28 Beautiful Places To Visit in Munnar – Explore The Kashmir Of South India

Munnar is a very beautiful hill station located in the Idduki district of Kerala. It is located at a height of 5,200 ft above sea level. It is a heavenly place in South India lying in the Western Ghats. The city is blessed with the stunning natural beauty and a variety of rare wildlife species, flora, and fauna. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Munnar that you will get tired exploring each one of them. But again, the effort would be worth spending.

It has some of the most beautiful waterfalls and hillside destinations perfect for trekking and hiking. This place should be visited by every individual if they are a travel freak. Let’s take a look at the beautiful must-visit destinations of Munnar.

Best Places To Visit in Munnar

Popular Places To Visit in Munnar (Waterfalls)

Attukal Waterfalls

The Waterfall is a charming tourist attraction located between Munnar and Pallivasal. It is frequently visited by the tourists and the locals. It is surrounded by the terrains and dense jungles around it. There is a narrow wooden bridge which serves as the entry of the Waterfall.

The water falls from a higher altitude and looks like a silver streamline from far. As you reach close to the Waterfall, the water is clearly visible flowing from heights. The best season to visit this place is during the Monsoon when the waterfall is in full bloom. This place is also perfect for trekking.

Lakkam Waterfalls

Another beautiful tourist attraction in Munnar is the Lakkam Water Fall. It is an excellent place for the visitors to do some candid photo shoots in the beautiful location. The Waterfall is located on the way from Munnar to Marayoor. It lies amidst the thick forests with flora and fauna and the rolling hills which add a heavenly beauty to the place.

The majestic waterfall flows symmetrically from the various rock cliffs down to the Eravikulam Plateau. It flows from an altitude of 7300 ft. above sea level. The destination has a serene atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends.

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Nyayamakad Waterfalls

It is located at a distance of 10km from the beautiful city of Munnar along the way to Rajmalai. The waterfall here flows down from an altitude of 1600 m above sea level cascading through various layered surfaces. The destination is surrounded by lush green dense forest fascinating the visitors in every way.

The place is also famous for fishing and trekking in the surrounding rock cliffs. The waterfall is in its most gorgeous look during the monsoon season. The best month to visit this place is in the months of June to September. This destination is one of the best places to visit in Munnar for tourists.

Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Chinnakanal falls are located at a distance of 18kms from Munnar. It is also known as the Powerhouse waterfall. The waterfall has a breathtaking view originating from the river devikulam. It is surrounded by the green hills. The river Devikulam is said to have its name from goddess Sita who dived into the river water.

It flows from a height of 800m in a snow-white color splashing on different rocks and hillocks. The greenery surrounding the falls attracts a number of visitors around the world every year. The refreshing greeneries also make the place unique from other waterfall areas. The waterfall is the perfect destination for photo shoots.

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Cheeyappara Waterfalls

It is located in the Kochi Madurai Highway between Adimali and Neriamangalam. The waterfall has an altitude of 100ft above sea level. It is a seven-step fall flowing down various rocky surfaces. The site has a mesmerizing beauty with the surrounding forest. It is one of the stunning tourist points of Kerela.

The green forests are best for adventurous activities like trekking. This is also an excellent place for photography as the way the waterfall slides down is breathtaking and must be captured as a memory. Also, it gives a perfect background for photos. The best time to visit is from June to September.

Valara Waterfalls

Valara falls is located at 39km from Munnar between Adimali and Neriamangalam close to Cheeyappara waterfalls. The waterfall flows from an altitude of 1000 ft. from sea level giving an amazing view. This place includes a chain of waterfalls falling together from towering heights and not any single waterfall, unlike other places.

The waterfall lies between dense forests which include varieties of wildlife and flowering plants. It is one of the top waterfalls in Kerala. The falls are also visible from highways and need high-quality trekking to reach the bottom. The falls have the best views in the monsoon.

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Beautiful Places To Visit in Munnar For Nature Lovers

Pothamedu View Point

This a vintage point giving the view of Munnar city with its adjoining valleys. The viewpoint lies between mountains, tea and coffee plantations. It is situated on NH 49 which is at a distance of 6km from Munnar. This is a thrilling place for nature and adventure lovers, attracting thousands of tourists over the years.

The physical ambiance here is perfect for trekking and hiking. Nature lovers can admire the scenic beauty while sitting for long hours. A glimpse of Muthirapuzha River and Idduki Arch Dam is also visible in a clear weather which is 60 km away from Munnar.

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Chokramudi Peak

It is the second highest peak in Kerala with a stunning scenic beauty. If you want to trek in the clouds you should try this place. It is located near Bison Valley close to Munnar. It is a less popular place compared to the other tourist attractions and often tagged as the Lonely Mountain. It is one of the best places to visit in Munnar for all nature lovers.

It gives the wildest adventure to the visitors through trekking. The atmospheric conditions of this place can be physically and mentally draining as the peak stands at a very high altitude of 7200 ft from the ground but once you reach it is worth your time and effort in every step.

