6 Beautiful Waterfalls in Thekkady

Often, the best way to escape the negativity and boredom of monotonous life is travelling. Nature is rightly said to have solutions to all problems. Be it mountains, terrains, valleys, oceans, forests, waterfalls, and nature amuses everyone. Read on to know about the best waterfalls in Thekkady.

Stunning Waterfalls in Thekkady

Located at a distance of 257 km from Thiruvanthapuram, Thekkady is a small town that is worth visiting. If you are a true nature lover, you must visit Thekkady in Kerala to witness the serenity and calmness the town offers.

It is an exotic place that is less explored and thus still holds on to its rawness.

Here is a list of the most popular waterfalls in Thekkady

Suruli Falls

Located at a distance of only 26 km from the town of Thekkady, the Suruli Falls is a cascading waterfall that falls from two stages. Its water supply is provided by the Suruli River which originates from the Meghamalai Mountains.

Depicted in the ancient Tamil script, Silappathikaram, the Suruli Falls has unmatched beauty that mesmerizes everyone. The fall drops from a height of 150 feet and forms a small pool.

The water again drops from here from a height of 40 meters. The water is believed to have healing properties and is thus popular among the locals. Near to this fall, Five Caves is present, which is a piece of architecture popular among tourists.

Suranganur Waterfalls

Situated at a distance of about 13 km from Thekkady, the Suranganur Waterfalls is truly a treat for your eyes. Set amidst the lush green mountains of the mighty Western Ghats, the waterfall is like a silver band of threads flowing amidst the green from the white clouds. The waterfall originates from the Chellarkovil Mountains.

If you visit this waterfall during the monsoon, you will find the water flowing at its highest volume. The serene and peaceful atmosphere that the place offers is truly unmatched. Mullaperiyar Dam located nearby is also a splendid view to witness.

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Thommankuthu Waterfalls

Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, “God’s Own Country”, Thommankuthu Waterfalls lies in the southern part of the rough Western Ghats.

The most special feature about Thommankuthu is that it is not a single waterfall but a series of 12 individual waterfalls. The waterfall falls for a distance of 5 km and is one of the prime eco spots in Kerala.

The waterfall drops through seven stages or steps and thus creates a breath-taking view admired by the tourists.

If you are an adventure lover looking to explore the nearby forests and the waterfall closely, you can trek through the 12 km stretch to Thommankuthu.

Marmala Waterfalls

The Marmala Waterfalls is situated in the Kottayam district of Kerala. The waterfall is one of the fiercest falls in the state as well as in the country. The waterfall drops from a height of 40 feet.

The fall creates a pool where it falls, which has a depth of 12 feet. If you visit the waterfall during monsoon, you will get the magnificent view of the droplets gushing through the fall and creating a picturesque ripple.

You can trek through the slippery estate to reach the Marmala Waterfalls, which is an adventurous thing to do on your trip. The waterfall is the source of water for the River Teekoy.

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Athirappilly Waterfall

Athirappily Waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Kerala and falls from a height of about 80 feet. It is located in Thrissur district in Kerala. The fifth longest river of Kerala, Chalakudy River falls from the rocky boulders to create this mighty waterfall.

Dense forests cover the surrounding areas of the waterfall, which is the home to rich flora and fauna. The backdrop of the high rising mountains reaching the floating clouds creates a picture of absolute peace and serenity.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Located in the Kollam district of Kerala, Palaruvi Waterfalls is often referred to as the “Stream of milk”. The water source of the fall is the Kallada River. You need to board on their bus from the parking site to reach the main waterfall. If you are an adventure lover, it will be a paradise for you.

You would have to hike for about 500 meters to reach the centre. There are numerous slippery stairs; thus, you need to be extra careful during the walk. The waterfall attracts numerous local as well as distant tourists, especially during monsoon.

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Kerala is also popularly known as “God’s own country” and truly matches the beauty that Paradise seems to hold. Though the mountains of Munnar, houseboats of Alleppy are very famous, the waterfalls are often ignored. If you get a chance, try to indulge in the beauty of these mighty falls.

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