12 Best Honeymoon Places in Ooty For A Memorable Vacation

12 Best Honeymoon Places in Ooty For A Memorable Vacation

Ooty, the undisputed Queen of Hill Stations, is undoubtedly the most scenic tourist destination in Tamil Nadu. There is hardly any other hill station in the Southern region of the country, as stunning as Ooty. Read on to know about the best honeymoon places in Ooty.

Endowed with glistening meadows, enchanting hilly slopes and soothing weather – Ooty welcomes everyone to have a wonderful time with their loved ones.

Best Honeymoon Places in Ooty

This beautiful hill town of Tamil Nadu has so many enchanting destinations to explore during your honeymoon. Take a look at the various interesting tourist places in and around Ooty to make most out of the honeymoon trip.

Here is a list of the most popular honeymoon places in Ooty.

Ooty Lake

When you are in Ooty, it would be a sin not to pay a visit to its most iconic spot, the Ooty Lake. Lying at a distance of about 2 kilometres from the town, Ooty Lake is guarded by the emerald green hills of the Nilgiris district.

This lake spreads across a massive area of 65 acres, and the foundation stone of this artificial lake was laid down by John Sullivan, then collector of Coimbatore back in 1824.

This lake looks amazing with several water-bird species against the breathtaking backdrop of Nilgiris ranges. Opening hours of the lake are from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm, and you have to pay Rs.10 as Entry Fee.

Emerald Dam and Lake

Ooty is the home to numerous wonderful tourist destinations, and Emerald Lake is surely one of them. Located in Emerald village, 22 kilometres away from the main city, this gorgeous lake actually comes under the territory of Silent Valley National Park at Nilgiris district.

Emerald Dam, along with the lake, is a perfect spot to plan a family picnic or design a leisure time without going very far from Ooty. This tourist place still flaunts a virgin atmosphere as commercialization yet to affect the beauty of Emerald Lake and its surrounding.

Thanks to the delightful backdrop and enlightening landscape, Emerald Dam and lake is a paradise to nature photographers.

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Avalanche Lake

Another fascinating tourist spot near Ooty is Avalanche Lake. This lake is about 26 kilometres far from the main city, and if you are a nature lover or avid photographer by heart, then you can’t afford to miss this mesmerizing place during your Ooty holiday.

This pristine lake sits quietly amidst an enchanting landscape loaded with thousands of flowers of various hues. It is believed that the lake was formed naturally due to a massive avalanche that happened in 1823 in Nilgiris district.

This spot is so very ideal for mountain trekking, horse riding, water rafting, rappelling and many other fun-filled activities.

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Pykara Falls and Lake

There is no dearth of stunning getaway destination in Ooty and Pykara Falls is undoubtedly one of them. This spectacular fall is about 20 kilometres far from the city centre of Ooty, and it takes more or less half an hour to reach there.

This place also houses a dam along with a hydropower plant. This dam is popularly known as Pykara Lake. This lake is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations near Ooty, and visited by hoards of nature enthusiasts and photographers particularly with an aim to capture some unique shots.

The Pykara River gives birth to a waterfall just before touching the plateau, and the sight is simply delighting.

Catherine Falls

There is a hoard of scintillating waterfalls in and around Ooty. If you plan your honeymoon trip wisely, then it wouldn’t be that hard for you to cover many of those gorgeous natural waterfalls during your honeymoon trip to Ooty.

Catherine Falls, located at a distance of 18 kilometres from the city centre, is one of those secluded yet a charming tourist place near Ooty to venture out.

Shrouded by lush green hills of Nilgiris, Catherine Fall is basically a cut-ff from Kallar River that comes to plainland in the form of a double cascading waterfall. This is the second-highest waterfall in Nilgiris.

This waterfall sits against jaw-dropping natural backdrop and allures shutterbugs and nature lovers in numbers.

