14 Fun Places To Visit in Delhi With Family & Kids

Here is a list of all the fun places to visit in Delhi with Family and kids. The city of Delhi is not just for the young crowds but caters to the requirement of citizens and visitors from all age groups. Family tours or taking your kid to their favorite destination is something beyond a joyful experience.

If you are staying with your family in and around Delhi, the city offers an array of attractions to have family fun all together and multiple destinations where the tiny members of the family can have their own time.

Crazy and Fun Places To Visit in Delhi with Family & Kids

The following list gives you a tour of the amazing destinations in Delhi to visit with your family and kids that are wonderful to visit during your kid’s summer vacations or during weekends.

Here is the list of 14 amazing places to visit in Delhi with family and kids!

Appu Ghar

It is a famous amusement park located at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, the park covers a total area of 1.5 acres land. It is a great place to enjoy in Delhi with family and kids and is also popular by the name of mini Disneyland.

Some of the ultimate fun rides to enjoy here are- Big Splash, Gant Wheel, Erie Tunnel, Roller coaster, Columbus, Cable car, speeding cup, Flying saucer and many more.

The water park area of Oyster spreads over an area of 3.5 acres housing different kinds of beach themed pools, rain dance and crazy water slide both for kids and adults to have a gala time with your family.

Some of its special attractions in winter are – Ice games, skiing, sledding, ice bowling, and ice dance.

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Worlds of Wonder

It is a renowned amusement park in Delhi located at sector 38A, Noida. The park covers an area of 147.48 acres land having plenty of amazing attraction both for dry and Water Park area.

It features 20+ TUV Nord certified rides and attractions for adults and special protection rides or the kids. The amusement park has two zones- Roadshow and La Fiesta.

The water park area houses wave pools, swimming area, rain dance, waterfall, and 26 water slides with world-class facilities.

Some of the famous rides here are- Mega Disko, feedback, fast Forward ride, Big Beat, Rocking Roller, Mad Bull, Hippti Hop(for kids), Loco-Motion(Kinds and adults), Samba Rhumba(kids), Bird’s Nest(kids), Dizzy Dina (Kids), Shanghai Swinger and many more.

It also provides a wonderful family boating opportunity at Lake Wow and Fishing opportunities at Fish-A-Swan.

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National Bal Bhawan

It is a renowned autonomous institute in Delhi and a public spot that was established by Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1956. The institute aim in holding up the creativity and talent children from all age groups by engaging them in different activities.

It is a perfect place for your kid’s mental growth and fun. Not only kids development, but the institute is also responsible for creating scientists, engineers, leaders and many influential personalities of the society.

It houses different rides, toys, dolls, mini zoo for the kids, and the famous National Children Museum depicting India’s traditions, culture, history, and arts strategically to the kids to help increase their intelligence level and develop better ideas.

Not just for the kids, the museum is also good for the parents or people visiting together with families.

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Rail Museum

Located at Chanakyapuri in Delhi, this museum depicts the history of rail in India. It covers an area of 10acres and got opened for the public access in 1st February 1977.

The museum features an exclusive collection of more than 100 exhibits of Indian Railways, signal equipment, work equipment, photographs, antique furniture and many more.

It also features the Prince of Wales Saloon that was established in 1975 and Maharaja Mysore’s Saloon that was established in 1899.

Some of the main exhibits of this museum include- Patiala State Monorail Trainways, Fairy Queen which is the oldest steam locomotive in the world, Morris Fire Engine, Electric Locomotive 4502, Electric Locomotive Sir Roger Lumley, Crane Tank, MG Diesel SR 203, etc.

Visit this amazing place with your family to have a glance at the past history.

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Kingdom Of Dreams

This is indeed a dream kingdom located at Sector 29 in Gurgaon, New Delhi. The sight of this beautiful dazzling kingdom will transport you into a world of entertainment, drama, and fun.

It presents you a unique blend of India’s art, culture, traditions, lifestyle, cuisines from different parts of the country as well as hosts various cultural programs, mythological shows, dance shows, carnivals, and live theatres.

It comprises of different sections- The ‘Nautanki Mahal’ dipped in the flavors of Bollywood style dance, music and theatre; and The ‘Culture Gully’ featuring a colorful representation of vivid Indian cultures, architectures, crafts, traditions, street performers, Live Artisans, Folk Dancers, Shopping zones and many more.

It is a wonderful dreamy destination to have unlimited fun with your family and kids.

Nehru Planetarium

It is a major tourist attraction in Delhi located at Teen Murti House which used to be the residence of Jawahar Lal Nehru. The planetarium is named after him. It features a dome-shaped sky theatre displaying scientific shows related to constellations, planets, and celestial bodies.

The shows are highly fascinating to watch several solar objects and movements in the dome-shaped roof housing relaxing chairs in a large AC hall.

Both adults and kids will enjoy it as they include interesting visuals like computer animations or cartoons along with special visual and sound effects to make things more interesting.

It even arranges telescopes, solar filter, projection boxes for the visitors during the solar eclipse for a top class view. It is a must-visit destination to visit in Delhi with family and kids.

Old Fort

Popularly known in the name of ‘Purana Qila’, this fort is a famous heritage site at Mathura Road in Delhi filled with history, adventure and thrill. The fort stands on the ancient site of Indraprastha which was founded by Pandavas during the era of Mahabharata and is also known to be the first city in Delhi.

