15 Best Picnic Spots Near Jaipur For An Amazing Time

15 Best Picnic Spots Near Jaipur For An Amazing Time

Jaipur is one such hottest tourist destinations of India that is extremely rich in terms of history and culture with its ample amount of breathtaking palaces, forts and other heritage locations. There are beautiful picnic spots near Jaipur that are a must visit with family and friends.

But besides that, the gardens, lakes, national parks and other small towns and villages in and around Jaipur are also equally gorgeous and have breathtaking tourist attractions which are a must visit for every tourist in their Jaipur trip.

So let’s have a glance at the gorgeous towns and attractions in and around Jaipur including the popular as well as unpopular ones that are excellent for family picnics and also serves as the ideal weekend destination.

Popular Picnic Spots Near Jaipur

Popular picnic spots near Jaipur that are breathtakingly beautiful for a lovely family time.

Famous Picnic Spots Near Jaipur Within 50 Km

Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace (8 Km from Jaipur)

It is a grand palace dedicated to Maharani Sisodiya which is situated at 6kms from Jaipur. The garden is a royal beauty in Jaipur having an impressive hilly backdrop and lush green gardens surrounding the palace.

The garden dates back to 18th century when Maharaja Sawai Singh gifted this property to his wife Maharani Sisodiya as her place for relaxation amidst the nature lap between greeneries, fountains, water channels, murals, and many other attractions.

The garden has perfectly blended the Indian and Mughal architecture having gorgeous flowerbed arrangements in the exteriors while the interiors are decorated with mural paintings from the royal era, and intricate wall decorations. The palace also houses a small stream dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Vishnu.

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Chokhi Dhani (20 Km from Jaipur)

It is a beautiful village at a distance of 20 kms from Jaipur city that will take you to the world of traditional Rajasthani culture and its customs. The village covers a total area of 10acres hosting plenty of entertainment activities for the tourists like Camel ride, bullock ride, elephant ride, Tonga ride, boat ride, live music shows, dance performances to exclusive traditional shopping areas and mouth-watering authentic Rajasthani food.

The destination welcomes you to the ideal rustic world of Rajasthan where you will get to view everything from decorative wall paintings to huts having cow dungs. It is an amazing place for the visitors outside Rajasthan to have in-depth knowledge about its culture.

Sanganer (15 Km from Jaipur)

It is a popular town located at a distance of 16 km to the south of Jaipur city. The destination is widely known in India for its beautiful Jain temples, textile printing, and handmade paper industry.

If you want to take tours of some of the majestic, gorgeous Jain temples and love shopping Sanganer in Jaipur is a must-visit destination. It is a very beautiful town of Rajasthan with a pleasant climate that serves as a visual treat for the visitors due to its exclusive handcrafted works bright colored textile products and block and screen printed fabrics that serves as the souvenirs for your Jaipur trip.

It also mesmerizes with its breathtaking Jain temples, and the famous one among them is the Digamber Jain Temple which is a must-visit destination for all devotees due to its gorgeous surroundings and amazing background scenic view. Sanganer serves as a good weekend gateway in Jaipur.

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Chandlai Lake (31 Kms from Jaipur)

This is a very beautiful lake of Jaipur, and an ideal picnic spot cum weekend getaway for the tourists. It lies on Tonk Road at a distance of 30 kms from Jaipur.

The lake is a paradise for bird watchers as they get to behold the sight of various bird species drinking water from the lake, sitting by the lake or simply flying above the lake that looks beyond beautiful.

The destination has an amazing calmness and serenity with the gorgeous sight of the flamingos that will literally transport you into some other world. The 140-year-old lake is among the most beautiful lakes in Jaipur, and a must visit for the nature admirers to spend some quality time away from the crowded life. It is one of the best picnic spots near Jaipur for nature lovers.

Vidyadhar Garden (8 Km from Jaipur)

It is a lavish garden in the heart of Jaipur city that is dedicated to Vidyadhar Bhattacharya in 1988 who used to be the chief architect of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh.

The garden has an eye-arresting beauty having the perfect blend of Mughal and contemporary Indian architecture and was built adhering to the script of ‘Shilpa Shastra’. The garden is a velvety green beauty having manicured terraced lawns, gorgeous pavilions, beautiful fountains all around, and several beautiful water bodies or lakes.

The garden consists of artistic murals of Lord Krishna and decorative flower beds which enhances its beauty to the next level. The most beautiful attraction here are the dancing peacocks in full form which serves as a million dollar view. It is a lovely family destination.

Ramgarh Lake (35 Km from Jaipur)

It is a manmade lake situated close to Jamwa Ramgarh in the states of Rajasthan. The destination is a popular picnic spot in Jaipur at a distance 32kms from the main city.

The destination is widely known for its wildlife species like lions, tigers, neelgai etc. due to the reason of being surrounded by dense forests. The location also houses a ruined fort of historical period, it used to be the hunting area for various maharajas in Rajasthan and hence houses the fort along with Jambwa Mata temple.

Having the breathtaking views of Majestic Mountain in the background, the lake is excellent for boating to explore its soulful scenic beauty and also for activities like fishing and trekking. It is one of the best picnic spots near Jaipur within 50 Km.

Samode Palace (35 Km from Jaipur)

It is a combination of three breathtaking structures- Samode Palace, Samode Haveli and Samode Bagh in Jaipur. The Palace is inspired by Indo Saracenic architecture having the amazing fusion of Indian and Mughal architecture.

It is a 75 years old palace maintained in its purest form that still serves as a luxurious accommodation to guests having beautiful mural works in the interiors, four-poster beds, flowing curtains, floral decoration, painted lounges dining areas, swimming pool, and even spas for rejuvenation.

