7 Most Popular Temples in Manali

7 Most Popular Temples in Manali

Nestled on the banks of Beas River, Manali is undeniably the favourite summer destination in North India. Although Himachal Pradesh is the land of scintillating hill towns but Shimla and Manali are the most sought-after destinations that travellers love to add to their summer retreat to the Himalayan Ranges. Read on to know about the most visited temples in Manali.

Famous Temples to Visit in Manali

Manali is one of the premium places in India as well as in the world to plan a backpacking adventure trip or to cherish a romantic getaway amidst spectacular mountainous terrain.

But this place is also known for its ancient temples that weave the history and mythology together. It doesn’t matter what your purpose of visiting Manali in Himachal Pradesh is, you must plan your trip wisely to accommodate at least a few temple visits in Manali.

Here is a list of the most popular temples in Manali

Hadimba Temple

When one thinks of Manali, there is no mistake of mentioning this ancient temple. This is surely the most celebrated temples in Manali. Hadimba Temple, locally famous as the Dhungiri Temple, stands by thick deodar forest which is very uncommon for otherwise touristy Manali.

This temple holds a special religious significance for the locals and also for the tourists. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Nature, Hadimba who was also the wife of Bheem of Mahabharat fame.

This four-storeyed temple was built by Maharaja Bahadur Sing in the year 1553, and there is doubt that the old structure still stands strong against the tests of time.

Hadimba Temple is known for its intriguing architecture and fascinating exterior. You will find several sacrificial remains of animals hanging on the exterior walls of the temple, as animal sacrifice is strongly practised here.

Gauri Shankar Temple

Dedicated to worship Lord Shiva, Gauri Shankar Temple is located at the peaceful Naggar village in Manali. This temple is very small in size but what fascinates visitors is its structure. The temple is carved out of stones in the shape of a Shikara.

The main structure features a dome-shaped tip along with a square base at the bottom. Meticulously planned interior and exterior designs of the temple draws a hoard of history buffs, architecture enthusiasts and heritage lovers.

The temple is believed to be constructed during the 12th Century, and it was probably the last monument depicting the Gurjara-Pratihara traditions. Gauri Shankar Temple has now been announced as a protected heritage site and being maintained nicely to keep it in good shape.

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Jamula Temple

If you are looking for exploring more and more ancient temples in and around Manali, then head for Jamula Temple. Sitting at the quaint village of Malana, Jamula Temple is about 25 kilometres away from Kasol.

This temple is considered as a very sacred place of worship by the local Gaddi tribes. Jamula Temple is located in the uphill of the Parvati Valley. The backdrop of the temple offers a stunning view to cherish.

There are several strange rules and regulations applicable to visitors for entering the temple. You must know them first so that you don’t offend local people with respect to their religious belief. Trekking is the best options to reach here.

Siyali Temple

Manali is the land of stunning ancient temples, and literally, there is no dearth of them if you take a look around this Himalayan hill-town.

Siyali Temple, also known as Siyali Mahadev Temple, is one of the oldest and fascinating temples in Manali. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is particularly known for its architectural beauty.

Sitting against the picturesque landscape of Manali, Siyali Temple draws devotees in great numbers as they come here to offer their prayers for Lord Shiva.

The holy site flaunts a rich brown wooden structure which makes the temple stand out from other temples in Manali.

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Ghatotkach Temple

Located at very close proximity to Hadimba Temple, Ghatotkach Temple is another must-visit place in Manali town. This is a very old temple dedicated to Gatotkach.

As per mythology, Ghatotkach was a mighty warrior born out of the union of Hadimba and Bheem. This temple can be found at Dhungari village near Manali. This temple is nothing like any other ancient temples from the nearby area.

Piled up weapons of war underneath an old Deodar tree tells the tales of brave Ghatotkach. Ghatotkach Temple is a stone’s throw from his mother’s place, the Hadimba Temple. Both the temples are shrouded under dense forest.

Manu Temple

This is another ravishing pagoda-styled temple that you can spot in Manali. This beautiful temple is dedicated to Sage Manu and sits quietly in the lap of Beas River Valley.

This temple is perfect for people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment and eternal peace of the Almighty as the pristine surrounding of the temple offers nothing but solitude at its best. Journey to this beautiful temple is itself very rewarding.

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Vashisht Temple

Located at a small village which is about 3 Km far from Manali, Vashisht Temple is a beautiful place to experience divinity during your Manali vacation.

This place is popular for the sulphurous hot springs, and the temple stands just next to those springs. These hot springs are known for their remedial aspects, particularly to cure skin diseases.

What is the right time to visit Manali?

Though there is no doubt that the captivating beauty of Manali hill station can be enjoyed all year round but if your focus is more into visiting temples situated in its lush-green valleys then summer season is considered to be the best time for you to visit this ethereal destination.

In Manali, the season of summer starts in the month of March, and it lasts till June. With the temperature ranging between 10 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius; the weather stays clear, comfortable and soothing in this region.

What to pack for the Manali trip?

If you are planning a trip to Manali then here is one complete list of things that you need to carry with you.

  • Printout of the itinerary, travel guide, travel ticket and travel map
  • ID Proofs or Identity documents
  • Copies of Photo IDs
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Personal Medication
  • First-aid Box including Pain Relief Spray, Antiseptic cream or solution and Band-Aid
  • Mobile Charger / Power banks
  • Woollen Clothing including woollen socks, gloves and hats
  • Good rubber-soled shoes or Trekking Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Pen and a pocket diary
  • Torchlight or Flashlight
  • Match Boxes or Lighter
  • Toiletries Kit
  • Sunscreen lotion or Moisturizing Cream
  • Small Scissor or Swiss Knife
  • Bag or luggage locks
  • Camera Kit
  • Small Backpack or Carry Bag

Is there any dress code for temples in Manali?

There is no dress code for tourists in most of the temples in Manali. But while visiting one, it is best to wear decent clothes. You can wear anything from light cotton clothing to heavy woollen sweater or jacket.

However, wearing shoes in the main temple premises is not allowed. So, if you are visiting the main temple area, then make sure to bring and wear thick cotton or woollen type shocks while visiting.

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