10 Best Places To Visit Near Jaipur for a Royal Holiday

10 Best Places To Visit Near Jaipur for a Royal Holiday

If Rajasthan is the paradise of awe-inspiring travel destinations, then Jaipur is undoubtedly the brightest gem in its crown. The city of Jaipur is known for its endless tourist attractions. When you are in this city, there is nothing wrong to hope for a fantastic experience more than you can expect. Read on to know about the best places to visit near Jaipur.

Best Places To Visit Near Jaipur

During your Jaipur trip, if you are ready to go beyond the city limit, then you have marvellous opportunity to explore some amazing places. In order to make your travelling smooth and rewarding, I am listing just 10 of such places.

Here is a list of the popular places to visit near Jaipur


Your excursion to explore the nearby tourist attractions in Jaipur should start with Tonk. This small but exciting city is just 90 km from Jaipur. This place features a hoard of old Havelis and uniquely designed mosques. Tonk is an unmatched travel destination for its captivating Mughal architecture.

Cross-cultural heritage and history of the place will surely make your Tonk trip more fascinating and worthy. The landmarks you can’t skip during your Tonk visit are Golden Mansion, the Arabian and Persian Research Institute and Jama Masjid.


Sariska is another popular tourist destination that you can cover from Jaipur. This place is just 133 km far from Jaipur and can be reached in 3-4 hours by road. What makes Sariska a tourist hotspot is surely the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

Located in the stretches of Aravalli Hills, this sanctuary spreads across an area of 800 Sq. Kms. This dry deciduous forest incorporates the famous Sariska Tiger Reserve.

Presence of Royal Bengal Tigers makes this place a must-visit destination from Jaipur. Nilkanth Temple is a wonderful architectural marvel that you can spot in Sariska.

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Guarded by the undulating hills of Aravalli Ranges, Alwar is one of the fascinating cities to explore near Jaipur. Located at a distance of 138 km from Jaipur, Alwar is a charming amalgamation of enriched culture and ancient heritage.

In every sense, this city represents the true essence of Rajasthan. When you land here, the city is all set to amaze you with its stunning forts, Havelis, natural landscape and of course the Tiger Reserve.

Prominent landmarks that you must visit in Alwar include Bhangarh Fort, City Palace, Bala Quila Fort and Siliserh Lake Palace.


Ajmer is the most celebrated religious spot in Rajasthan which invites both the Hindu and Muslim devotees. This place is about 153 Kms away from Jaipur. Sitting against the stunning backdrop of Aravalli Ranges, Ajmer is particularly known for the Dargah Sharif of Saint Moinuddin Chishti.

Th e architectures of this city is evidently a mixture of both Mughal and Rajput styles. If you can make it, then visit Ajmer during the death anniversary of Saint Moinuddin Chishti to experience the “Unity in Diversity”. Akbar’s Palace, Nasiyan Temple, Clock Tower and Nareli Jain Temple are some of the popular tourist spots from Ajmer.

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If you can stretch up to another 161 Kms from Jaipur, you can reach Pushkar. This is another famous tourist hub in Rajasthan with great religious significance. Pushkar is the only place in the country where Brahma Temple can be found.

Apart from this temple, this city also houses a host of ancient temples like Varah Temple, Apteshwar Temple, Saraswati Temples and many more known for their architecture, myth and heritage.

Religious scene in Pushkar will simply make you spiritual particularly during the Aarti times and holy ritual practices. To witness something extraordinary, you must visit this city during the Pushkar Camel fair in November.

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When you are dying to witness those spectacular archways, impressive fortresses and splendid Havelis in Rajasthan, you shouldn’t really miss Mandawa. This small town is located at a distance of 168 Kms from Jaipur.

Mandawa is often described as an Open Art Gallery because of its beautifully painted streets and mesmerizing ancient architecture. Royal feel of Mandawa will lure your senses for sure.

