12 Best Amusement Parks & Water Parks in Bangalore

Water Parks in Bangalore

Looking to beat the summer heat? Check out these amazing amusement parks and water parks in Bangalore. Bangalore has got an array of things to offer when it comes to tourist entertainment. Be it in the form of heritage sites, a chain of world-class pubs and restaurants, shopping malls, lakes, gardens or delicious street food, Bangalore tops in everything.

Amusement Parks are something that is loved by people from all age groups, and when it comes to Bangalore, there are plenty of choices to cherish for.

You can enjoy numerous adventurous and spine thrilling rides in the dry amusement parks, water parks and participate in lots of entertaining activities with your family and friends.

The following are some of the best amusement and water parks in Bangalore.

Top Amusement Parks And Water Parks in Bangalore

Water World

Water World is a part of the famous amusement park ‘Fun World’ in Bangalore. The amusement park is serving fun and entertainment in the form of various thrilling fun rides and water rides to the Bangalore citizens from the 90s.

This is the first water park to get established in Bangalore and is a favourite one of the city residents. From plunges, dips to thrilling rides and water Djs you can enjoy everything here.

It is a hub of adventure water rides like – Maze Runner’s Slide, Pendulum, One-eyed Captain’s cask, cyclone, Spinning tube, vertical drop, Boomerang, Hurricane and many more.

It also features beautiful rain shower dance, fountain dance, exclusive waterfall area, lazy river ride and expansive pools for both adults and kids to have fun.

GRS Fantasy Park

This is one of the famous amusement parks of Mysore situated on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. It can be easily reached by road from Bangalore and Mysore. The waterpark is very beautiful, covering a large expansive area surrounded by vibrant greeneries.

It offers an array of thrilling water rides for families, kids and young adults. Some of its best thrilling water rides are- Multilane slide, Thunder slide, Hawaiin paradise, Snow Sled. Float slide, Dragon’s Den, Ramp Slide, Atlantis, Aqua tornado, Aqua racer, Amazonia and many more.

For the fun rides section, you can explore- Swing Chair, Columbia, Music Bob, and freefall crazy cruise. The amusement park consists of a separate dance floor, kid’s pool, Jal Tharang wave pool, Jal Gamini Lazy river, and the attractive Red Indian waterfall.

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This is one of the biggest amusement parks close to Bangalore housing more than 61+amusement rides. It has been in operation from the past 17 years and covers a total area of 82 acres land.

The amusement park is very famous among the city residents as well as visitors. From plenty of adventurous dry rides to the thrilling water slides, Wonderla has everything for the visitors. Some of the famous rides here are – Adventures of Chikku, Cinemagic 3D, Hang Glider, Pirate Ship, Techno Jump, Wonder Splash, Crazy wagon, Dragon Slide, etc.

In its water park area, it has got plenty of thrilling slides, wave pools, dance floors, kids pool area, and everything to beat the heat. For the adventure addicts, there is a separate section dedicated for the high thrill rides that include – Recoil, Flash Tower, Equinox, Hurricane, Insanity, Drop Zone, Y Scream, and Wonderla Bamba.

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Neeladri Amusement And Water Parks

It is another famous amusement park consisting of both dry and water rides. It is located at 19kms from Bangalore and covers an area of 30 acres land.

This is one of the finest budget-friendly parks in Bangalore and features the largest water pool area with plenty of fun attractions and thrilling rides. The amusement park in total has 45 amusement rides and eight water slides.

Some of the famous rides here are- Zyclone, Family Slide, Formula 2, Bouncing castles, Water Chute, Guided cars, and many more.

It also features different kinds of pools like Kids Pool, Splash Pool, Wave Pool, boat rides and even houses an amphitheatre. It is an amazing destination to take a weekend break with your friends and family.

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Crazy Waters

This one is another great choice for unlimited amusement park entertainment in Bangalore. The amusement park houses both dry and water rides providing unlimited fun and thrill.

Some of the must-to-try rides of this park are- Mini Twister, Flume Ride, Lazy River, Telecombat, Circular Slide, Monorail, Formula-2, Wonder Wheel, Bouncing Castles, Parachute tower and lots more in the row.

In the water park area, you can plunge, dance, take a dip in the pools and explore the various adventurous water slides. Apart from the rides, you can even go for boating, enjoy the surprise Fountain, Musical Fountain, and the Video Arcade games. It caters to the fun requirements of visitors from all age groups.

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Innovative Film City

This is among the most sought after tourist attractions in Bangalore at Bidadi. The amusement park is like a separate beautiful world in the city having plenty of amazing attractions to cherish for.