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Kundala Lake

Kundala Dam Lake is a major tourist spot located at 21km from Munnar. This Dam is also known as Sethuparvati dam. The dam was built for Pallivasal Hydroelectric Project in the year 1946. The top of the dam gives an amazing view of the green surroundings.

The dam is known to be the first arch dam of Asia. The backyard of the dam is adjoined with a beautiful lake making it perfect for photography. The best time to visit this place is in the morning when the sunlight glitters on the lake water giving a charming view of the area.

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Lockhart Gap

It is a star attraction of Munnar located about 13 km from the city. The destination is famous for its winding trails through the thick forests which offer a breathtaking scenic view continuing to the greater heights. The site is located within the hills of the Western Ghats surrounded by green valleys, terrains, and variety of the rare species of flora and fauna in the surroundings.

The destination holds an amazing view for the tourists like a picture. The green tea estates around the site add more scenic beauty. It is also an ideal destination for trekking and a family picnic.

Photo Point

As the name of the place suggests it is a beautiful destination with its picture-perfect scenic beauty. The place is perfect for photography with its green tea gardens, majestic silver oak trees, small rivulets and mountain ranges. Every part of this place is flawless and you won’t get enough no matter how much you explore.

The atmosphere is serene and peaceful which makes it a perfect destination to visit with friends and family. The best point to click photos in this place is in front of the tea estates and the silver oak trees. The place also includes small streams flowing around and rolling mountains.

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Top Station

It is the highest point in Munnar with an altitude of 1700 m from the sea level. The destination is very captivating and famous for Neelakurinji flowering plants which bloom with a bright blue color only once in a year. The location once used to be the tea trading center from Munnar to bodinayakkanur located in Tamil Nadu.

The location being situated in the Kerela-Tamil Nadu border offers a world class view of the Western Ghats. The atmosphere is mostly misty but when it is clear, the tourists can view some parts of the Madurai district in Tamil Nadu from this place.

Rose Garden

This place is located on Kochi-Madurai highway at an altitude of 3500 ft above sea level. This is an eco-friendly tourist attraction with home-stay serving delicious home cooked food to the tourists. The garden spans a total area of 2 acres with a vast plantation of tea, Cardamom, and Vanilla which gives a wonderful aroma to the place. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Munnar with family and friends.

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There are also different fruit trees in the garden like Strawberry, Litchi, Rambutan, and Amla. The garden is famous for its exclusive collection of different species of roses in a different color and also other flowering plants. It also includes activities like Trekking, cooking classes, and plantation visits.


It is the second highest peak after Anamundi in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It has a height of 2,640 m above sea level. The Peak has its name due to the formation with eight peaks which are spread like a mustache. It lies within Anaimalai and Palani Hills close to Suryanelli at a distance of 120km from Munnar.

The place is nearby to a number of locations like Kolukkumalai tea estate, top station, and tipadamala. Trekking here is organized by Kerala Forest Development Corporation to the mountain peak. A variety of wildlife is also visible like Nilgiri Thar, Sambar, Wild Gaur and the Sloth bear.

Echo Point

This is the highest point in Munnar and a popular tourist attraction. It is located at a distance of 18km from Munnar along with the Top Station route. The destination has its name due to the echoing of any sound made in the area. The visitors here often try calling out different names and words to get an echo of their own voice for fun.

The destination has an unparalleled view due to the mist-clad mountains and the refreshing mountain breeze. This is a perfect picnic spot with family and friend to spend some leisure time strolling in the green surroundings and also for trekking.

Blossom Park

It is located in the old Munnar city which is 3km from the Munnar town. The park is a green landscape with varieties of fresh flowers, lush green fields, migratory water-birds and mountain butterflies. It is located close to the Muthirapuzha River and Kannan Devan tea estates. The beautiful greenery attracts a number of tourists from across the world to this park.

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It provides relaxation to the visitors with the number of gardens, artificial waterfalls and lawns included in the area. It offers different attractions for tourists like boating, nature walks, bird watching, roller skating etc. The fresh flowers fill the atmosphere with a scented aroma.


It is the tallest peak in South India at an altitude of 2695m above sea level. It is a part of the Western Ghats and lies inside the Eravikulam National park. The mountain is covered in forests with rare species of flora and fauna and also birds. Being the tallest peak it offers the best scenic view which is perfect for photography.

Tourists can have candid photos of the colorful birds and animals in the area. It has the largest population of elephants, gaur, and Nilgiri Tahr. Tourists can also enjoy trekking in this area. This is a major tourist destination in Munnar.

Munnar Tourist Places List For Adventure Seekers and Wildlife Lovers

Eravikulam National Park

The National Park is a popular tourist attraction as it houses the Nilgiri “Tahr” which is a very rare species. The beauty of this location is unparalleled and is surrounded by different varieties of flora and fauna. In the southern part of the park lies the “Anamundi Peak” Hill whose peak resembles like an elephant’s forehead and hence it is named as Anamundi.

The Park is also famous for Neelakurinji flower which is rare and blooms only once in a year. There are motor roads inside the park from southern extremes to the Rajmala tea estate and Lakhum Muthuvakudy in the southern boundaries. It is one of the best places to visit in Munnar for wildlife lovers.