This is the perfect place to experience the grandeur of Indian craftsmanship, art works and handicrafts. Mandawa has so many things to offer, particularly when you are an ardent fan of history and culture.


Chittorgarh, often called as the “City of Pride and Honour”, is about 305 km far from Jaipur. This is the city that once witnessed the golden ages of Mewar dynasty. Chittorgarh is the land of stunning citadels, forts, fascinating historical ruins and of course the undying tales of heroism and supreme sacrifice.

The most prominent landmark of the city is the Chittorgarh Fort which is nestled atop a hill encompassing a massive area of 700 acres. This spectacular fort still whispers the story of Jauhar performed by Rani Padmini and supreme devotion of Meera Bai to Lord Krishna.

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Positioned at the foothills of Aravalli Ranges, Kumbhalgarh is another marvellous city that you can access from Jaipur. You have to travel approximately 345 km by road to reach Kumbhalgarh from Jaipur. If anything makes Kumbhalgarh to stand out from the crowd is certainly its gigantic serpent-like ancient fortress.

Kumbhalgarh Fort is truly a treat to your eyes because of its sheer size and unmatched architecture. Apart from this fort, this place also offers a series of royal and ancient monuments along with vibrant and quintessential Chhattris of Kumbhalgarh.

For an enticing wildlife experience; don’t forget to book a Lion Safari at Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Nawalgarh is a fascinating tourist destination in Rajasthan. The distance of this small town from Jaipur is about 141 km by road. Nawalgarh is an intoxicating combination of mind-blowing architectural wonders.

This place is also known as “The Land of Havelis”. Nawalgarh is known to the world for its unique and classic frescoes work. This intricate artwork was basically put into practice by Marwaris, who used to visit this city for business.

Many of them decided to settle down here and showcased their wealth by erecting those stunning Havelis with frescoes work. Laxmangarh Fort and Ratangarh Fort are few of the must-visit spots from Nawalgarh.


It is will not be wrong to describe Bikaner a the “Desert City of Rajasthan”. 335 km away from Jaipur, this city is positioned right at the heart of Thar Desert.

Bikaner is surely a cultural heaven for travellers who wish to explore the breath-taking architecture and marvellous cultural heritage of India. Bikaner speaks of the gleaming bygone eras of the Rajput dynasty.

Desert Safari and Sand Dune Rides are undoubtedly the most treasured activity to try in Bikaner. This city also features beautiful paintings and handcrafts products to buy. It is definitely one of the best places to visit near Jaipur.

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Where can you go from Jaipur?

The strategic location of Jaipur allows you to access a number of other famous tourist destinations of India.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, you can visit Delhi, Agra, Udaipur, Neemrana, Mathura, Gwalior and Jodhpur from the “Pink City”. In fact, you can make a long list of places to go from Jaipur.

Which city is nearest to Jaipur?

Nearest prominent city from Jaipur is Alwar. This is just 105 km far which means you can access Alwar by road in only 2 hours.

Other cities that you can access from Jaipur are Ajmer, Kota, Bharatpur etc. Delhi, the National Capital, is approximately 273 km away from the city of Jaipur.

What is Jaipur famous for shopping?

When it comes to shopping, Jaipur will never disappoint you. Buzzing marketplaces of the city offer thousands of products to purchase at a reasonable price.

Jaipur is particularly famous for Lehariya Saree, Gemstone jewellery, Meenakari items, Bandhej textile, Blue Pottery, embroidered bed sheets, Jaipuri Handbags and many more.

Is it safe to walk around in Jaipur?

Jaipur is pretty safe to travel and walk around in the city. Local people are very humble and friendly. Whenever you need any help, they are ready to assist you. Jaipur is also safe for solo woman travellers. We will though recommend you not to venture out alone at odd hours of the night.

Hope you liked this article on best places to visit near Jaipur. Do share your views with me in the comments section below. If this article was helpful, do share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It would mean a lot to me.

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