Khajjiar Lake – Timings, Entry Fee, Nearby Attractions

Khajjiar Lake – Timings, Entry Fee, Nearby Attractions

Khajjiar Lake – A Complete Guide. If you are looking for the attractive destination to visit in Khajjiar, you will get a superb view of Khajjiar Lake. This is one of the outstanding destinations, which comes along with the attractive and remarkable views for the vacationers.

About Khajjiar Lake

The place is enclosed by the bountiful and magnificent green woods. Bounded by a sufficient quantity of trees, Khajjiar Lake stands as one of the gorgeous places in the northern area, in Dalhousie.

The place is completely perfect for stimulating your body and mind too. The place is frequently visited by the neighbouring people as well as vacationers too. Apart from the splendour, there are sufficient quantities of things to do in Khajjiar.

In due course, one can also get the striking view of Mount Kailash on a sunny day exactly from the lake.

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Khajjiar Lake in Winters

The magnificent lake which shares the name with this eye-catching hill station gets entirely ice-covered throughout peak winters.

Enclosed with a snow blanket, it makes a magnificent appeal among the vacationers who love to take a leisurely walk on this ice-covered pure white lake.

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Best Time To Visit Khajjiar Lake

The best time to visit Khajjiar is between March to October. The whole climate of the region is relatively placid in winter which is in between November to February. The surroundings are completely cold.

The nights in the winter of the place are quite freezing, and you will not be able to travel around at that time.

Apart from summer and winter, you can also visit the destination in monsoon, which is in between July to September. You can know the loveliness of mini Switzerland of India at that point of time.

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How to Reach Khajjiar Lake

If you are wondering how to get there at Khajjiar lake, then it is about 20 km away from Dalhousie. Jammu Tawi Railway Station (JAT) is the nearby main railway station.

Madhopur Punjab Railway Station (MDPB) is a local train station nearby, with restricted railway connectivity. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (ATQ) is the nearby main international airport. Gaggal Airport (DHM) is a petite airport with restricted flight routes.

This place doesn’t have a direct train or flight connectivity. But you can reach there by bus or taxi after getting down from the plane or train. It’s also connected with road so you can hire a taxi, or self-drive car to accomplish here if you want.

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Hotels Near Khajjiar Lake

Here are some of the hotels which are near to the lake.

Hotel Mount View

Hotel Mount View is a very pleasant hotel. You can get stunning scenery view of Himalaya Mountains from the hotel room. Parking facility is also there.

The ambience is gorgeous. Overall you can have a lovely and wonderful stay. Food is incredible and the live music is overwhelming.

Mongas Hotels & Resorts

Mongas Hotel is situated at a walking distance from busy Gandhi Chowk. The ambience is superb. It has large quantity of parking spaces.

Alps Resort

Alps Spa Resort is a 3-star resort. It has a free parking facility. It is located on the Bakrotta Hills. It is located in the middle of a lush green and tranquil environment of this stunning hill station. The rooms are excellently decked.

Grand View Hotel

The Grand View Hotel is located 8.5 km away from the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary and 13 km away from Dainkund Peak.

It is located 22 km away from Khajjiar Hill Station. All rooms are outfitted with wooden flooring and modern amenities.

Places To Visit Near Khajjiar Lake

The other name of Khajjiar is Mini Switzerland of India. There are lots of places where you must visit, which all are nearer to Khajjiar Lake.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are planning to visit Khajjiar, you will get lots of places to visit there. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most stunning and outstanding sanctuaries of the place to visit.

Mainly, the place is positioned between Khajjiar Lake and Dalhousie. The wildlife sanctuary in Khajjiar is established for the treks and nature walks. You will get to observe a sufficient quantity of gorgeous plants and animals.

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It holds numerous trees such as Rhododendron, Green oak, blue pine and etc. You will be able to see a variety of animals like bear, leopard, langur, jackal, and more. The vivacious green forest is all the way to present you the amazing beauty of the place.

Khajji Nag Temple

Khajji Nag Temple is one of the ancient and renowned sacred places of Himachal Pradesh. The Khajjiar sightseeing comes down with a lot of attractive places but when you are really thinking of going Khajjiar, do not miss this place.

Neighbouring people consider that it stands as one of the ancient temples of Himachal Pradesh. The whole place is decked with wooden structural designs.

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The wood carvings mirrored the Hindu and Mughal’s structural design and their entire life. You will get recognizable with the patterns and technique of Hindu and Mughals’ structural design too.

The temple houses the deity of Hidimba, Shiva and also photos of Kaurava and Pandava.

Dainkund Peak

When you are scheduling to visit the Khajjiar, you will have to make certain that you desire this place to visit. The place is completely astonishing and measured as one of the picturesque and attractive places to visit over there.

One of the exhilarating particulars about the place is that, apart from all the Khajjiar attraction, this is the paramount peak in Dalhousie.

Although the mountain is enclosed with the snows, this is evidently visible in the sunny days too. On the whole, in winter it just revolves into heaven, and all and every tour buff would be in love to enjoy the picturesque sight.

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