Carmelagiri Elephant Park

The Park is located near the Munnar city. It is famous for the Elephant rides. The tourists in this spot get to enjoy the elephant ride and at the same time also learn about the talents of the elephants in the park like how commands are demonstrated to them and how they respond to it, how they communicate and pull the timber.

Visitors can also enjoy the elephant’s bathing and feed them personally. The park offers different tour packages like 1-hour tour, half day tour, full day tour, and excursions. The park is open daily for the tourists.

Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park

It is a nature filled with fun and enjoyment located at a distance if 13km from Munnar. If you are looking for adventure with fun this is the perfect place. The park offers a pleasant weather to the visitors with the fresh winds from the valleys and gives the best kind of relaxation with friends and families along with adventure activities to face your fears.

It offers different rides for the kids and adults like Zip Line, Rock Climbing, Commando net, rappelling etc. The park also has an amusement zone which includes 12D theatre, Vortex tunnel, the Bull Rider and Dashing Car game. It is one of the best places to visit in Munnar for all adventure seekers.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is the most visited tourist spot. The area is covered with different varieties of forests like dry thorny scrub, riparian, and grasslands. The forest area lies with hill ranges, plains, rocks, and cliffs. The area has minimum rainfall due to which the plant species here are mostly thorny.

The Sanctuary is famous for wildlife like Giant Grizzled Squirrel and White Bison from Manjumpatti. It houses some of the exclusive species and the popular ones like Tiger, elephant, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Guar and many more. It has a collection 225 exotic bird species in its aviary with a number of medicinal plants too.

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Other Exciting Places To Visit in Munnar

TATA Tea Museum

Munnar is known for its popular tea plantations due to which Tata Tea company built a museum in this place back in 2005. The museum consists of different photographs and tea machinery explaining the history of tea in Munnar. It is located at Nalanthani Estate of Tata Tea and a must visit by the tourists.

The museum depicts the growth of tea estates from ancient tea roller to a Tea factory in recent times. It shows the different steps of Tea processing and has a room of Tea Tasting for demonstration where you can get to enjoy the different flavors of tea across the world.

Mattupetty Dam

Mattupetty Dam is a famous tourist spot located in Mattupatti hill station which is 13 km from Munnar. The hill station is beautiful with green valleys and pleasant climate. Mattupetty is famous for its dam. The dam was built around 1940 under the supervision of Pallivasal Hydroelectric project.

It is a concrete structure and the major source of electricity in Munnar. The dam is a home to many wildlife species due to its constant water supply and also famous for water sports activities like speed boating. The still water of the dam has a beautiful view reflecting the tea estates around.

Thirumeni Cultural Centre

Thirumeni cultural center is a small theater located near Munnar. It performs various traditional cultural programs and is a one-time visit for the tourists traveling in Munnar. The best shows of this theatre are Kathakali and Kalarippayattu. Kathakali is a dance form in Kerala while Kalarippayattu refers to martial arts in Kerala.

There is a rectangular stage like structure in the interior where the artists perform. The front row seats give the best view. The theatre also shows a crow’s event where the performer shows his jump skills over 7 to 8 people. The place is free to do any kind of photo shoot. It is an enjoyable experience.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

It is famous for its highest tea plantations in the world. It is a popular tourist attraction located at an altitude of 7900 ft. above sea level. The tea estate is located at a distance of 31km from Munnar on the Kolukkumalai hills and takes 22 minutes by driving. The Significance of this place lies in its flavored teas.

It houses a tea factory from the 20th century which uses traditional tea production method to date. Tourists can buy different tea flavors from the factory outlet and also have a sip. It has the best view during sunset with views of Kodaikanal town.

Marayoor Dolmens

Marayoor village having the remnants of the Stone Age civilization is termed as Marayoor Dolmens. The dolmens refer to the Sadhu’s shelter. The Dolmens have two theories- One, they were built by the Sadhus as Shelter thousands of years ago and the other states the dolmens were the tombs.

The dolmens of this area have the common architecture. They are constructed with 4 rock slabs, one at the top as the roof and the other three for the sides. The last slab is used in front of the provision for entrance. The place reflects ancient historical structures and takes 2 hours from Munnar.

Rock Cave (Malayil Kallan Guha)

This is a mysterious small cave located at a distance of 13kms from Munnar city. History says the rock cave used to be the residing place of Malayil Kallan who was a thief and he used to loot every passenger passing across the cave. This is one of the popular tourist destinations.

The interior of the cave holds enough space to accommodate one person though it is small and can be entered by the series of steps from the gap. The place also has some small shops to provide refreshments like tea and coffee to the visitors during their visit.

Indo Swiss Dairy Farm

The Dairy farm houses cattle in 11 enclosures. It is a green landscaped campus covering an area of 500 acres. The campus once had the permission to visit only 4 people at a time. Nowadays special permissions are required from the authorities to visit the place. The daily tasks of this farm involve semen collection from bulls of a higher breed, pruning, cutting, cleaning, feeding the cattle and many more.

This is a very interesting spot for the tourist and fall in the route of Mattupetty Dam. This is also a project undertaken by KLDB board including high yielding cattle.

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