13 Beautiful Gardens And Parks in Delhi

Talking about Delhi, we only think of heritage sites and historical monuments majorly but Delhi is much more than this and a treasure house of greenery. In this busy stressful life escaping the city crowds, we often feel like spending some quality time admiring the nature. There are some of the most beautiful gardens and parks in Delhi.

Most Popular Gardens And Parks in Delhi

Delhi is one of those cities in India to be blessed with plenty of beautiful gardens with lush green surroundings accompanied by water bodies, fountains, walking trails, and varieties of bird species flocking around. While you are traveling to Delhi or residing there, don’t miss these amazing parks and gardens that will not only rejuvenate you but also help you spend some amazing time with near and dear ones.

Here’s the list of the most beautiful gardens and parks in Delhi

Best Gardens in Delhi

Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses is a popular tourist attraction in Delhi and also a hub of various activities along with public interaction and exploration covering an expansive area of 20 acres. It has a fascinating spiral walkway and distinguished in separate areas with Khas Bagh on one side of the walkway lined up with the Mughal Garden and food-court with a shopping center on the other side. The central part of the park leads towards the beautiful glittery fountains.

The northern part of the Park is a trail of fragrance leading to a stainless steel statue dancing in between the rocks. You will love exploring the valleys of Neel Bagh, Color garden and amphitheater located among the natural slopes. The garden is built in a way to stimulate the five sensory responses in the natural environment.

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National Rose Garden

It is a beautiful garden in Delhi hosting varieties of rose species. The garden is very attractive and houses some exclusive collections of rare rose varieties across the world and a major tourist attraction. The garden consists of long walking trails and the ambiance is amazing filled with beautiful aroma.

The garden consists of Indian and many foreign rose plants. The main attractions of the garden are the green and black rose offering a breathtaking beauty of the location. There are other flowering plants too like periwinkles and daisies. Another beautiful attraction of the garden is the rose lotus pong which is a fine example of stunning natural beauty.

The garden offers a picturesque view of numerous colorful butterflies flying all around. Other than a tourist attraction, the garden is perfect for the botanical researchers to study on different rose species.

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Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Garden is a famous tourist spot in Delhi and also a historical heritage site. The luscious garden was constructed in the 15th century during the Lodhi reign. The two prominent structures of the garden are the tomb of Sikandar Lodhi and Mohammad Shah. It also houses the Bara Gumbad and Shisha Gumbad in its premises.

The Bara Gumbad lying in the middle of the garden is actually a gateway to three adjoining mosques built during the period of Sikandar Lodhi in 1494. To the opposite side of the Bara Gumbad lies the Glass dome built from glazed tiles. The tomb of Mohammad Shah is the oldest structure here which follows Hindu-Islamic style.

The tomb resides in an octagonal complex and consists of an arched central dome, verandas, and few other ancient structures. The Garden is a famous picnic spot and also a part of heritage walk for school students to gain knowledge of Indian history.

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Mughal Garden

Mughal Garden is an example of beautiful creativity with a fusion of British and Mughal style. The garden sprawls across an area of 13 acres and was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The garden is inspired by the Mughal style architecture which is highly reflected in the canals, terraces, and fountains.

The garden has three sections known as Pearl Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Circular Garden. The scenic beauty of the garden is extremely gorgeous housing 4 waterways and their intersection point is decorated with a lotus-shaped fountain made of red sandstone.

The lush green fields of the garden with colorful flowers are an eye treat for every visitor. The garden also includes various species of trees like marigold, rose, sweet William, bougainvillea, viscaria and many more.

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Talkatora Garden

The garden is a heritage site situated at the Wellington Crescent Road in New Delhi. It is popularly known as “Talkatora Bagh”. The garden holds a major historical significance as in this location the Mughal had a victory over the Marathas in the war of 1738. The garden initially had a water tank which has been transformed into a swimming pool in recent times.

The garden consists of different flowering plants surrounded by streams of water and green meadows. The garden is best known for its indoor stadium organizing different sports like Badminton, Table tennis, etc. Cultural events and shows are also organized in the garden at different lawns and avenues.

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Popular Parks in Delhi

Sanjay Lake Park

Sanjay Lake Park located at Trilokpuri in Delhi is famous for the man-made artificial Sanjay Lake. The Park houses the Lake in its premises covering an area of 17 hectares surrounded by thick greenery all around.

The scenic beauty of the park housing the lake is amazing and a home to a number of migratory birds and plant species. It also consists of a walking trail perfect for joggers and the fitness enthusiasts.

The Sanjay Lake consists of 90 different species of birds and most of them can be seen in the winter season till February. Some of the popular bird species found here are- Yellow headed wagtail, Spot-bill, Shovellers, common teal, pied wagtail, and many more. The Park is a natural treat and also a good place for relaxation.

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Kalindi Kunj Park

It is another beautiful park in Delhi located at the junction of South Delhi and Noida. The park has an expansive area with luscious green grass covered by numerous plant species and flower beds. The lakes inside the park and the magical fountains add more beauty to the location. It spans over an area of 3.5 hectares. The Park houses the giant wheel known as ‘Delhi Eye’ and the replica of Singapore Flyer.

