

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Khasta at Food stalls at Daga Chowk

It is another famous traditional Indian snack which is very popular in Rajasthan. It is a kind of Kachori that has bigger round golden crispy texture stuffed with various kinds of delicious spices. Khasta is best accompanied by a cup of tea as morning and evening snacks and also tastes amazing with sweet and spicy tamarind chutney. There are many stalls in market places of Bikaner selling Khasta, but the best you can get at Daga Chowk food stalls.

There are plenty of food stalls in Daga Chowk in Bikaner selling snacks for breakfast and each of them tops in preparing delicious Khasta served with hot tea or chutney as chosen by customers. If you are looking for a light crunchy delight, try Khasta at Daga Chowk in Bikaner.

Kesar Fini at Kishan Sweets

This is another delicious sweet of Rajasthan that has a mouth-watering yellow colored moist texture. The sweet tastes heavenly made from Maida and Pure Desi Ghee which is further soaked in Sugar syrup and topped with saffron and cardamom for the intoxicating aroma. The delicious yellow color of the sweet is due to the added edible food color.

If you want to taste the top quality Kesar Fini in Bikaner, visit the Kishan Sweet shop which is famous in Bikaner for sweet and namkeen products. It is a 37 years old shop known for its authentic traditional quality. This is a wonderful sweet to have after a meal to give your taste buds an ultimate sweet feeling. All sweet tooth people don’t miss this mouth-watering sweet at Kishan sweets in Bikaner.

Gatte Ki Sabzi at Laxmi Niwas Palace

It is a famous traditional dish in Rajasthan and a must try for all visitors with rice. It is a lip-smacking vegetarian delight that is prepared from gram flour having the shape of small cylindrical dumplings dipped in a spicy gravy made from curd. The cylindrical cut dumplings are referred to as gatte which has a very soft texture and melts in the mouth when eaten with the tasty gravy. In Bikaner, Laxmi Niwas palace is famous for its mouth-watering preparation of Gatte ki Sabzi.

Laxmi Niwas Palace is luxurious royal accommodation for the tourists which is famous in Bikaner for its entertainment activities like dance, music, indoor games, events etc and lavish traditional meals and dinners. So, whether you stay here or not, Gatte ki sabji here is a must try for all visitors especially the vegetarians with Roti, Paratha or steamed rice as per your choice.

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Rajasthani Thali at Heeralal Restaurant

A visit to Rajasthan is incomplete if you don’t try the delicious traditional Rajasthani Thali. It is a vegetarian food paradise for all foodies that consists of Rice, Roti, dal, two to three kinds of vegetables and Rajasthani sweets served all together in a plate or Thali. It ensures a complete meal and each item tastes so delicious that you won’t stop licking your fingers. It is a must try cuisine for all national and international tourists from all over the world.

In Bikaner, you get the opportunity to taste this delight in its purest form at Heeralal restaurant. It is actually a hotel come bar and also famous for its fast food cuisines and meal items. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that tops in Rajasthani and Indian delights. So, don’t look here and there and go for a traditional royal Rajasthani lunch at Heeralal Restaurant in Bikaner.

Laal Maas at Heeralal Restaurant

This is a heart-warming delight for the non-vegetarian tourists travelling in Bikaner. If you love eating mutton, chicken and also fond of spicy food, Laal Maas is for you. It is basically a mutton curry that is prepared in hot spicy gravy in yogurt sauce along with garlic and red Mathania chillies.

It is a very spicy dish and tastes amazing when eaten with roti or rice. In Bikaner, you get this cuisine in its best quality at Heeralal multicuisine Restaurant which is also famous for Continental and Chinese dishes along with traditional Rajasthani cuisines. The lip-smacking dish is loved by all visitors in Bikaner whoever has tasted it till date. It is must try for the non-vegetarian people.

Pakodi at Krishna Sweet Center

It is a famous Indian snacks item also popularly known as Pakoda in other parts of India. This is the most loved snacks item in Rajasthan. Pakodis are prepared using besan or gram flours in different shapes with tons of applied ingredients like potatoes, corn, onions, mint, coriander, garlic paste, turmeric powder, chilli powder etc to give it delicious flavors. It has a crunchy texture outside while the interior part is soft and stuffed with veg or non-veg items as per your choice.

Bikaner is famous for Pakodis in each and every stall of the city but if you want to taste the best ones, visit Krishna Sweet center. You will get a variety of delicious Pakodi there to enjoy with spicy mint chutney or relish it with a cup of tea. It is a perfect dish to satisfy small hunger while travelling in Bikaner.

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