5 Things To Do At Botanical Garden Nashik – Timings, Entry Fee, Other Attractions

A complete guide to Botanical Garden Nashik – Living beings are definitely the best creation of God. And to get to know the presence of living beings other than the ones known to us has forever been an area of interest for a lot of many people.

This is the reason people spend their hard-earned money on seeing species which may not otherwise be able to see. Botanical Gardens offer the unique collection of plants and an exquisite opportunity to see species of plants that are rare but are a treat for eyes.

One such spot is the Botanical Garden Nashik. Also known as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan this mesmerizing botanical garden was developed in the year 2016 by Forest Development Corporation in collaboration with Nashik Municipal Corporation, and Tata Trust. Serving as a major tourist, this botanical garden was renewed from a previously famous and antique herb garden.

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Things to do at Botanical Garden Nashik

The botanical garden isn’t all about seeing plants and trees. There are a lot of many attractions that can make you fall in love with this place. Here are a few things that you might find interesting in the Garden –

  • Laser Show – A laser in the open field is a treat for the eyes. Drawing a lot of attraction from the crowd, this laser show is becoming a centre of gatherings from all over Nashik and people outside.
  • Butterfly seats– there is a particular way in which the seats at the garden are arranged. One such unique method is the butterfly shape that makes sitting in the garden even more fun.
  • Elephant replicas– Giant replicas of elephants have been driving children towards the garden which in fact brings an interest in the study of botany in them.
  • Butterfly lightening– There is a beautifully fascinating electric lighting system with an all but unique entrance which has been created with the sole purpose of realising the uniqueness of this park and draw a people’s attention towards it.
  • Entrance door– The entrance door to the garden is 40 feet huge that gives the garden a mesmerising look.

At last, there are more than hundreds of species of plants and flowers and trees which will make you wonder the creativity of God himself.

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Botanical Garden Timings

The Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan remains closed on Wednesday as a weekly off day is required for maintenance.

The visitors and people curious to study plants can visit this place on other weekdays (Thursday to Tuesday) between 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

Visitors curious for a laser show at the garden must reach the spot latest by 7 pm as the laser show starts at 7 pm and ends at 7:45 pm.
pm. This is 45 mins of sheer brilliance in terms of a laser show and an eye-catching visual that is embedded in memories forever.

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How to reach Botanical Garden Nashik

Since the garden is located at a distance of 7 kms from Nashik City, there are a number of short and easy routes which are cheap, to reach the Botanical Garden. However, the easiest and the cheapest conveyance is city bus transportation.

One can also hire a cab or an auto from Mumbai Naka or Dwarka. A personal vehicle is the most comfortable ride. All you need to do is to drive
towards Mumbai using Nashik-Mumbai express highway non-stop.

Once you’ve crossed historical Pandavalena Caves, you will get to the Botanical Garden.

On reaching the garden, visitors have to pay Rs 30/- per head for the garden during the day and Rs 50/- per head for the light and sound (laser) show in the evening as a fee for the botanical garden.

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Famous Places Near Botanical Garden Nashik

Pegalwadi waterfall

Near this Botanical is the famous Pegalwadi waterfall that is surrounded by hills. An adobe of natural beauty this place might go unnoticed but for every visitor of the botanical garden, this place is a go-to serene natural spot.

A combination of a number of waterfalls make this place even more exciting to visit.

Ramsej or Ramshej Fort

Located 10 kilometres north-west of Nashik, Ramsej or Ramshej Fort is a small fort in the Indian state of Maharashtra, on the busy Nashik-Vapi Route.

The origin of this fort dates back to the Ramayana and it is believed that Lord Rama stayed here on his way to Sri Lanka to rescue his wife Sita. History blended with great architecture definitely makes this place a must-see the place.

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