It stands on 58 acres of land and is divided into three sections. The first section houses the amusement park with plenty of adventurous rides, museum, and various entertainment zones like- Cartoon City, Wild West Wind, Aqua Kingdom, Dino Park, Haunted Mansion, Petting Zoo, and many more.

The second section houses the exclusive food joints and restaurants, while the third section houses the Innovative Studio where Big Boss Stay, and Play is one of the biggest attractions.

You can also participate in fun sports like- Go-Karting, Fossil Hunt, Double Decker Carrousel and Mini Golf. It is an ultimate fun destination to spend the day.

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Lumbini Gardens

Located on the banks of Nagawara Lake, Lumbini Gardens is a beautiful national park in Bangalore and is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The garden is beautifully decorated with lush greeneries, decorative sculptures and with various rare plants species.

You get to enjoy a perfectly calm and refreshing ambience here with tons of attractions like- Boating (Pedal boar ride, Coffee boar ride, general boat ride, and Battery boat ride), Wavepool for adults and kids with fun water slides, Amusement rides like- Columbus, Break Dance, Trampoline Bungee, Bull Ride and many more, Lakefront Ambient park for sitting and relaxing, and an amazing Kids park.

The park also boasts of having some beautiful fountains and offers tourists a 1.5km walking trail to embrace the gorgeous scenic view.

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Snow City

If you enjoy snow and love having fun with it, visit this Snow themed amusement park in Bangalore. The massive park covers 12500 sq.ft area, having the temperature maintained at – 5 degrees.

You can enjoy snow everywhere here on the water, air, trees accompanied by plenty of attractions like- fantasy snow castle, mountain climbing, snow animals, Zorbing, snow sliding, dancing, basketball, party zone, snowballing and all kinds of fun you can have with snow.

The park provides visitors with all kinds of winter gears to enter the freezing temperature of -5 degrees like- jackets, shoes, jerkins, and gloves. Another biggest attraction of this wonderland is the 9D that shows short films and also lets visitors have fun with shooting and laser tag games.

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Jawahar Bal Bhavan

It is a lovely kid’s theme park in Bangalore aimed at promoting recreational activities for children. The park is named after Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and occupies 12.5 acres of land in Cubbon Park.

It an amazing destination for children’s day out offering different kinds of fun rides for children like- Toy trains, slides, see-saws, turret wall, tree house, swings, horse rides, doll museum, boating and many more.

It houses a water park area for children’s fun with amazing pools and attractive water rides. The park part from amusement also focuses on the extracurricular activities for children and organizes events like dance, drama, music, etc. for child’s recreational growth and development. It even organizes camps for children between 5 to 16 years old.

Star City

This is one of the finest amusement zones in Bangalore dedicated to people having immense love for different kinds of games. The destination houses plenty of adventurous electronic and semi-robotic games and also features a 12 lane bowling alley for exclusive bowling fun.

Some of the famous games of this amusement park are- Virtual car racing, skiing, motor racing, varieties indoor and video games, more than 60 simulator games, basketball, and many more.

You can play and win attractive prizes and rewards from the games. It is an amazing gaming arcade solely dedicated to the millennium kids and also houses food joints and juice centres for refreshment. It is an ideal weekend destination for the kids to young game addict crowd.

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Xtremezone Getaways

It is an ideal destination for the adventure sports lovers and is located at 50kms from Bangalore. The site is an open adventure zone by the banks of Manchan Bele Lake loaded with plenty of adventure sports, camping facilities as well as all kinds of medical amenities if required.

Some of the best attractions of this open adventure zone are- Paintball, Rappelling, Zipline, Burma Bridge, Jumaring, Tight Ropewalk, Canoeing, Kayaking and all kinds of spine thrilling activities to enjoy on land and water due to its strategic location by the lake.

From adults to kids, everyone can enjoy having fun in this adventure zone. It is also renowned for corporate outings and team building activities.

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Fun World

This is a very popular amusement park in Bangalore as it is the oldest one. It is a pioneer amusement park in Bangalore serving the residents from the past 30 years.

It has more than 50 rides and divided into different zones like- Fun World, Water World, Wow World, and Snow City. It belongs to the renowned group of Fun world and Resorts India pvt.ltd and has their amusement parks in other locations of India as well like Patiala, Hyderabad, Chennai, Madurai, and Vijayawada.

Some of the famous rides here are – The Skyscraper, The Pendulum, Columbus, Toy Train, Flying Tiger, Jumping Frog and many more. It also features plenty of water slides in its water zones and even houses a resort in the amusement park area.

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