13 Best Places To Visit in Bikaner – Explore The Beauty Of Bikaner

Places To Visit in Bikaner

If you love to cherish your memories with a city that has a rich tradition and cultural heritage then you need to visit Bikaner. This beautiful city was established in 1488 AD and is popularly known for producing brave warriors. Breath-taking palaces, mansions, beautifully carved sacred temples with serene environment boast the royal Rajput civilization. The red and yellow sandstone monuments bloom the city with joy. The desert trickles the heart of every visitor visiting this magnificent place. Here are some of the best places to visit in Bikaner that one can visit during the journey to this beautiful city-

Best Places To Visit in Bikaner (Forts & Palaces)

Junagarh Fort

Originally known as Chintamani, the Junagarh fort is a beauty in Bikaner. Numerous palaces in red sandstone and marble make up a startling aggregation of windows, balconies and enclosed areas that look striking. One of the astonishing features of the framework of Junagarh fort is its excellent craftsmanship and stone sculpture carvings with an admirable quality. Rooms in this fort have beautiful paintings and decorations of traditional pattern and style.

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Do not leave without observing the glass work, decorations, and magnificent work. The turrets, pillars, curved structures, and pavilions are colossal and majestic. This fort has two passages and a total of 37 mansions, along with a number of temples and pavilions. This place is quite amusing and attracts a number of visitors every year. It definitely is one of the best places to visit in Bikaner.

Gajner Palace

If you are expecting a site that is a perfect blend of tradition and refinement then Gajner Palace is the ideal location for you. It is situated in the historical town of Bikaner near the banks of Gajner Lake. This royal mansion was constructed by king Ganga Singh for the purpose of hunting lodge but was later transformed into a hotel in the year 1976.

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This palace is modernized to host family vacation, corporate parties, and many more events. The whole place is filled with lush greenery and offers leisure activities like cycling, traditional food, and bird watching and desert safaris, which makes it one fo the best places to visit in Bikaner. This place facilitates the tourist with excellent hospitality and accommodation along with its vibrant culture. The walls of this beautiful palace are decorated with crafts and cultural heritage.

Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner

The framework of this palace is of Indo – Saracen pattern inspired by Islamic, Rajputana, and European style. This hotel has various accommodation options to facilitate the guests with different budget ranges. To help visitors with excellent experience and rich hospitality, this hotel has a famous bar named Thunderbolts and restaurant called Padam Mahal.

Besides this, visitors will find many other refinements and royal services like souvenir stores, safety lockers, snooker rooms, badminton court, swimming pools, business centres for corporate events and sightseeing facility on request. This palace is a perfect destination for corporate or social events with huge halls.

The grounds of this hotel have lush greenery with lavish gardens often visited by colourful birds. People looking for royal experience must visit this place in Bikaner.

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Rampuria Haveli Bikaner

According to the great philosopher Aldous Huxley he named this Haveli as the pride of Bikaner. Its antique culture, grandeur tradition, and exquisiteness are breath-taking. Rampuria Haveli was built during the 15th century by Balujee Chalva for the royal family. This haveli is constructed with the help of red and yellow sandstone and depicts Victorian and Mughal architecture.

The seamless blend of Mughal, as well as Victorian architecture in the hall and drawing room of Haveli, is truly exemplary and inspiring. One can easily reach this haveli through a good network of roads and highways.

It is open for 24 hours throughout the whole year. This amazing tourist spot is plagued with superior and exquisite handicrafts and work prevalent during the 14th century. It’s one of the unique places to visit in Bikaner.

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Places To Visit in Bikaner (Temples)

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple is a renowned and remarkable sacred shrine of Bikaner. This Temple is located 30 kms away from Bikaner and is situated in a village called Deshlok. This sacred place has about 20,000 rats that are treated, sheltered and worshipped. The Rats can be seen here feeding on large metal bowls full of milk and grains.

Many small pits can be seen around the courtyard of this temple and one can see numerous rats occupied in various activities. This temple is remarkable for its elegant framework that has been dominated by the Mughal pattern and style of fabrication. This elegant temple is enriched with unreal marble elevations and carvings that additionally add charm to this place.

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Jain Temple Bhandasar

Jain Temple Bhandasar is one of the most accredited and popular temples in Bikaner. The double storied temple is made up of elegant red sandstone and marbles. This temple is an architectural chief excellence and portrayed with magnificent paintings which can be observed on the walls and the pillars.

These paintings have been embellished with gold leaf design and patterns. The marble of columns of this Temple is covered up with floral Moorish style and patterns. The floorings and the walls depict graceful dancing images of maidens and colourful floral patterns.

The mirror work and craftsmanship is soaked in the serenity of the deafening architecture. It is one of the best places to visit in Bikaner and is widely visited by devotees in huge number every year.

