5 Popular Hill Stations Near Chail

Himachal Pradesh has always carved a special niche for its outstanding hill stations and Chail is one of them. This surreal hill station can be found sitting in the lap of virgin valleys of the mighty Himalayan terrains. Chial is just 45 kilometres far from both Shimla and Solan. Although Chail is itself a quite pleasant tourist destination but it also has plenty of hill station in and around. Each of these hill stations are equally dead drop gorgeous.

Beautiful Hill Stations Near Chail


Spiti is mountainous cold desert dotted with intermittent green patches. This hill station is about 489 kilometres away from Chail and famous for its wind-washed landscapes, picturesque villages, gleaming valleys and fascinating heritage. The word Spiti comes with literal meaning of ‘The Middle Land’ and that’s because it sits between India and Tibet. Spiti is one of the coldest hill stations in the country as it receives about 250 days of sunshine in a whole year. Located at an average elevation of 12,500 feet from the sea, Spiti is the trekking paradise for adventure lovers.


Manali is another popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh and it takes just a 293-kilometre road journey to reach Manali from Chail. Perched at a height of 2050 metres above the sea level, Manali is often referred as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations from Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful summer destination is blessed with exceptional scenic vistas. Manali showcases a hoard of tourist places ranging from museums to temples. Captivating snow-cladded mountain peaks and emerald valleys add more to its beauty. Solang Valley offers the most exquisite views of the surroundings. During winter, Solang turns into a skiing mecca attracting ski enthusiasts.


Mcleodganj is another stunning tourist destination that you can access from Chail. From Chail, you have to travel approximately 289 kilometres Northwest to reach Mcleodganj. Known with the name of “Little Lhasa”, Mcleodganj is the ‘Land of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’. This hill station is an invigorating combination of Tibetan and British culture. Settled amidst the sparkling deep greenery and snow-covered mountains, this hill town city is all-year-round tourist destination and it pulls huge crowd both in summers and winters. This place showcases some of the most eminent and significant monasteries likeNamgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang Monastery.


Kasol is a small village in Himachal Pradesh sitting on the banks of Parvati River. You have to cover a distance of 276 kilometres from Chail to reach this mesmerizing destination. Kasol is immensely popular among trekkers, nature lovers and backpackers because resplendent natural treasures of this place not just captivate your senses but also offers a nice platform to sign up for a variety of outdoor adventure activities. Kasol, lovingly known as “Amsterdam of India”, is one of those very few tourist destinations in the country which is still showcases untouched and unexploited scenic beauty.


If you travel just 55 kilometres further from Chail, you can be at one of the most celebrated hill stations in India, Shimla. Perching at an elevation of 2200 metres above the sea level, this mystical hill station is known for its colonial architecture and heritage. Shimla is probably the most beloved honeymoon destination in the country. Throughout the year, this fabulous hill town showcases pleasant weather and magnificent views of the valleys and mountains. Shimla was once the summer capital to British officials as they took shelter here from blistering summer heat of the Indian sun-continent. Tourists primarily love to visit the Mall Road and the Ridge in this town as both the areas are lined by numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.

Doesn’t matter which place you choose to visit near Chail, we can assure you to get bewildered with opulent natural gems and mesmerizing panoramic views. Each of thes above-mentioned are laced with long stretches of emerald green valleys, gushing waterfalls and majestic Himalayan peaks at distance. When you look at those wonderful places, you will understand Mother Nature never play miser when it came to bless earth with best of her gifts. This article just offered a list of 5 scintillating hill stations near Chail to make travelling easy for you.

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