8 Popular Places to Visit in Bangalore in June 2024

Places To Visit In Bangalore In June

India is emerging as an eminent financial giant in global arena and Bangalore can surely claim its credit in the process. Known as the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore is one of the beautiful cosmopolitan cities in the country. Apart from being the hub of IT farms and land of fascinating skyscrapers, this city is also the home to several ancient architectural marvels and natural beauties.

This city was actually a hill station which later has been developed into an independent modern city laced with all urban facilities. Bangalore is an outstanding collection of natural gems, gorgeous palaces, serene lakes, cascading waterfalls and imposing hills. This city has too many things to offer but we are listing just few of them that you can visit during your trip to Bangalore in June

Famous Places to Visit in Bangalore in June


If you are looking for excitement and thrill, then Bangalore has plenty of places for you. Anthargange is one of those stunning places that sits about 70 kilometers away from the main city. Located at Kolar district, Anthargange is a drop-dead gorgeous rocky hill range which showcases an impressive collection rocky boulders and mystic natural caves. Anthargange Range is perched at an elevation of 1712 meters above the sea level.

Piled up with countless massive volcanic rocks, Anthargange is literally a paradise to trekkers. Literal meaning of “Anthargange” is the ‘Inner Stream’ in Kannada and it so because this place is blessed with natural fresh groundwater supply.


If you are treating Bangalore just as glittering cosmopolitan city, then you are terribly wrong. Take a look around the city and you can spot a series of wonderful tourist attractions. Savandurga is a fantastic natural monolithic hill which is just 60 kilometers off to Bangalore.

Trekking at Savandurga Hills one of the most enthralling things to try during the Bangalore trip. Perched at a height of 4022 feet above the sea, Savandurga offers splendid view of the Akravati River and sprawling lotus pond.

Bangalore Palace

When you are in Bangalore, it is impossible to ditch the Bangalore Palace. About 4-km away from Bangalore City Railway Station, this palace is a gem of the town which every traveller doesn’t forget to include in their tour itinerary. Initially built by Rev. J. Garrett, this palace spreads across a humongous area of 454 acres.

Completed in 1944, this palace drew its architectural refences from the famous Windsor Castle in London. Bangalore Palace is particularly applause for its unique construction style, amazing woodwork, floral motif ornated interiors and paintings on the ceilings.

Nandi Hills

Nestled in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state, Nandi Hills is a 60-kilometre drive from Bengaluru. The ancient hill fortress of Nandi Hills is one of the most popular tourist destinations near the city of Bangalore. Surrounded by hills, valleys and lush greenery – Nandi Hills is a perfect spot to enjoy spectacular vista of untouched nature.

Offering numerous beautiful camping sites, trekking trails and fun activities; Nandi Hills is quite famous among nature lovers and adventure seekers. For visitors, it remains open all days of the week from 6 am to 10 pm.

Manchanabele Dam

Located at a distance of 40 kilometers from city centre of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, Manchanabele Dam is another celebrated tourist spot to plan a refreshing and lazy weekend gateway. Set amidst lush greenery and unstirred natural beauty, Manchanabele Dam is ideal for people who desperately need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life and to enjoy a calm environment.

Also, for an adventure enthusiast, there is a wide range of activities included like camping, trekking, rappelling, kayaking and water sports available in the dam.

Chunchi Falls

Nurtured by the streams of the Arkavati River, Chunchi Falls is another popular picnic spot in Karnataka. Located at a distance of 83 kilometers from Bangalore, this 50-feet high waterfall is a perfect weekend gateway for nature lovers. Blessed with panoramic views of mountains, lush valleys, dense forest and rocky terrain; the Chunchi Falls is a tranquil as well as picturesque destination to get yourself rejuvenated.

Sitting beyond the reach of commercialization, Chunchi Falls is perfect for resting at the lap of serene nature. However, swimming in the fall is strictly prohibited because of the crocodiles in the river.

Ulsoor Lake

In the technology-driven and futuristic city of Bangalore, you will have plenty of golden opportunities to witness its gorgeous landscape. Ulsoor Lake is one of the major crowd-pullers in the region and your summer trip to the city will remain incomplete if you don’t visit this tourist hot-spot. Ulsoor or Halasuru Lake is the biggest in the town that spreads across an area of about 50 hectares.

Founded by Sir Lewin Bentham, Ulsoor Lake flaunts an ethereal beauty that comes from the surrounding islands, presence of exotic flora and chirping avian species.

Wonderla Water Park

Bangalore is that modern Indian city which allows people to enjoy fun-filled summer vacations with its amazing entertainment parks. When you are thinking of visiting a waterpark, head for Wonderla Waterpark. This amusement park sits about 30 kilometers far from the city centre.

Grand attraction of this park includes Reverse Looping Roller Coaster, Wave Pool, Rain Disco and many more. Get drenched with water and loads of thrills at this well-planned water park. Wonderla Waterpark is undoubtedly the craziest and wildest thing to experience in Bangalore during summer days.