8 Best Places To Enjoy Shopping in Jaisalmer

8 Best Places To Enjoy Shopping in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer which is a famous tourist attraction in the state of Rajasthan is not just limited to its historical heritage sites and forts but is also a major shopping destination. Experience the joy of shopping in Jaisalmer and explore the markets that are extremely colorful with gorgeous ancient settings featuring exclusive traditional Rajasthani items from the ancient Rajput era that serves as a visual treat for all local and international tourists.

The mirror works, Bandhani prints, wooden carved items, leather products, gorgeous textile materials and dresses along with varieties of artificial jewelry will definitely add beautiful memories of your Jaisalmer trip. So let’s have a glance at the famous shopping destinations in Jaisalmer that are a must visit for every tourist.

Top Places To Enjoy Shopping in Jaisalmer

Here are the 8 best places for shopping in Jaisalmer that are pure love for every tourist.

Best Local Markets for Shopping in Jaisalmer

Manak Chowk

It is a remarkable shopping area in Jaisalmer, perfect for gift products like accessories and other small items. It is a very old market in Jaisalmer belonging to the era of 18th and 19th century. It used to serve a popular business area inhabited by the trades across the world from Egypt, Persia, and Arabia.

The market is situated in the front part of the famous tourist attraction – Jaisalmer Fort. The market serves a visual treat to the visitors due to its medieval settings, spectacular views of Havelis, and other intricate architectural works. Manak Chowk has a huge collection of textile products, handicrafts, traditional jewelry, antique showpieces, craftworks, and many other attractive items.

It consists of a series of shops located one after another displaying irresistible beautiful and vibrant colorful collections ideal for gifting to your family members. It is also an ideal place for international visitors in Jaisalmer to purchase some beautiful traditional Indian items. It is a must visit shopping area in Jaisalmer.

Pansari Bazaar

It is a prime shopping attraction in Jaisalmer and also a very old market in Rajasthan. It is also famous as the Villagers Market and hence you can get to view here exclusive classic collections of the ethnic items in Rajasthan dated back to ancient times as well as the modern ones.

Starting from the stunning Rajasthani textiles, to handicrafts, puppets, bells, handbags, purses, clutch, wall hangings, traditional home décor items to ancient Rajasthani gems you will find it all in Pansari Bazar. You can get some of the gorgeous prints, fabrics, and traditional Rajasthani Art in the products of this market with top-notch quality in vibrant colors.

The ambiance of the market is very lively and cheerful that will energize you to check out the heaps of items and purchase as many as you can. The market reflects the vibrant colors of traditional Rajasthan to its visitors and takes you to the Rajput era with its awe-inspiring collections.

Jaisalmer is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan. Here’s the ultimate list of top 26 places to visit in Jaisalmer.

Sonaron Ka Baas

This is a top-notch shopping destination in Jaisalmer dedicated to the eye ogling traditional jewelry collections starting from gold, silver to the ones made from precious stones. If you are looking for some exclusive gold products from Jaisalmer like bangles, necklaces, rings, or earrings, this is the ideal destination for you.

Not just limited to the expensive collections of precious metal and stones, the market also features a huge variety of junk jewelry at affordable rates which are loved by the tourists from the country and all over the world. You will often find the area crowded by tourists due to these exquisite collections of artificial jewelry that will tempt you to purchase some of them.

The designs are extremely unique and colorful and most importantly in heaps that lets you find anything you desire as per the modern trends and traditions. Sonaron Ka baas in Jaisalmer is dedicated for the women who love jewelry and is definitely a shopping paradise.

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Bhatia Bazaar

It is a very charming shopping destination in Jaisalmer that is widely popular among the tourists. The specialty of the market is it is lined up by the ancient shops on both sides from the Rajput era carrying the same legacy and tradition even in today’s modern times.

The market is famous for selling beautiful Rajasthani traditional wears along with decorative table clothes, mirror work materials, carpets, oil lamps, quality embroidered cotton, and silk cloth materials, designer wooden boxes from the ancient times, antique showpieces, and various other souvenirs and traditional items.

