7 Best Street Foods in Munnar That Are A Must-Try

A trip to the beautiful city of Munnar would be incomplete without trying it’s delicious street foods. Munnar is Kerala’s most beautiful hill station situated in the Idduki district. The destination has got a breathtaking natural beauty and is famous across the world for its variety of wildlife and romantic ambiance. It is also famous as the Kashmir of Southern India.

Apart from being an adventure hub and nature’s retreat, it is famous for its mouth-watering street foods which if you don’t try, your Munnar trip is of no value. The unique Keralian Cuisines which you will get here with the best quality and taste is hard to find anywhere else in India and in the world.

So let’s have a look at the famous street food cuisines of Munnar and also where you can get them in top-class taste and quality.

Most Popular Street Foods in Munnar

Appam with Stew- Saravana Bhawan

Appam with Stew is the famous breakfast dish in Munnar. Appam is referred to a puffed rice pancake that is prepared by fermenting rice batter and coconut milk. Stew refers to the delicious gravy prepared with solid ingredients like vegetable or meat.

In Munnar, if you want to taste the best quality of this mouth-watering dish, visit Saravana Bhawan. It falls among the largest vegetarian restaurant chain across the world and is the best one in Munnar for South Indian veggie delights. The restaurant started back in 1981 and has 47 outlets abroad, 33 outlets in India, and 20+ outlets in Chennai.

The soft and thick center of its deliciously made Appam rice pancakes is going to give you an amazing food pleasure while the southern style vegetarian stew will arouse your taste buds being the perfect combination ever. The restaurant is a must visit destination while staying in Munnar.

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Puttu And Kadala Curry – Rapsy Restaurant

This is another famous delicious item for breakfast in Munnar and throughout Kerala. Puttu refers to the steamed rice cake that is layered and cooked with coconut and given a cylindrical shape.

Kadala curry, on the other hand, refers to the spicy aromatic Kerala style curry prepared from black chickpeas. In Munnar, you get the Puttu and Kadala in many eateries but what tops among them is the Rapsy restaurant.

It is a famous non-vegetarian restaurant in Kerala that is widely known for its Biryani, Paratha, fish curries, dosas, idlis, appams and most importantly Puttu and Kadala curry. The soft cylindrical coconut layered rice cake when dipped in the spicy gravy of Kadala curry tastes extremely delicious and will make you crave for more.

The restaurant is situated in the Main Bazaar area of Munnar and is the most crowded destination during lunchtime for its lip-smacking delicacies.

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Idiyappam with Egg Curry- Stalls at the Post Office Road

This is a very tasty and unique delicacy in Munnar and a must try for all national and international visitors. The Idiyappam is basically a rice noodle that has the rice flour compressed into the noodle-like structure and then it is steamed with salt and water to prepare the tasty rice noodle.

It is accompanied by spicy Egg or chicken curry to give the cuisine a finger licking taste. The dish when served in banana leaf looks absolutely mouthwatering and you can’t resist yourself for putting it into your mouth.

In Munnar, make a point to try this amazing dish at the eateries in Post office road. There are various food stalls in that location serving Keralian delicacies go there and order for Idiyappam with Egg curry. You are guaranteed to have one of the best food experiences in a lifetime.

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Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu aka Spicy Chicken Fry- Guru’s Restaurant

This is a Kerala style chicken fry cuisine that has got a complete crispy texture on the outside while the inside part is completely soft and juicy. The fried chicken of this dish is flavored with plenty of spicy ingredients like onion, chili, garlic, vinegar that literally takes your taste buds in heavenly food paradise.

You get to taste this item at its best in Guru’s Restaurant in Munnar. Nestled amidst the misty hills of Munnar, the Guru’s restaurant serves as a glamorous eatery to hang out with your dear ones.

The progress it has made for its period of establishment till now is highly remarkable and undoubtedly it is one of the best kinds of top-class restaurants you can find in a hill station in terms of food quality and hygiene. It is a must visit eatery in Munnar.

Kerala Prawn Curry- Mayabazar, Munnar

This is a very popular household item in Kerala and also in Munnar. It is a very delicious seasonal food in Kerala. Its creamy tamarind texture is due to the presence of coconut milk.

The prawns here are marinated in ginger paste having bird’s eye chillies, shallots, curry leaves, and coconut oil. Then it is cooked with a paste of grated coconut along with different kinds of spices and coconut milk in addition and to give the dish a creamy delicious texture with the prawns dipped in it.

You can taste the most delicious Kerala Prawn curry at Mayabazar area in Munnar. The area consists of several eateries, multicuisine restaurants and each of them tops in the Kerala prawn curry preparation.

It is an excellent item to try with rice for lunch. Munnar undoubtedly has some of the best prawn curries in Kerala in Mayabazar area.

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Ari Pathiri and Chicken Curry- Rochas Restaurant

This is a mouth-watering dish of Kerala and tastes heavenly with chicken curry. Ari Pathari is a Roti or flatbread prepared from rice flour. The dish is very popular among the Kerala Muslims.

It has a flat thin round texture and very soft to chew. When this thin soft roti is dipped into the spicy chicken curry the taste is magical and irresistible to make you crave for more.

In Munnar, you have the pleasure to taste the most delicious Ari Pathari with chicken curry at Rocha’s restaurant. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant having modernized interior decor with very comfortable seating accommodation.

The restaurant tops in Malabar cuisines especially Ari Pathari with chicken curry, Tandoori chicken items and also serves delicious Chinese food. Make a point to visit this grand restaurant for tasting Ari Pathari and the best of Malabar cuisine at affordable prices.

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Kerala style Fish- Guru’s Restaurant

All the fish lovers out there, don’t miss this lips-smacking delicacy. It is a traditional cuisine of Kerala that can be prepared with and without coconut milk. The dish has got a very high nutritional value in terms of fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Guru restaurant which is famous for Kerala style spicy chicken fry in Munnar also has this Kerala style fish curry in its signature dishes. The dish has got a unique blend of the coconut and kovum flavors which together creates a unique food taste and must be tried by all non-vegetarian people.

The Guru’s multi-cuisine restaurant gives you an amazing opportunity in Munnar to taste this delicious Kerala fish item which you rarely find elsewhere in India with the same taste and quality. Don’t miss this fish curry at any cost while you visit Guru’s restaurant.

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