12 Best Places To Visit in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a place filled with beautiful mountains and the calming spiritual vibe in the air. Here we have handpicked some of the best places to visit in Dharamshala so that you don’t have to do any research. Dharamshala is home to Dalai Lama and the presence of Dalai Lama and the Tibetan refugees has changed this Town into a remarkable place for not only Indians but also foreigners.

Dharamshala is surrounded by dense green forest making it not only a great hill station but also a green hill station for those who love to explore and travel. You can always visit the place for a heartwarming and soul touching experience. It’s located in Himachal Pradesh near about a distance of 18 km from the city of Kangra. Dharamshala also happens to be the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is turning into an exotic location and is attracting many tourists these days.

Along with the beauty of being a hill station, it is also a religious center. Snowline is most easily visible from Dharamshala. After the tragedy of the landslide hit this place the reconstruction of the city has changed it into a health center. Let’s give you a little insight before you head out to this amazing and mind blowing place. Keep in mind that the city has a lot to offer so don’t limit yourself.

Best Places To Visit in Dharamshala – Give your mind and soul a well deserved spa

Sherbling Monastery

It’s a huge monastery situated in a beautiful and breathtaking location. It is a huge monastery approx. 7KMs off the main highway leading from Baijnath to Mandi. It has massive allied infrastructure in terms of Tibetan Philosophical school / college and other institutes. One should definitely visit the monastery for its enchanting location.

The architecture is adorned with colorful prayer flags. It looks unreal amidst the scenic beauty of mother nature. The paraglider in the air can be viewed from the monastery. It’s really calming to visit the monastery and to simply sit here for some time. It is one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala to enjoy a peaceful and serene environment.

Gyuto Monastery

Another great location in the area. On a clear day, one can easily view the mountains in the backdrop. You will feel uplifted here. It’s a spa for your soul and unlike the costly ones, this one is absolutely free of cost. This is a place you simply cannot miss, and not only because of its religious significance but also because of the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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Triund Hill

Dharamshala is more than just a religious hub. This is a delight for all those people who are in love with trekking. it would take all of your energy to reach the top but once at the top- the view is worth every pain. It’s a fairly long way and various places are available if you wish to camp overnight. This is a delight for all the adventure seekers.

It’s nothing too risky but the efforts you put in will be worth all of it. Triund hill is one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala for all adventure lovers.

Namgyal Monastery

Unlike the other ones, this one has a rich history attached to it. The foundation was laid down by the 2nd Dalai Lama around the 16th century. Monks work towards the well being of Tibet and this is also an educational centre for most of them.

There are more than 200 Monks in this Monastery. It offers knowledge and culture. I would highly recommend to add this place in your list of best places to visit in Dharamshala.

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War Memorial

This Memorial was constructed to honor the soldiers who have selflessly laid down their lives for the country. Surrounded by lush green trees and a beautiful location one must visit this place. Not only for its location and the beauty but also to pay respect to those who have very rightfully earned that respect.

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Toy Train

The best train experience you can possibly imagine. The train takes around about 6 to 7 hours from Dharamshala to Kangra and the backdrop and the atmosphere just makes it seem less. You will see a spectacular view during the whole ride and it is one of the best ways to explore the beauty and grandeur of these mountains.

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Guna Devi Temple

Save this one for the days you feel tired. It takes a pleasant walk and a fairly easy kind of trekking to reach the temple. It is absolutely marvelous during the winters. Visit this one on a day you feel like you want to clear your head. The walk will surely do that for you.

Nechung Monastery

The Monastery provides a beautiful view of the Dhauladhar ranges, these ranges are snow covered in the winters which makes it a perfect time to visit. The Monastery has exceptionally beautiful painted walls. It’s generally not crowded and provides that perfect escape from the city buzz.

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Raj Yoga Classes

The atmosphere will motivate you towards a healthy lifestyle and Raj Yoga Classes provide you with the push to start your journey towards betterment. They offer various timings and batches of classes. Known as one of the finest Yoga Gurus, Raj is one of the best in the country.

Head out to the classes and experience the positivity and the calm that your body begins to exude. The accommodations and the food is also provided.

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Bhagsunath Temple

The temple is surrounded by beautiful pools and lush greenery, the Bhagsunath Temple is a great shrine and has a lot of importance as per the Hindu mythology. The temple is one of the oldest ancient temples. The regal temple was built by King Bhagsu in the dedication of Lord Shiva and the deity Bhagsu Nag.

The temple has attracted many devotees and tourists throughout the years who have experienced peace in the midst of nature’s beauty. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala for people with religious inclination.

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Gu Chu Sum Movement Museum

The place shows all the hardships that the Tibetan faced while fleeing from their country. It touches and breaks your heart at the same time. It’s real and raw. You learn a lot about their culture and various other stories. The place not only broadens your horizon but it also makes your heart ache in a way that the experience will stay with you for a long time after you leave.

Dal Lake

What’s better than lush green mountains? A lake among them. Dal lake is a beautiful shimmering place that looks grand and beautiful. It’s surrounded by Mother Nature. It is a perfect blend of calm and peace. It’s huge as it is spread across 1 km. Surrounded by deodar and juniper forests this makes for a perfect picnic. So pack some lunch and some sheets and just relax while Nature works its magic on you.

So come aboard to a place that is straight out of those tales your grandma told you. It’s where the happy endings would be and where all the glorious battles were fought, it’s where the good won over the evil. Dharamshala is beautiful yet humble, it’s grand yet subtle, it’s calm yet exciting, it can be everything yet nothing but a feeling. Dharamshala is more than a place or an experience, it’s a feeling.

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A feeling of belonging, peace, and calm. Dharamshala takes pride in its culture and heritage and boasts about it beautifully and deservingly. The locals have an infectious energy and a positive attitude as well. They welcome you with smiles and those smiles will make your day. You can visit this place over and over again and yet come back craving for more.

Hope you liked this article on best places to visit in Dharamshala. Do share your views with us in the comments section below.