5 Best Adventure Sports in Dharamshala for a Thrilling Trip

Dharamshala hill station of Himachal Pradesh is an adventure hub for all tourists with plenty of opportunities for thrilling sports like Trekking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Camping, Angling, Paragliding, which attracts visitors from all over the world to have an experience of a lifetime in the gorgeous settings of Himalayan mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh. In today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about the best adventure sports in Dharamshala that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

The adventure activities in Dharamshala provide unlimited fun and wild adrenaline rush to the enthusiasts engaging in the activity in the rugged terrains with mysterious forests crying out for exploration, accompanied by various shimmery streams and lakes giving an edge to the scenic beauty.

So if you are an adventure lover, these are the best thrilling activities in Dharamshala that you must give a try.

Best Adventure Sports in Dharamshala

Trekking in Dharamshala

Famous Trails – Triund trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Bhagsu Nag Trek

Triund Trek

Triund is a breathtaking hilly destination located in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from Mcleodganj in the morning through the dense forest areas covered with oak, deodar, rhododendron for the first 5 kilometers.

The last 1km gets tough crossing 22 tiring curves finally before making their way to the highest point in Triund. On the way, scenic beauty is beyond beautiful and what makes every drop of sweat worth it, is the panoramic views of Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra valley from Triund which are a sight to behold.

Kareri lake Trek

It is enchanting glacial beauty nestled in between the Dhauladhar ranges. The trek starts from Kareri Village in Dharamshala through the alpine, chir and chologaza pine forests till Noli Bridge. Crossing the Noli Bridge, the forest areas continue to meet the grasslands at Nallah River.

You can camp there for the night and then continue from morning crossing several wooden bridges to the base of Minkiani pass. As soon as you reach the destination, glacial Kareri Lake can be seen nearby with royal blue water looking ethereally beautiful.

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Bhagsunag Trek

The area is famous for the Bhagsu waterfall which is breathtaking beauty especially in monsoon and for Bhagsunath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

It is a 3km trek from Mcleodganj among the staircases fields and orchards in the initial level but, as you reach higher, you will feel like walking within the clouds through the wilderness of dense forests to Bhagsu village.

From there, the trek goes downwards to Bhagsu Falls along with Bhagsunath temple serving as a visual treat.

Night Camping in Dharamshala

Famous Campsites: Triund Camp, Camping at Lahesh Caves, Bir-Billing

Triund Camp

Night camping in Triund gives you the million dollar overnight views of the majestic Himalayan Mountains surrounded by dense forests on all sides under the sky full of stars. The camping generally occurs in the night after the day trekking of Triund from Mcleodhanj or Dharamshala.

The accommodations for the tourists are provided in the form of tents with all basic amenities like water supply, mouth-watering dinners, overnight comforts and security measures to make their stay comfortable amidst the panoramic hilly surroundings of Triund.

The nights are also accompanied by bonfires for full entertainment while you sleep the entire night gazing at the stars and the majestic mountains with light breeze softly cuddling with your face.

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Camping at Lahesh Caves

This is one of the most stunning camping locations in Himachal Pradesh that falls in the route of Indrahar pass and have eye-arresting scenic beauty of Himalayan Mountains.

Here the tourist’s accommodations are provided in caves which itself is a fascinating experience after the day-trek. The cave also holds mesmerizing views of the Bhagsu waterfalls and Bhagsunath temple amidst the mountain ranges.

You can trek to Lahesh Caves following the glacier route for 1.5 km from Triund and enjoy the night camping in the caves with delicious dinners.

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It is beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh and also called the Paragliding capital of India.

The destination is located away from the tourist crowds surrounded by greeneries perfect for relaxing, nature strolling, and paragliding. Camping here at night is the best way to rejuvenate amidst nature.

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Paragliding in Dharamshala

Paragliding is one of the most popular adventure sports in Dharamshala.
Famous TakeOff Sites: Mahal Tahu near Indru Nag Temple, Bir-Billing

Takeoff from Mahal Tahu

Dharamshala is one of the biggest adventure hubs in India providing ample opportunities for adventure sports. For paragliding also, it provides a mind-blowing experience for the adventure enthusiasts.

