Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary – Timings, Entry Fee, Nearby Attractions

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary – Timings, Entry Fee, Nearby Attractions

Kalatop Wildlife sanctuary is one of the most stunning and wonderful tourist places in Dalhousie. It is famous for its flourishing green environment and peaks of Himalayas.

People often come to spend their holidays with family and friends in Dalhousie. This amazing destination is one of the pinnacle vacationer’s places here in Dalhousie.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary Overview

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is extended over an extensive area of 19.63 sq km. This sanctuary is situated between Dalhousie and Khajjiar. It is an unusual abode of numerous colors of flowers, plants and a large array of birds and animals.

The stunning scenery welcomes you with energizing exquisiteness as you pass through crisscross roads.

The vicinity is an ideal spot for trekking and relaxing nature walks. If you want to experience the attractiveness of nature, you must visit this sanctuary.

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Flora and Fauna at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Take a trip to Kalatop wildlife sanctuary once with your loved ones and you must fall in love with this beautiful place. The position of this place is on a sky-scraping height jungle region.

Kalatop presents an astonishing sight of pine, oak and deodar forest where a lot of wildlife species like Himalayan black bear, Pheasants, Himalayan black marten, barking goral, deer, langur, panther, jackal, leopard, wild cats, black bear, Himalayan Black Marten and Himalayan serow etc. can be seen.

Different birds are also there. They are White-winged Black Bird, Eurasian Jay, Black Headed Jay; Black-headed Jay, Chesnutt Billed Rock Thrush, Blackbird and Grey Headed Cannery Flycatcher.

This amazing place is also famous for adventures activities. It is densely covered with Deodar trees sprinkled with small brooks flowing into the Ravi river.

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Things to do at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

You must be looking for some exciting things which you want to do to make your Kalatop wildlife sanctuary trip more exciting. Some of them are given below –


Trekking is the prime and foremost lure in Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. There is an opportunity for adventure lovers to enjoy their journey.

Visitors are captivated by the picturesque exquisiteness of this place. The mountains, the flourishing greenery and the sight from this place are breathtaking.

Bird Watching

Watching different birds is another popular doings. There are traveling and inhabited birds that boost the splendor of this sanctuary.

If you are eager to explore more about the place, you can always stay the night and enjoy the strange noises of the forest. The feeling is wonderful and worth to stay.

Shopping At Tibetan Handicrafts Centre

You can get authentic Tibetan handicrafts here. This place is situated at Lower Bakrota Hill, which is almost 3 km from Gandhi Chowk.

Zorbing At Khajjiar

It is an adventure-sport which engrosses you rolling downward across a leveled slope enclosed in a transparent sphere or ball. The scenic slopes in the meadows of Khajjiar are a perfect location to enjoy these rides.

Horse riding at Khajjiar

You can have an exciting horse ride on a well-trained horse.

Khajjiar Trek

If you love walking then you can go for a trek, through the deodar and pinewoods which are 14 km and you will pass near three small streams which will take you to the meadows of Khajjiar. The sight is beyond belief.

Mystic Boats Cruise

If you want to enjoy endless sights of this gorgeous hill station, you can take up a cruise voyage. This Mystic Boats Cruise conducts a number of trips starting from early mornings till late evenings. So, don’t miss this exceptional trip. It will not dishearten you in any way.

Chamba rafting region Ravi River

You can go for rafting in Chamba rafting region Ravi River.

Best Time to Visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

You can go throughout the year, but the best time is between the months of April to October. The immense elongated of thick woods and green meadows represent the innate exquisiteness of sanctuary, and the pleasurable climate intensifies the effect.

The winters, mainly January and February, can be relatively cold and it gets snowfall. The road might be a little erratic during these two months and a tour could be spoiled if there is heavy snowfall.

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How to reach Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is properly linked from the core city region of Dalhousie, airport and the railway station. Pathankot is the nearby railway station, you can get both bus or taxi services as per your expediency.

The distance from the Gaggal airport is about 134 kilometers and the panorama are just fabulous. The rides are well-situated and hassle-free.

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Places to Visit near Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

There are so many places where you can visit.

Khajjiar Lake

The Khajjiar Lake is a popular traveler place of Khajjiar where people can enjoy abundant entertaining activities or can enjoy the exquisiteness of the scenery.

The location is ideal to spend some moments of isolation far away from the hustle and bustle of the city crowd. It offers calm and harmony to the visitors.

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Khajji Nag Temple

Khajjiar is very well-known for Kajji Naga Temple, which is in close to the renowned Khajjiar Lake. The temple stands decorated with a golden dome and spire, and that is why it is recognized as ‘Golden Devi’ temple.

This temple has a perfect combination of Mughal and Hindu techniques of structural design as mirrored in the wooden carvings on the ceilings and wooden walls.

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Dainkund Peak

Dainkund is the top peak in Dalhousie and gets the highest snowfall all through the winter season. The beautiful snow-covered peaks and flourishing green environments draws many travelers each year to this eye-catching place.

Bhagsunag Temple

The Bhagsunag Temple is one of the ancient temples situated about 3 kilometres from Mcleodganj. It is extremely honoured by the native Gorkha and Hindus.

The two pools near the temple are assumed to be sanctified and are considered to contain astounding powers of curing.

St. John in the wilderness

St. John in the Wilderness, constructed in 1852. It is one of the most significant churches in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated near Dharamshala and on the way to Mcleodganj.

This neo-gothic church was constructed in devotion to John the Baptist. Located in the heart of green deodar woods, this serene structure is well-known for its Belgian stained-glass windows.

Nechung Monastery

Nechung Monastery is measured as the place of the State Oracle and protector-divine being of His Holiness Dalai Lama and Tibet.

This monastery has immense value in Tibetan history and Buddhist religion. It is one of the sightseeing attractions of McLeod Ganj.

Sherabling Monastery

Sherabling Monastery located in the foothills of Kangra Valley. It has a place of worship halls, a monastic school, a college, a library, an exhibition hall a museum, and a dispensary, and all these are nuzzled deep within the pine forest.

It’s like a different world on the whole in the centre of tranquil nature where joyful children, youth and old appear to be enjoying life. Be there throughout sunset to take pleasure in a miraculous view, when the golden rays swallow up the whole wood, meadows and villages.

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