11 Best Places To Visit in Margao (Madgaon), Goa

Places To Visit in Margao

Looking for the best places to visit in Margao, Goa? Goa is the ultimate epitome of scintillating beaches and wonderful people. This place is known for its vibrant nightlife and countless awe-inspiring tourist spots. But Goa is also well-known for its cultural heritage and colonial past from the Portuguese era. Read on to know about the best places to visit in Margao, Goa.

Popular Places To Visit in Margao (Madgaon), Goa

If you are interested to go beyond the boundary of a typical beach vacation to explore its enticing cultural legacy and colonial charm, then come to Margao. Margao or Madgaon is undisputedly the most prominent commercial as well as cultural hub in Goa. This article tells you about where to head for when you are in this beautiful Goan town.

Here is a list of the most popular places to visit in Margao (Madgaon), Goa

Colva Beach

Fondly known as the White Sand Beach, the beach of Colva is the largest as well as the most scenic one in South Goa. Stretching along a length of around 2.4 kilometres in the coastal village in Salcette, Colva Beach has got more than you can expect.

Tourists, travellers and backpackers all around the world land here to enjoy thrilling water sports and vibrant night life in addition to a great beach-time. From Madgaon, it is just a 5-kilometres drive to Colva Beach.

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Goa Chitra Museum

willing to know about ancient Goan lifestyle and culture? Then Goa Chitra Museum is the right place for you. About 29 kilometres far from the city centre, this museum is a favourite tourist destination in Margao. The museum was established in the year 2010.

It showcases Goan as well as Portuguese lifestyle and heritage with help of an impressive collection of woodworks, artefacts, metalworks, weapons, furniture along with many other things.

You can also sign up for workshops or activities held at the premises to have better knowledge on Goan traditions and cultural aspect. Goa Chitra Museum is surely a unique contemporary museum of this time.

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Our Lady of Mercy Church

Located in Colva, Our Lady of Mercy Church is one of the major tourist attractions in South Goa. Also known as Nossa Senhora de Merces, Our Lady of Mercy Church was built back in 1630 and later was rebuilt in 18th century.

Immersed in centuries of history, this establishment is a marvellous example of colonial architecture and elaborate design. However, one does not need to be religious to fall in love with this place because the serenity and tranquillity of Our Lady of Mercy Church will enchant you anyway.

Church of Holy Spirit

At a distance of 28 kms from the main city centre lies one of the most eminent landmarks of Margao, the Church of Holy Spirit. This 17th Century structure was erected by the Portuguese that underwent several phases of reconstruction and modification later on.

The church was built on a site which was initially a shrine meant for a Hindu God, Lord Damodar. Muslim Army had destroyed this structure several times and the present structure that you see today came into existence only in 1675.

The Church of Holy Spirit is celebrated for its religious significance and its architectural brilliance.

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Majorda Beach

Blessed with lush greeneries and guarded by the warmth of Arabian Sea, Majorda Beach is one of the cleanest and calmest beaches in India. Located in South Goa, this massively wide beach offers lots of fun-filled and leisure activity to enjoy a perfect beach vacation.

From water sports to the beauty of nature, there is plenty to indulge in at Majorda Beach. This place is also celebrated for its exquisite cuisine scene including Konkani, Russian, continental and Indian restaurants. The distance between Madgaon and Majorda Beach is about 11.6 kilometres. It is one of the best places to visit in Margao.

Sri Damodar Temple

Although Goa is known for its beach-life but you will be amazed to witness its religious richness. The Sri Damodar Temple is one of the major crowd-pullers in Goa and not just the devotees but several history buffs flock to temple to behold its unmatched architecture and construction style.

From Margao, it is about a 22 kms distance to the temple. Sri Damodar Temple is nestled on the banks of Kushawati River near Zambaulim town. The river itself is believed to have healing properties to cure different types of skin diseases.

The original temple was built in Margaobut when the site was captured by Portuguese to built the Church of Holy Spirit, it found its place at Zambaulim.

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San Thome Museum

When you are looking to have an intoxicating dose of Goan culture, how is it possible to skip San Thome Museum! This is surely the finest jewel in Goa’s treasure trove. This museum is really a great place to take you back in time in order to offer you with an unforgettable experience.

The museum features a wide collection of antiques and technology to explain the progression of human civilizations. If you are travelling with family, then San Thome Museum can be a wonderful place to plan a perfect day-out. I highly recommend all art lovers to add this place to their bucket list of best places to visit in Margao.

You have to travel a distance of approximately 31 kms from Margao to reach this museum.

Sat Burzam Ghor

The Sat Burzam Ghor or the “House of Seven Gables” is a fascinating tourist attraction from South Goa. This place is about 31 kilometres far from Madgaon and accessible from any corner of Goa.

This massive mansion was commissioned by a localite, Sebastiao da Silva during his days as a representative and private secretary to the Viceroy of Portugal. As the name suggests, this mansion was originally constructed with seven tiled roofs and after four centuries, you can still spot the three of those seven.

Being a private property, the Sat Burzam Ghor is not accessible to the public and you have to seek prior permission from the residents to explore this magnificent Portuguese styled mansion.

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Braganza House

Goa is the home to some exquisite and beautiful Portuguese architecture and Braganza House is one of the finest of them. located at Chandor Village (35 kms away from city centre of Margao), this gorgeous mansion is a 17th century structure erected along one side of the village square.

This mansion is owned by the Braganza family who was granted this huge plot by a Portuguese King. Architecture and interior of this mansion are simply awe-inspiring. The palace is known for its royal appeal and regal grandeur.

Braganza House features a library with a collection of 5000 books which is believed to be the first private library in Goa.

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Fernandes House

Architectural wonders of Goa will keep surprising you every now and then for sure. If you are in love with splendid architecture and mesmerizing heritage, then Fernandes House is a must-visit for you. Fernandes House or Vodlem Ghor is one of the oldest palaces in Goa.

Built around 500 years ago, this house is known for its stunning architecture which depicts a captivating blend of Hindu and European style. This heritage structure in Chandor Village encompasses as many as 25 rooms and sprawls over a large area. This is private property and therefore, you must make a prior booking to tour this house.

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Rachol Fort

Rachol Fort is a historically significant fort as it was the real place where a fierce battle between Bijapur and Vijaynagar empires was fought.

Located at distance of 28 kilometres from Madgaon, this ancient fort stands tall in Salcette in South Goa. Although this fort is reduced to a ruin mostly engulfed by nature but still it acts as an evidence of unmatched bravery from past.

The fort offers plenty of scenic beauty and great scope to capture some breathtaking shots. A good tourist spot to add in your list of best places to visit in Margao, if you are a history buff.

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