Mahal Tahu near Indru Nag Temple is a prominent take-off point for paragliding in Dharamshala from a towering altitude of 1700 meters from sea level. The weather in this location is absolutely perfect for paragliding with smooth and favorable winds that arouses the flying bird inside you to fly over different mountains, valleys and come down safely in the landing point.

The paragliding tour is guided with expert professionals along with the tourist, or the ones who already have training in paragliding can even go for a solo trip. It charges 1500 per person and gets conducted during the months of October to June.

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Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a famous paragliding spot in Dharamshala and the major take-off point. All adventure addicts must come to this place to try out this heart-warming ride over the Himalayan mountains.

The takeoff site here is from an altitude of 8000 feet from sea level, and the landing point is 4300 feet from sea level.

The experience is one of a lifetime providing Tandem Paragliding opportunities for the visitors with the guided professional from Bir to Billing for a duration of maximum 15 to 30 minutes. The take of is from Billing, and the landing is at Bir. It charges Rs.2500 per person.

Fishing in Dharamshala

Famous Sites: River Beas flowing between Nadaun and Pong Dam

The Himachal adventures are not just restricted to the mountain activities, but, also serve amazing fishing or angling opportunities to the visitors. The River Beas which is a major water stream of the Dhauladhar Mountains flowing between Nadaun and Pong Dam is a great fishing retreat offering unlimited fun and entertainment.

The famous giant fish which visitors love to hook on in Beas River is the Golden Mahseer while the waterbody also consists of other fishes like Malhi, Bachwa, Soal, Catfish and many more. Surrounded by the scenic views of the Shivalik ranges and vibrant green vegetation surrounding the serene waterbody of river Beas, the fishing experience makes your time and effort worthwhile angling at the different kinds of fishes.

It is a perfect relaxing activity with loads of fun amidst nature. The fishing activity is conducted in the morning for a period of 5 to 6 hours in the peaceful location teaching and training you the best of angling procedure and even offers you fishing license to make it a memorable experience.

Visitors can undertake this activity from the months of April to October and specially Mahseer fishing in the months of January to April and from September to December. If you are looking forward to having fun leisurely try this activity.

Rock Climbing in Dharamshala

The hills of Himachal Pradesh have mysteries and thrills in its every fold that attracts the adventure enthusiasts to try for daring activities like rock climbing. Rock climbing is one of the most popular adventure sports in Dharamshala.

Famous Sites: Dharamshala-Nayagroeon region

Moving through the steep mountain stones up to the top limit required strong heart with mental stability and great security measures to have a remarkable fun-filled adventure experience. Dharamshala having the breathtaking Himalayan ranges provides the best of rock climbing opportunities to the adventure addicts.

The best places to go for rock climbing in Dharamshala are Dhauladhar ranges, Shitidhar Mountain, Pir Panjal, Patalsu Peak, Mount Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sisters, Beas Kund, and Mount Deo Tibba. However, you can get the hardcore rock climbing experience in the region from Dharamshala to Nayagroeon which is also famous for trekking being an offbeat unexplored area of Himachal Pradesh.

The rock climbing in this region and other areas of Dharamshala is quite challenging and hence requires some amount of climbing training before you go for mountaineering and also the adventure addicts need to take permission from the tourist department before trying out such daring adventures.

The months from June to October are best to do rock climbing. The beginners are advised to go for the altitudes between 4500 meters to 5289 meters, while the professionals can climb up to 6001 meters with right gears and vast experience.

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How to Reach Dharamshala

Dharamshala can be reached from all major Indian cities by Air, rail, and road.
By Air
If you are coming by air, you can need to reach Delhi first from any major Indian city and then from Delhi, you have to board the flight for Gaggal which is the nearest airport to Dharamshala.

You can also reach Chandigarh by flight and then hire a cab to reach Dharamshala.

By Road
If you want to travel by road, you can do it from the north Indian cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana easily by boarding HRTC buses or by private cars.

By Rail
If you are travelling by train, then you need to reach Pathankot first by train and then from Pathankot, you can hire a cab to Dharamshala.

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