8 Best Places To Visit in Shimla in December

8 Best Places To Visit in Shimla in December

Looking for best places to visit in Shimla in December? Then you have come to the right place. December is the peak time of the winter season and what could be better than visiting Shimla during this time.

The hill station which is a popular tourist hub and also known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, has breathtaking scenic beauty in the winter season. The green valleys get painted in heavy snow during winters surrounded by the dense vegetation of the pine, oak, cedar, and deodar trees with snow-covered Himalayan ranges in the background.

The magical scenic beauty of Shimla in winters lures the visitors to try activities like trekking, skiing, trout fishing, and even enjoy the famous occasions of Christmas and New Year which are the highlights of December. So let’s have a look at the most beautiful destinations in Shimla that are a must visit in December.

Popular Places to Visit in Shimla in December

Make your Shimla vacations most exciting this winter in December with these 8 amazing locations.


It is a painted town of Himachal Pradesh which is connected to Shimla via Hindustan-Tibet road. The hill station holds panoramic scenic beauty in the winter season having majestic blue Himalayan Mountains crowned with snow; the surrounding greeneries sprinkled with snowflakes and the gorgeous snow-covered rooftops of the houses giving an edge to its scenic beauty.

It is nothing less than a snow wonderland in December. The scenic view looks magical during the winter season having narrow lanes from the ancient times with dense jungles of oak, pine and cedar trees, plenty of churches and temples of magnificent architectural works covering the location, and the British establishments which kind of give a Catholic look to the entire town.

The destination is a hub of adventure activities starting from Trekking, Biking, Pony riding, Paragliding to Camping which are craved by the tourists. It is a small paradise and one of the best places to visit in Shimla in December.


It is a quaint town of Shimla situated at a distance of 20km from the city area. The location lies at an elevation of 2,663 meters from sea level and is widely known for its hiking and trekking zones. It also makes an amazing family picnic spot.

The destination in December which is the core winter season has a bewitching scenic beauty making it perfect for skiing and tobogganing in its milky white snowy slopes.

Having the green Himalayan mountains in the background, intercepted with dense forests of pine and deodar trees climbing up the Himalayan mountains and panoramic views of snow-covered deep valleys intersecting the lush green forests makes the destination look completely out of this world.

Winters in Kufri are also great to explore its sightseeing attractions like Lakkad Bazar, St.Michael Cathedral, Tara Devi Temple, Himalayan Bird Park, Seven Hills, and various other breathtaking locations.

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It is a picturesque town of Shimla in the states of Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda in December completely gets wrapped in the blanket of snow turning its green valleys into snow wonderland for unlimited skiing and playing having snow fun.

The town looks like a fairyland in the winter season with the Blue Himalayan background covered in sheets of snow. The temperature during this time often drops to -10 degrees and the weather remains extremely chilly.

But if you are looking for thick blankets of snow and ski resorts imagining a perfect holiday in the snow, Narkanda is the ideal choice. The destination lying at a higher altitude than Shimla has abundant snowfall making it look like a winter paradise at every turn. If you are comfortable with chilly weather, don’t miss this winter paradise at any cost. It is one of the best places to visit in Shimla in December for snow lovers.

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It is a beautiful town in the states of Himachal Pradesh located at 115ms from Shimla. The destination lies at an altitude of 1525 meters from sea level close to the bank of Pabbar River.

Rohru in winter season looks heavenly due to its thick layers of snow all around in the valleys, mountains, trees, village, and in every corner wherever you look around. It offers mind-blowing facilities for winter activities like trekking, trout fishing and skiing in its gorgeous snow valleys.

You cannot get the enough of snow in this destination with its magical beauty especially during the night time under the sky full of stars. Some of its famous attractions are- Hatkeshwar Mata Temple, Pabbar Valley, Hatkoti, Sunpuri Hills, and Dodra and Kwar villages.

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Summer Hill

It is the most stunning destination of Shimla that is situated strategically among the 7 hills. It is situated at an altitude of 1980 meters from sea level and lies at 5 kms from Shimla City center.

The eye feasting beauty of the location is perfect for the nature lovers to spend some quality tie admiring the nature’s blessings and the photographers for some epic shots.

In the winter time, the location’s beauty reaches its heights having the dense forest all around with different types of flora and fauna while the huge Himalayan mountains stand high in the background. The destination gets buried under snow during this time offering panoramic views of the surrounding.

Green Valley

It is another hilly location that comes in the Shimla-Kufri route. The destination is blessed by all kinds of natural beauty having a mesmerizing greenish beauty covered with pine and deodar trees.

Tourist often gets lost in its velvety greenish beauty forgetting about the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is also a major shooting destination for many Bollywood songs due to the eye-arresting scenic beauty.

Though the destination has its beauty at the peaks during the summer season, in winter, also it is equally beautiful with the magnificent views of the snow capped Himalayan ranges in the background. Here you don’t get that much snow, and hence you can stroll in its valleys easily enjoying the rejuvenating ambiance and clicking some candid pictures with the gorgeous background. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Shimla in December for photography lovers.


It is a popular tourist attraction in Shimla situated at 44kms from the main city and 45 kms from Solan valley. It is one such beautiful destination that looks gorgeous at any time of the year. In winter the beauty takes an edge due to the entire hill station getting buried under pristine white snow.

The temperature here in winters is around 1 or 2 degrees, and the weather remain extremely cold and chilly. If you love watching snowfalls, this is an ideal destination having abundant snowfall during the winter season.

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The snow-covered valleys with green vegetation and colorful blooming flowers look out of the world during the winter season from December to February. Tourists can enjoy skiing, trekking and plenty of amazing sight-seeing attractions at this location.

Fagu Valley

It is the biggest winter destination close to Shimla and the starting point of Hindustan Tibet road in Himachal Pradesh. The picturesque town gets wrapped in the thick layers of snow in winter dotted by plenty of villages, fruit gardens, and terraced fields.

The climate here also remains pleasant in Decembers compared to the other locations in Shimla, and hence it is perfect for enjoying the winter holidays. The presence of Fog in the early morning up the mountains in this location creates a very romantic ambiance to loved by the couples.

The snowy valleys accompanied by the white Himalayan ranges in the background make it a breathtaking destination for the trekkers, nature admirers and also for the Honeymoon couples for a lovely holiday. It is a must-visit destination of Shimla in December.

How to Reach Shimla

Being the major tourist destination, Shimla is accessible from all states in India by air, railways and by road. From Chandigarh, it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Shimla while from Delhi it takes 7 to 8 hours.
By Air
If you want to come by air, Chandigarh or Delhi airport is your stop, and from there you can take cab or bus service up to Shimla.

By Rail
If you are planning to come by train, you need to get down at Kalka railway station which is at 90kms from Shimla, or you can also get down at Chandigarh railway station which is at 113kms from Shimla.

By Road
Shimla can be accessed by road from its nearest points like Delhi, Punjab, Jaipur, Haryana, Chandigarh by private car or by HRTC buses.

Weather in Shimla in December

Shimla has very chilly weather in December having temperatures between -2 to 10 degrees. The hill station gets buried under snow during this time with an appealing scenic beauty having all kinds of winter charm for the visitors.

It is essential to carry heavy jackets, thermals, sweaters, shawl, mufflers, woolen caps, scarfs, gloves, boots during this time to protect yourself from the bone-chilling cold weather.

The valleys and mountain areas turn into wonderful playground during this time with lush green vegetation and ample amount of snowfall. If you are comfortable with the extremely cool weather, Shimla is the best destination to visit in December.

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