10 Best Tea Places in Bangalore To Enjoy a Refreshing Cup of Chai

Tea Places in Bangalore

All you wanted to know about the best places to have a refreshing cup of Tea in Bangalore. No matter how many cafes you introduce in India, the love for Tea is eternal here.

In Bangalore also, the situation is similar, and the love for Tea is never-ending. People love to have Tea in any situation and at any point of the day be it in morning office hours, as a refresher in the evening or just any time of the day for relieving stress and emotional upliftment.

Hence to cater to the ever-increasing tea demands of the people, the tea stalls in Bangalore are continuously growing, having varieties of tea flavours from different parts of the world.

Whether you are an Indian resident or not, if you love Tea, check out these ten amazing places to have a cup of refreshing Tea in Bangalore.

Famous Tea Places in Bangalore That You Must Visit


This is a café come tea stall located at Banaswadi in Bangalore. It initially used to sell only Kullad Chai but, currently, it has got an array of choices and one of the famous destinations among the young crowds and college students.

The café features a cosy artistic interior décor with a peaceful ambience. You can spot plenty of attractive graffitis here, which makes the place extremely fascinating to have a cup of Tea.

It is famous for its different varieties of Ice tea and regular Tea. The ‘Lemon Tea’ here is very famous among the residents and is a must try for everyone.

Apart from Tea, it also serves delicious Chinese food and fast foods. It is undoubtedly a great place to refresh yourself with your gang of friends.

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Chai Point

This is one of the largest tea retailers in India with than 100 stores across the country. In Bangalore, Chai Point is located in multiple locations like in M.G. Road, HSR Layout, Old Airport Road, Jayanagar, Marathahalli, and Koramangala.

In Bangalore, you can also taste some amazing tea flavours at the outlets made from 100% natural ingredients with perfect colour and taste. You can even order the Tea through their online portal.

The Masala, Ginger, and Dum chai are very famous here. It has partnerships with tea plantations to send them fresh tea leaves which they further use to prepare the Tea and also sell packaged tea leaves to customers ensuring high quality and hygiene. If you are a Chai lover, don’t miss this destination.

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Chaipatty Teafe

This is a renowned tea destination in Bangalore located at Indira Nagar. As the name suggests, it is a teafe which is basically a tea café. The eatery features a classy interior décor with a retro theme having a calm and family kind of environment.

You will love the peaceful ambience of the place and eventually would like to get refreshed over a cup of Kadak Chai (Strong Tea). Kullad Chai, Masala Chai and Iced Tea here are a must try for every visitor.

Apart from Tea, it also serves delicious Maggie, pakodas, Pasta, sandwiches, Momos, chicken sausages, cheese balls, and many other items. It is a perfect breakfast and evening snacks destination with your friends and family.

Mr Hong

The famous tea stall is located in Orion Mall at Rajajinagar in Bangalore. It is a fine dine café come tea stall having contemporary interiors and is famous across the city for its in-house varieties of Tea.

You can taste here some of the innovative varieties of normal Tea and iced Tea like- Japanese Sencha, Hibiscus, Darjeeling tea, Jasmine Pearl, Dragon Well, and Assam tea.

Apart from the unique varieties of Tea, it is also famous for mouth-watering Thai and Chinese cuisines. Some of the delicious items to try here are – Thau Chilli Basil Noodles, Shanghai Rice, Shrimp Fried rice, and so on.

It aloes serves fresh fruit juices, desserts, and different kinds of coolers to beat the scorching heat of summers.

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This is one of the finest places in Bangalore to have Tea. It is located at Vasanth Nagar and is extremely famous due to their exclusive varieties of Tea.

You get to taste almost all kinds of existing quality tea flavours here from Darjeeling tea, green teas, Assam teas as well as flower teas.

If you are looking for some regular Kadak chai, in that case also Infinitea is undoubtedly the best choice. Some of the renowned varieties of Tea here are- Oolong teas, Peony Rosette, Pearls of the Mountain, herbal teas, fruit-based teas, back teas and what not.

The most beautiful part of this café is their crockery. They are so alluring that even if you are full, it will make you up for a cup of Tea.

Tea Journey

Till now, you were reading about the different places to try Tea in Bangalore but, this one in Indiranagar is a bit different. It is more like a tea leaf store than a café.

It is compact in structure with a cosy ambience and innovative interior décor lined with jars and Tea leaves packets.

The unique part of this tea stall is it allows the customers to choose from different varieties of tea leaves, create their own blends of Tea and take the blended product to their home to enjoy the unique flavour every day.

You can basically experiment with teas here and also taste different kinds of tea samples to choose your desired one. The stall is highly fascinating and a must-visit destination for the tea lovers.

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Located at Whitefield in Bangalore, teashot is the among the best places to have Tea in the city accompanied by great food. The tea stall is best known for its excellent customer service, hospitality, and varieties of Tea from different areas across the globe.

You can taste every variety of Tea here like – Assam tea, Nilgiri tea, Darjeeling tea, Sri Lanka tea and many more. Some of the must-to-have teas here are – Ginger Tea, Cardamom Tea, Super Fine Assam Tea, Lemon Green Tea, Organic Green Tea, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Masala Tea, and Superfine Darjeeling Tea.

You can also taste a variety of Iced Tea and milkshakes here. If Tea is your everyday companion, give a visit to this teal stall for ultimate satisfaction.

Tea Mount

This one is located at Whitefield close to Capgemini Psn in Bangalore. The tea stall is amazing to grab a refreshing cup of Tea along with some quick bites.

The destination has a classy and cosy interior décor and mostly attracts the office goers. Be it for a regular cup of Chai or some flavoured ones like Ginger tea, Masala tea, lemon tea, black Tea, cherry tea or strawberry tea; you can sip different varieties here.

There is no sitting arrangement in this stall; it just like a classy tea stall offering you with plenty of takeaway choices. The stall is a favourite among the tea lovers of the city.

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My Tea House

My Tea House is a one-stop solution for all tea lovers in Bangalore. The tea stall is located at Koramangala 5th Block in Bangalore. The tea stall is widely known for its variety of tea flavours keeping in mind about the Ayurvedic benefits of each one.

It houses a beautiful tea room having a collection of Tea from various parts of the world like- Russia, Taiwan, China, Nepal, Vietnam, Ceylon, and Siam. The entire destination is filled with the exotic aroma of Tea that will crave you to grab a cup as soon as possible.

It also organizes lectures and demo sessions related to different varieties of Tea and its associated benefits. Some of the must-try teas here are- Oolong tea varieties, Green mint tea, peppermint tea, and jasmine tea.

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Pani Kum Chai

If you want to taste thick Tea full of milk, head over to this location at Jayanagar in Bangalore. As from the name you can guess, the stall serves Tea with less water having a creamy milky thick texture which is loved by the Indian people.

In the Indian language, this destination is famous in Bangalore for ‘Malai tea’. The tea stall has outlets at multiple locations in Bangalore like HBR Layout, JP Nagar, and Swagath road.

Some of the famous Tea to taste here are – Lemon tea, Malai tea, and general Kadak tea. You can take varieties of other items to have with the milky Tea like- Caramel Pudding, Halwa Poori, Chicken Burger, Chicken egg roll, Chicken cutlet roll, and different kinds of fast food items.

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