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Doddabetta Peak

Just 10 kilometres far from the main city of Ooty, awaits a spectacular tourists spot for every nature lover. Doddabetta, the “Big Peak”, is the highest peak in the Nilgiris Ranges and it measures approximately 2,623 metres above the sea level.

Doddabetta Peak is also known for its scenic trekking trails. The strategic location of Doddabetta Peak is flanked by both Western and Eastern Ghats ranges, and thus this place offers stunning panoramic view od the entire Nilgiris.

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Glenmorgan is a tranquil village located on the way to Pykara Falls from Ooty. The distance of Glenmorgan from Ooty is about 25 kilometres, and this place is known for its gleaming tea gardens on the slopes of mountains.

This place is also an ideal picnic spot to enjoy a family get-together or a day-out with friends. The primary attraction of this tourist place is a 3-kilometre rope-way starting from a powerhouse in Singara to Glenmorgan.

This scenic tourist destination offers stunning views of Mudumalai National Park, Singara Powerhouse and Moyar Valley.

Rose Garden

Ooty is that one travel destination which takes good care of everyone’s travel requirements. Dotted with too many natural jewels and beautiful viewpoints, Ooty never fails to surprise people. Rose Garden of Ooty is undoubtedly a place to include in your honeymoon trip itinerary.

Located right at the heart of this enchanting hill station, Rose Garden is one of the most well-preserved gardens in Tamil Nadu.

This lush green garden is the home to hundreds of rose plants, and thousands of visitors get hooked to its unmatched beauty and divine blossoms.

This garden is completely a different world altogether that takes you away from the jungle of concretes for few hours.

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Shooting Point

Shooting Point is another enthralling tourist spot near Ooty. This place is about 7 kilometres away from the town. As the name suggests, many movie scenes have been shot here, and filmmakers just love this place to shot romantic as well as song sequences.

Covered with thick forests and sitting quietly amidst the sparkling green valleys, Shooting Point is immensely popular among trekkers as it allows travellers to sign up for nature walks through serene surroundings.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a nature lover or not; you can’t resist falling in love with this stunning place.

Needle Rock View Point

If you are looking for an enchanting travel experience in Ooty, then you must head for the Needle Rock View Point. This place is located in Gudalur, at the foothills of Nilgiris Ranges.

Needle Rock View Point is about 50 kilometres far from Ooty and located on the way to Mysore from Ooty. This viewpoint is literally the place to touch the clouds. Misty surroundings and lush green valleys will surely take your breath away.

The Needle Rock View Point allures tourists with its enticing panoramic view of the mountains, valleys and villages at far.

Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Ooty literally comes with a never-ending list of exciting and beautiful tourist destinations. Kamaraj Sagar Dam is undeniably one such enchanting places to visit during your honeymoon trip to Ooty.

This dam is also known as the Sandynallah Reservoir. Apart from being a charming tourist spot near Ooty, Kamaraj Sagar Dam is a picturesque picnic spot.

This place is often visited by bird lovers as avian species in this particular place is very diversified. The reservoir itself is a safe abode to various species of water creatures and fishes.

Botanical Gardens

Lying at the foothills of the Doddabetta Peak, Botanical Garden is another marvellous tourist spot in Ooty. It is situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from the city centre.

This spectacular garden in Udhagamandalam, close to Coimbatore, spreads over an area of 22 hectares and houses an innumerable number of plant species.

This botanical garden of international fame offers visitors to enjoy amazing views of blooming flowers, orchids and ferns.

Toda Hill is a part of this garden that allows you to take a peek into the culture and daily life of Toda tribal people.

Ooty is not just a charming hill station from Tamil Nadu, but it also serves as a gateway to many other nearby tourist destinations. If you plan judiciously, then it is not at all a problem to visit many of these interesting tourist spots during your Ooty honeymoon trip.

This article tells you about a few of these places as it is hard to include each of those enchanting destinations in one go.

Hope you liked this article on the best honeymoon places in Ooty. Do share your views with me in the comments section below. If this article was helpful, do share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It would mean a lot to me.