It features the ruins of the captivating fort that was constructed by Mughal Emperor- Humayun. The fort was constructed in the period of 1538 to 1545.

The fort feature three gateways – The talaqui Darwaza (northern gate and the forbidden one) having Islamic arches and Hindu Chhatris; the Bara Darwaza( Main gate in the west) and Humayun’s gate(Southern Gate).

The gates follow gorgeous sandstone architecture with semi-circular bastion towers, and hanging balconies. Visit this site with your family any day and explore the ancient Mughal history.

Adventure Island Delhi

This is a pure entertainment zone for all age groups whether kids/adults or families. It is located at Sector-10, Rohini in New Delhi.

The island is basically an amusement park divided into different sections like – Metro Walk that houses shopping destinations, branded showrooms, apparels, eateries, restaurants and the other attractions of a cosmopolitan city; The amusement Park that houses the fun, thrilling adventure rides and water park area with water slides; and The Lagoon which is a beautiful artificial lake in the same premises.

It features various spine thrilling adults rides and separate rides for kids and family like- Piloting wings, Ringa Ringa thing, Rock on the Ocean waves, Train ride, Fire Brigade, Bush buggies scenic ride, Splash Drunk, etc. It is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family.

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Splash Water Park

It is a renowned water park in North Delhi perfect for beating the Delhi summers. The park covers a total area of 5 acres housing plenty of fun water slides for kids and small children, kid’s pool and adventure rides for adults with multiple swimming and wave pools.

The water park is divided into water rides and amusement rides. The water ride section houses fun attractions like Buddha waterfall, Mushroom waterfall, Multilane slides, Hari Kara slides, Pendulum slides, Rain dances, and many more attractions.

The amusement park section features rides like Striking Car, Carrousel, Mini Columbus, Cup and Soccer, Break Dance and many more fun rides. Apart from the rides, the park also houses several eateries and restaurant serving delicious cuisines.

If you are looking for a fun place to visit in Delhi with family and kids, visit Splash.

Lodhi Garden

It is a popular tourist attraction and heritage site in Delhi on the Lodhi road. The garden sprawls across an area of 90 acres housing Mohammad Shah’s tomb, Sikandar Lodi’s tomb, 15th-century architectural structures built by the Lodis, Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad.

The garden initially was created by the Lodis during 15th and 16th century which later got renovated by Garnett Eckbo and JA Stein in 1968. The Bara Gumbad and Shisha Gumbad are the main attractions here that feature an architectural blend of Sayyidis and Lodi style.

The ambiance of this manicured garden is extremely historical and you will have a great time with your family strolling through the lush greeneries and exploring the ancient historical structures.

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Fun n Food Village

Located at Old Delhi Gurgaon road, the Fun n Food village waterpark boasts of having the largest collection of water slides in India and plenty of attraction for the toddlers and kids.

It houses more than 21 amusement rides, beautifully manicured gardens, and multiple eateries and restaurants. Small kids from 1 to 5 years can have an amazing time at the Kiddie pools housing slides, mushroom showers, water guns, etc.

Adults can opt for the thrilling water slides like- Tornado, Speed coaster, Aqua Shute, Twister, Multi Racer, and many more.

Families can have a great time riding together the Family slide, dancing under the rain showers, Animal showers, Rainbow shower and the major wave pool which is for all age groups. For your hunger cravings, visit the eateries and restaurants for delicious snacks and cuisines.

Dolls Museum

Also known by the name of Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, the museum is perfect for the kids to have fun. The museum is located at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. It is also one of the popular tourist attractions in Delhi.

The idea of constructing the museum was of Shankar Pillai who is a famous cartoonist. The museum sprawls over an area of 5000 sq.ft and houses around 6500 dolls from around the world and 500 among them are from the different states of India.

Each of the dolls is dressed from where they belong and the experience is very joyful and fascinating for the kids. Even the parents will love this beautiful museum because of the doll art and creativity from countries all over the world like – Europe, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and so on. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family and kids.

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Dilli Haat

It is the most visited open food and craft bazaar in South Delhi. The market has a village theme, therefore, it is known in the name of Dilli Haat.

It covers an overall area of 6 acres of land housing thatched roof cottages and kiosks as market stalls selling different artistic items.

It is a very happening destination in Delhi to spend some time shopping with family, friends or just exploring the exquisite collection of handcrafted items from across the world.

It speaks of ethnicity and is featured among the topmost tourist attractions in Delhi. The beautiful market is a hub of reflecting Delhi’s culture, lifestyle, food and also hosts different festivals.

The entire ambiance is very colorful and lively to cherish for and satisfy your unlimited hunger cravings.

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Children’s Park

Located at the premises of India Gate in Delhi, Children’s park is a perfect destination for your kid to have childhood fun.

It is a beautiful expansive garden area attraction for the kids like different kinds of swings, play area, climbing games, Seasaws, Rockers, wheels, Slide chambers, Bridge climb, Tyre swings and many more.

The ambiance of the park is extremely refreshing and pollution free for the kids to have their best time. It also houses shops selling stuff for kids as well as hawkers selling ice creams and balloons which are loved by the kids more than anything.

If you have any small kid in your family, head on to this park to give them maximum enjoyment. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family.

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