The majestic wheel structure stands at a height of 5 meters from the ground with 36 AC cabins giving spectacular views of the important places like Lotus temple, Connaught Place, Nehru Place, and Friends Colony. It is one of the best parks in Delhi for kids and a good place to unwind with various activities.

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Millennium Indraprastha Park

Escaping from the city crowds the Park gives you an excellent opportunity to relax in the natural surroundings and bond over with your friends and family members. The park stretches along an area of 34 hectares making it quite spacious. The place is an absolute delight for the kids with 13 swings and slides to spend some fun time inside the park.

It includes a beautiful garden with trimmed bushes in various attractive shapes forming a maze for the kids to enjoy. The evenings are beautiful with gorgeous water pools and fountains being lighted up. The park is well equipped with seating arrangements and walking trails for joggers. It also consists of a food court inside the park and hosts different cultural events.

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Deer Park

It is one of the famous parks in Delhi located at South Delhi. The Park is situated in the Hauz Khas area and a perfect destination to practice yoga, go for jogging, and an ideal picnic spot. The Park covers an area of 60 acres and houses a shimmery lake inside.

You can spot a large number of deers playing and moving inside the park in a particular area due to which the park has been named as such. The Park is divided into different areas like the Rose Garden, Fountain, District Park, areas consisting of the historic buildings, Hauz Khas art market, and the Deer Park.

The entire location can be enjoyed at a time involved in different activities. The Park also consists of a restaurant known as “Park Baluchi” and a perfect destination to spend an entire day. It is one of the best parks in Delhi to have a fun filled outing with family and friends.

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Nehru Park

It is a major tourist attraction in Delhi named after India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It is situated at Chanakyapuri Diplomatic enclave of Delhi. It covers an area of 80 hectares and one of the largest parks of Delhi. The park is an absolute delight for the joggers with expansive green landscapes and also hosts free yoga and aerobic classes.

Since the park area is too large so it’s less crowded most of the time and provides an ideal place for meditation or reading books. The park is ideal for family picnics giving you enormous space to organize different fun games and activities.

It is also a hub of cultural activities organizing classical music program on Sunday mornings attracting many music lovers and tourists. It also hosts other contemporary music events, especially during the winter season.

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Buddha Jayanti Park

The Park is dedicated to Gautam Buddha celebrating his 2,500 years of enlightenment anniversary. The Park houses the famous Bodhi Tree exclusively from Sri Lanka which is known to be the enlightenment place of Gautam Buddha. The Park never fails to attract the visitors with its velvety grass fields and the captivating green trees of Keekar, Jamun, Amaltas, Gulmohar, Kareel, and Babool.

The variety of trees attracts birds like Peacocks, Berbets, Heron, and Woodpickers. There is a beautiful manmade lake located inside the park consisting of a raised platform in the middle which contains the statue of Lord Buddha in golden color surrounded by water and trees on all sides. The Park luxuriously celebrates festivals like Buddha Purnima giving an insight of the Buddhist traditions and culture. It is one of the best parks in Delhi for nature lovers.

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Japanese Park (Swarn Jayanti Park)

The lush green park is situated at sector 11, in Rohini to the northwestern part of Delhi. The park is an ideal picnic spot with loads of greenery, crystal clear walking trails, and lakes to enjoy boating.

There are separate game zones and expansive playground for the children to enjoy. The Park offers mesmerizing views of Sunrise and Sunset so if you are looking forward to it, early morning and evening time will be perfect. The park sprawls across an area of 250 acres and is the largest park in Delhi.

The green landscapes of the park are designed beautifully with slight elevations in selective places making it look like plateaus. The different lanes and avenues of the park are connected with walking trails being an absolute delight for the joggers and fitness enthusiasts. The Swarn Jayanti Park is a hub of leisure activities situated at Sector 10, Rohini in New Delhi.

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The entire park area is covered with lush green bushes having varieties of flowering plants. The ambiance is extremely calm and refreshing away from the polluted city life. It houses beautiful trimmed gardens, children’s playing zone, jogger’s area, walking trails for leisure walks, skating area, and two shimmery lakes.

The Lakes are often spotted with swans, you can enjoy feeding them or just having some quiet time amidst nature. The atmosphere is filled with the chirping of birds and peacocks which are an absolute delight. The park is famous for the spring festival with exhibits of numerous colorful flowers and filling the entire area with a sweet aroma.

Central Park Rajiv Chowk

It is a famous park in Delhi situated at Connaught Place. The park is situated amidst the city crowds and holds a vibrant atmosphere. The park stretches over an enormous area of 41,500 sq.meters with a footpath covering 7,700 sq. meter.

The entire park is covered with posh green landscapes with tall trees sprawling around 27,000 sq. meters while the other part is covered with 2,750 different plant species. The plant species are the chosen ones here with high quality.

The park consists of 4 water streams connected by a series of 21 beautiful fountains. It also houses an amphitheater having an accommodation of 350 people and can be entered from B-Block of Rajiv Chowk. It the biggest park in Delhi with 9 entry and exit gates.

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