The Bazaar is situated in the main city area of Jaisalmer and hence crowded by tourists most of the time. The markets also consist of traditional jewelry dated back to the Rajput era as well as Rajasthani precious stones. The market experiences most of the tourist crowds during festivals. It is a must visit shopping area in Jaisalmer to know about the ancient Rajasthani culture and traditions.

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Sadar Bazaar

If you want to get the true flavors of Jaisalmer, visit Sadar bazaar and explore its heartwarming traditional collections. The market feature numerous shops and stalls selling vibrant colorful items like Rajasthani Jootis (footwear), rugs, antique pieces, leather accessories, carpets, dress materials, clothing, puppets, painting, shawls, jewelry, gems, wooden decorative items, Rajasthani rajaai (Blankets) and various other beautiful items.

The market looks colorful and you will often spot the shopkeepers wearing traditional Rajasthani outfits which make the destination extremely fascinating pretty much like a Royal market area from the ancient period. The Khadi and Mirrorwork materials are also worth purchasing from this market.

The market is ideal for purchasing gift products for your family and friends. You will love taking a stroll of this colorful market and its collections even if you don’t want to purchase anything. It is the no.1 shopping destination in the city of Jaisalmer and a one-stop solution for all kinds of traditional and modern items.

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Seema Gram

If you are looking for shopping dress materials and traditional clothes for men and women in Jaisalmer, Seema Gram houses the best collection. The market is famous for its Khadi products owned by the government recognized organization in Jaisalmer known as Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan. Not just the Khadi materials, the shawls, mirror work materials, decorative Dupattas, woven garments, fabric dress materials, kurtis, sarees, scarves are equally amazing as well.

The market houses breathtaking collections of Indian dresses along with the western gowns and other fashionable outfits. The endless collections of the market will literally make you crazy to decide what to buy and what not. The stalls and stores in the market have a complete traditional touch rather than the modern ones which make you feel the traditional culture of Jaisalmer.

Apart from the dress materials and garments, the market also consists of gift items, rugs, carpets, and other attractive stuff. It is an excellent shopping destination for purchasing beautiful outfits.

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Popular Emporiums for Shopping in Jaisalmer

National Handloom Emporium

National Handloom Emporium was established in Jaisalmer in 2010 at the Dhibba Para road in Amar Sang Pol. It also has branches in other areas of Rajasthan like Jaipur and Jodhpur. It consists of unlimited collections of traditional Rajasthani products as well as other traditional items from different parts of India like Bangalore, Mysore, Banaras etc.

You can get the best of Rajasthani dress materials, kurtis, Lahariya and Rajwada sarees, lehanga choli, vibrant Bandhani print sarees, Dupattas, and other embroidered items in cotton and silk. You can also get other items like cotton fabric and silk Bedsheets, mirror work materials, Rajasthani Jootis, leather bags, Kundan jewelry, quilts, shoes, and many other big and small items.

The quality of the products are very good here and the vendors are very welcoming showing you the best of their collections. This is a place where you get everything under one roof instead of moving from one stall to another.

Khadi Gramodyog Emporium

Also known as Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan, the destination is famous in Jaisalmer for its exclusive Khadi materials. It is a shopping paradise for the Khadi lovers across the country and world. Starting from the dress materials to accessories, carpets, traditional shawls, woven winter wears to embroidered handbags, Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan has it all.

The organization is a government recognized one in Jaisalmer and among the top shopping destinations of the city. The prices of the products are generally affordable here, so mostly it’s kind of fixed price where you cannot apply your bargaining skills. The market ranks at the top position in embroidered items and even features handcrafted couches.

Jaisalmer also houses few more outlets like Jaisalmer handloom, Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad and Gandhi Darshan Emporium where you can get the best of Khadi items. Even if you don’t want to purchase, you can take a stroll here just to view it’s amazing handcrafted products both in traditional and modern style.

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