The dining area is known as Samode Haveli while the lavish 16th-century Mughal style garden is the Samode Bagh. The palace comprises of a very large area, and visitors will love exploring its beautiful divisions and artistic beauty.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Jaipur Within 100 Km

Bhangarh Fort (84 Km from Jaipur)

It is a world heritage site and also known as the most haunted location of India. The fort here belongs to the era of the 17th century, and it was dedicated to Madho Singh by Bhagwant Das who was his younger son.

Bhangarh including the fort and the village has the curse of a tantrik who once fell in love with Ratnavati the most beautiful princess of Rajasthan and tried to cast a spell to win her heart, but when rejected, the tantrik could not resist and before dying cursed the entire village and fort to be abandoned forever.

The fort is a three-storeyed structure having a mysterious pathway with ruins on both sides and also houses Someshwara Temple and a step well in its premises. The interiors are intact yet ruined structures of stones and bricks to give you a spine thrilling chill. Entry to the fort is strictly prohibited after sunset.

Sambhar Lake (82 Km from Jaipur)

It is known to be the largest salt lake in India situated at a distance of 80km from Jaipur city, and a must visit destination. The lake is an ideal family picnic spot having panoramic scenic beauty where the sky and the waterbody seem to interact with each other due to the strategic location of the lake.

The view is petty much similar to the famous Runn of Kutch housing the flock of white flamingos all around along with various other migratory bird species giving the destination a painted look.

The lake covers 200 sq.km area, and the water here is almost dried up with masses of salt released into the soil surface. On a full moon night, the destination looks heavenly glittering with the silver aura all around.

Bairath (92 Km from Jaipur)

It is the biggest historical and mythological hub in Rajasthan lying at a distance of 85km from Jaipur city. It used to be King Virat’s capital city from the Matsya dynasty and hence, also known as Viratnagar.

It houses various important structures from the ancient historical period belonging to Mauryas, Mughals, and Rajputs. One of the famous structures located here is the expansive, beautiful garden with chattris dating back to the Mughal era while other important attractions are Bijak-Ki-Pahari and Bhim-Ki-Doongri having high historical importance.

Another famous attraction is the Viratnagar Museum having plenty of exhibits from the ancient period. The destination is also famous for Banganga fair hosted during the month of April to May.

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Tonk (95 Km from Jaipur)

It is an important town of Rajasthan and also a major tourist attraction lying at a distance of 95 kms to the south from the main city area on the bank of Banas River.

The destination used to serve as the British capital during the period of 1817 to 1947 and is also popular by different names like- ‘Rajasthan ka Lucknow’, ‘Akhtar Shreerani ki Nagri’, ‘Adab ka Gulshan’, ‘Hindu Muslim Ekta ka Maskan’ and ‘ Meethe Kharboojo ka Chaman’.

The prime attraction of Tonk is Suneri kothi (The Golden Bungalow) which has eye-feasting ornamental interiors to leave you speechless. Other important attractions include- Hathi Bhata, Bisaldeo Temple, Hadi Rani Baori, and Diggi Kalyan ji Temple.

Abhaneri (93 Km from Jaipur)

It is a famous village of Rajasthan in Dausa district that is widely known for Chand Baori Step Well and Harshat Mata Temple. The village was built in 9th century by King Raja Chand and was known as Abha Nagri in the initial days which refer to ‘City of Brightness’.

The biggest attraction of Abhaneri is the Chand Baori stepwell having 13 levels and a depth of 20 meters. The stepwell is a glorifying example of brilliant architectural work having geometrically patterned steps alluring the visitors to explore its every corner.

The next interesting location is the Harshat Mata temple near the Baori which dates back to 10th century and dedicated to Goddess Harshat Mata. Visitors also can experience the best of Kalbelia and Ghoomar dance in this location. It is one of a kind picnic spot near Jaipur.

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Famous Picnic Spots Near Jaipur Within 150 Km

Sariska (107 Km from Jaipur)

Sariska is a popular tourist attraction in the Alwar district of Rajasthan widely known for its national park. Situated in the Aravalli hills, the national park covers an area of 800 sq.km having dense deciduous forests intercepted by various small and large cliffs and rugged landscapes having a wild beauty.

The national park is a home to different wildlife species like leopard, chital, Sambhar, nilgai, jungle cats, hyena, peacocks, harbors quail, sand grouse, crested serpent eagles, peafowl and many other unique wildlife species.

The sanctuary also houses a lake called Siliserh Lake which can be referred to as the house of crocodiles. It is a must-visit destination close to Jaipur and also consists of various historical mediaval structures.

Pushkar (146 Km from Jaipur)

It is a famous destination in India and Rajasthan situated 150 km to the southwestern part of Jaipur. The destination lies at an elevation of 510 meters from sea level and has beautiful scenic background surrounded by hills and cliffs.

The most famous among them is the ‘Nag Pahar’ joining Pushkar and Ajmer. It also has the biggest mythological importance as its name is given by Lord Brahma who dropped a lotus in this region and it turned into the famous Pushkar lake.

The Lake has 32 bathing ghats, and the destination has 500+ temples among which the is the Brahma temple is the famous one and only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in this world.

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Ranthambore (155 Km from Jaipur)

It is a world famous wildlife destination located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan at a distance of 130 km from Jaipur. The national park covers 392 sq.km area and serves as a pure bliss for the wildlife lovers housing plenty of flora and fauna.

The Safari rides in this national park are the most adventurous one to have a closer view of its wildlife. The national park is the home of tigers, deer, beers, apes and almost all existing animal species.

It also houses the Padam Lake inside the sanctuary along with Jogi Mahal and India’s second largest banyan tree. It is an extremely adventurous destination in the states of Rajasthan.

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