Shri Laxminath Temple Bikaner

Shri Laxminath temple is one of the oldest and sacred temples in Bikaner. This temple graces the sacred sanctum of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, this temple is known for its excellent exquisite art-work and craftsmanship in silver. Numerous festivals like Diwali, Janmashtami, Ekadashi, Holi, Ram Navami, and Navratri are commonly celebrated by the devotees at the temple. One must not miss visiting Shri Laxminath temple during festive seasons.

This temple still embarks as much value as it did at the rule of Rajput Royals who constructed this temple. Its breath-taking paintings and well-carved sculptures take the visitors 400 years back. This temple provides the visitors with a peace of mind and serene environment that eludes us in the modern era. The imported red stone marble was used to construct this temple which was imported from Jaisalmer.

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Other Popular Places To Visit in Bikaner (Museums & Wildlife Sanctuaries)

National Research Centre on Camel

National Research Centre on Camel located in the beautiful city of Bikaner is one of the most expedient places in India to learn and study about camels. This camel research centre was founded in 1984 by the central government and since then this centre has been functioning as a museum, breeding farm, and a famous tourist spot to discover more about animals and to experience a numerous variety of cuisine made especially from the milk of camel.

The experience of seeing camels is exotic and magnificent. Tourist can even hire a guide for a small fee and can also get a camel ride. It is the best place to learn about the habitat of the ship of desert through museums. The best time to visit this centre is during winters.

Royal Cenotaphs, Devi Kund Sagar

Devi Kund Sagar is located at about 9 km from the outskirts of the Bikaner city. The members of the royal family of Bikaner have been cremated here. These cenotaphs in Devi Kund Sagar are an epitome of Victorian and Mughal sculpture. This place consists of numerous royal cenotaphs of royal children’s, women’s and brave warriors and kings of Bika dynasty who died at an early stage.

The cenotaph of Maharaja Anup Singh is very unique which depicts marvellous works and carvings and stands on about 16 pillars. The cenotaph bears the carvings of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu and depicts several other birds and animals. The cenotaphs are covered with reservoir along the two sides and depict the great architectural design and style. This place can be visited any time in the year and has a great importance in Rajputana history.

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Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

Bikaner houses a unique collection of wildlife species that have been put under protection in Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is visited by a number of people every year who have a keen interest in wildlife. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary has slowly gained popularity and travellers get a great experience.

The best season to visit this place is in winters. It is located in the heart of the desert and has a rare collection of birds and other wildlife species. There is a natural oasis in the centre of the forest which quenches the thirst of animals of this sanctuary. This place is famous for its majestic beauty and lush green habitat.

This destination provides a truly enriching experience and important for educational purposes. One can click multiple pictures of wildlife and desert to make the trip more memorable. It is one of the best places to visit in Bikaner for all nature lovers.

Sadul Singh Museum Bikaner

Sadal Singh museum is located on the second floor of Lalgarh palace. This museum was constructed in the year 1972. It displays a broad representation of paintings from Georgia, trophies and fine artefacts. The museum is devoted mainly to the royal king of Bikaner. This museum is among the famous destination of tourist.

This place exhibits numerous images of the royal family. Royal Baggi, a train that the king of Bikaner brought here and various projectors can be seen here. A tourist who loves history and is interested in it can spend a couple of hours here easily. One can see the different images of generations of royal family. This museum has separate compartments which depict the bravery of different royal kings and warriors showcasing their heroic deeds and life.

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Ganga Singh Museum Bikaner

This museum is one of the most popular places to visit in Bikaner for people who have a great interest in ancient and historical evidence. This museum in Bikaner is an amazing place to visit due to numerous old specimens from the Harappa civilization and Gupta era. Many antique items are exhibited in this museum, the most essential items are crafts, rugs, carpets, paintings, utensils and pottery and old currency.

Along with these items, a number of beautifully carved sculptures and designs are exhibited in the museum depicting hard work and artistic expertise. The gold leaf paintings, silk clothes of Shahzada Saleem, armoires, weapons are other amazing items which were used by Rajputs in battles are showcased in this museum. These things bring an opportunity for the visitors to closely observe and study these historical items.

Prachina Museum Bikaner

Prachina Museum is a traditional and cultural destination of Bikaner city. It is situated within the corner of Junagarh Fort. This museum was constructed by the daughter of Maharaja Narendra Singh of Bikaner in the year 2000. It displays royal dresses, clothes, textiles, images of past rulers, ancient art, religious equipment and accessories and many more historical items.

Visitors can also see European wines, glass crafts and decorative objects, crockery and other utensils used in the royal kitchen and also the costly old perfumes and other astonishing items that were an essential part of the Royal household. Numerous crafted carpets and rugs give the visitors a chance to explore the experience and enchant the craftsmanship and artistic royal richness of India.

Bikaner city is full of joy and will provide you with a life-long experience and will fill your heart and soul with sweet memories of this ancient city.

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