8 Beautiful & Popular Lakes In Mumbai

Lakes In Mumbai

Looking for the most most beautiful lakes in Mumbai? Mumbai may be known for its charm, nightlife and beautiful sea-shore, but it has more to offer. The pristine lakes of Mumbai not only offer freshwater to the native but have also been tourist attraction of the city. While some of them are really well-known, you stand a chance to visit some of the hidden gems in the form of the unfamiliar lakes.

Famous Lakes In Mumbai

If you manage to visit Mumbai in the recent future make sure to visit some of these beautiful lakes. You may even change your notion about Mumbai and its hectic life, and spend some more days in the city.

Here is a list of the most popular lakes in Mumbai

Vihar Lake

Vihar Lake was the first drinking water reservoir in Mumbai and it still supplies water to the localities nearby. Constructed back in 1840, this lake is one of the two manmade lakes that fall under the Green Forest Premises of Borivali National Park.

There is a water filtration plant near to the late, that filters the water and provides drinking water. It is also one of the largest lakes of Mumbai having a stretch of 27 miles and there are certain areas where you can spend an ideal evening with your loved ones.

This place witnesses a lot of migrated birds during the winter and thus, it also attracts a lot of bird watchers.

Tulsi Lake

Tulsi Lake is the other potable water lake of Mumbai that falls under the Green Forest Premises of Borivali National Park. This is the second largest lake after Vihar Lake and supplies water to a good portion of Mumbai.

You can see a lot of native and migrated birds by the side of this lake. The winter is the best time for bird watching but you can see some birds throughout the year.

The forest around is lush green and quite dense and the freshwater Crocodile also known as Muggar resides in the lake. The nearest station is Borivali east if you want to catch a beautiful view of the lake. It is one of the most popular lakes in Mumbai and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

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Powai Lake

Powai Lake is located in the north suburb of Mumbai and it is 45 minutes away from Andheri. The lake is an artificial one supplying water to the industries of Mumbai.

Previously the water was good enough to be supplied as drinking water but after several degradations, it has been deemed unfit. The spread of the lake is quite long and important institutes like IIT, Mumbai and National Institute of Industrial Engineering are located nearby.

Powai region is located alongside the road and that is the best place to enjoy the view from. The nearest station is Kanjurmarg.

Masunda Lake

Masunda Lake is a scenic beauty of Mumbai owing to its 20 feet high Lord Hanuman Statue in the middle of the lake. This place is great for boating and water soccer. You can reach the statue by the Paddleboat and the beauty is almost picturesque.

There is a small island with a Shiv Temple. There are several eateries by the side of the Lake which is why it receives a lot of local tourists throughout the year. The lake is around 15 mins walking distance from the Thane railway station. You can spend a beautiful evening with your loved ones there.

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Upvan Lake

Upvan Lake is located in Thane and it hosts the Sanskruti Arts Festival. The lake is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and it is famous for its peaceful atmosphere. The Yeoor hills are also located nearby which can be seen from the lakeside.

The peaceful atmosphere of the lake makes the locals visit this place for meditation and exercise in the open. The beautiful view is a mind cleanser when it comes to Upavan Lake which is also known as Pokhran Lake. You can visit this place all around the year.

Upper Vaitarna Lake

Upper Vaitarna Lake is located in the Nasik District, near to Mumbai. Though 145 km away, this beautiful lake has witnessed frequent travellers from Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Itaguri.

The lake is surrounded by lush green plantation, small waterfalls and much more. The view us truly mesmerising and you can spend a whole day by the side of the lake. The lake was originally formed by an earth-filled dam. The place is ideal for a weekend trip or a long drive which ends at the lake.

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Modak Sagar Lake

One of the most picturesque lakes in Mumbai, the Modak Sagar Lake is located in Thane District of Maharashtra. This lake is located on the Vaitarna River and the dam that was constructed in the 90s divides the lake into three parts, Modak Sagar Lake, Upper Vaitarna and Lower Vaitarna lake.

Owing to its beautiful landscape, this lake attracts a large number of visitors each year, from different parts of the country. This lake is a photographic brilliance and can be accessed from the nearest railway station, Vaitarna Dam. You can spend a weekend in the area and cover both Vaitarna Lake and Modak Sagar.

Bhatsa Lake

Bhatsa Lake is connected to the Bhatsa Dam, and located in the Thane District. When the water flow is low, this lake is a picture of serenity and tranquillity, thanks to its green surrounding. However, the overflow of water in the lake is normal during the rainy season.

The lake is connected to two rivers, Bhatsa and Corna, so the water flow is steady around the year. The lake is situated 100 km away from Mumbai and was built in 1981. The view in Monsoon is completely different as you can see water flowing in speed from different channels into the river.

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