13 Adventure Sports in Manali That You Must Try

13 Adventure Sports in Manali That You Must Try

If you are in Manali and you are not trying adventure sports, you are at a loss. Manali is the hub of adventure sports at the Himalayas, and if you know the list, you will be spoilt for choices. Read on to know about the most popular adventure sports in Manali.

Best Adventure Sports in Manali

While some of the sports are for the adventurous breed, some can be taken by the most sceptic and cautious of minds. Just read through and you will get a fair idea about what to expect from the adventurous side of Manali.

Here is a list of the most popular adventure sports in Manali

River Rafting – Fight The Gushing Waters

Starting at Rs. 2500 per couple, this sport is going to give a supreme level of an adrenalin high that you will remember for the rest of your life. You can try river rafting at River Beas and Tattapani.

If you are solo, this will cost you Rs. 1300 onwards and you and always take a camp with rafting package which has a dual benefit.

There are short rafting trips ranging from 7 to 14 km, and according to the current flow they are graded as 1, 2, 3 and 4. The best time for rafting is from April to June and October to March.

Paragliding – Bird’s Eye View

Have you ever imagined what it would feel to look at the earth beneath from the top while being free in nature? You have done paragliding before or not, Paragliding in Manali is going to be a different experience altogether.

You can do paragliding at the Solang Valley and the Parvati Valley, and it is almost 2000 metre up from the ground level where you start.

The wind conditions are generally favourable, but the best time to do paragliding is April to June. The charges start at Rs. 600 per person and can range up to Rs. 2000.

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Skiing- Play Around the Snow

Thanks to the snowy Himalayas, Manali is the best place for skiing expedition that starts from Rs. 650. The best time to ski is December and January, but the ski continues till the beginning of April depending on the snowfall.

This is going to be an experience of the lifetime, but you need to make sure, you are in good health for the activity as altitude can be a problem.

Make sure to go for a health check-up and also take medicines for cold and flu along with you. Several layers of clothing may be required too. It is one of the most popular adventure sports in Manali that people try.

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Hiking – Stroll Amidst Nature

There are several hiking trips waiting for you to explore in Manali, difficulty level ranging from easy to moderate.

Some of the routs are Manali – Chandertal – Deo Tibba Base – Manali, Pin Parvati Pass, Manali – Beas Kund – Solang Nallah – Manali, Great Himalayan national park, Manali – Naggar – Malana – Manikaran – Manali and Manali – Batal – Chandertal Lake – Baralacha La – Manali.

Hiking provides you with an opportunity to experience nature up, close and personal, which is going to be such an enchanting experience of a lifetime.

The hiking trip generally starts at Rs. 5000 per couple. Be ready for obstacles on the way and carry layers of clothes.

Mountain Biking – Embrace The Adrenaline Rush

If you want to pump some adrenalin in your body, you can try the mountain Biking adventure sport specially available in the route of Manali – Rohtang Pass – Baralacha La Pass – Lachalangla Pass – Tanglang la – Khardung la – Manali.

This, however, requires some biking skills, and this is not for someone who has not done biking ever. You will be climbing uphill and then downhill of Manali and trust me on this; it is something that you would regret missing.

If you are biking for the full path, the cost will start at Rs. 6000 each, but for shorter trips, the cost will certainly go down.

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Mountaineering – Go Beyond Your Comfort

For mountaineering, you need to have a fit and flexible body because the difficulty level is quite high there. From rock climbing to altitude climbing, the difficulty level is moderate to high.

Basic training is given before you can go for the adventure. You will be given some mountaineering equipment which you can use during the course of action.

Mountaineering in Manali can be done in Beas Kund, Manali Peak, Hanuman Tibba, and Deo tibba. The charges start from Rs. 3000. Make sure you don’t have a problem with altitude before you go for such a trip.

Zorbing – See The World Upside Down

Zorbing a safe sport for the people who want to try an adventure sport but is quite cautious. You will be put in a human-size plastic wrap which looks like a balloon and will be rolled downhill.

You will see the world upside down, and this can be really interesting. You will be back to the origin again as the time ends. The best time to try zorbing is from January to May and October to December.

You can try zorbing at the Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. The cost starts at Rs. 500 per person.

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Jeep Safari – Travel With The Local

If you are signing up for a Jeep Safari, be ready to experience what it means to live in the mountain and how the travel is, day to day basis.

The magnificence of Manali will unfold in front of you as you travel through the roads of Manali to nearby destinations like Leh, Kullu, Tsomoriri Lake, Chandratal and Rumsu.

The cost of Jeep safari may vary widely. It can start at Rs. 2500 and go up to Rs. 20000 depending on the expanse of the trip.

Snowboarding – Slide Along Chilly Winds

If you increase the thrill of skiing a notch more, you need to try snowboarding which is meant for the adventure seeker.

This is not much different than skiing, but it takes place in the steep hills of Manali, and the way down and up will literally keep you on focus every single moment.

The best time to experience this is January to March when the snow is more, and the best places are Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley. Extreme caution is suggested as there may be no operator to guide you to safety.

River Crossing – Challenge Your Fears

Imagine being tied to a rope and asked to cross a deep river. All you have a rope to guide you through. That is what you are going to experience in the River Crossing Expedition in Manali.

You need a lot of strength in your arms for the sport, and this is not for the weak-hearted. You can try this throughout the year except for the rainy season, and this can be tried at Van Vihar and Solang valley. The cost will be around Rs. 350 to Rs. 500 per person.

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Angling – Catch Your Own Seafood

Have you ever thought about how the primitive generation used to catch their own food? While you may not be able to go hunting, you can for sure catch your own fish from the rivers of Manali.

This is going to take a lot of time though as well as patience, but it will not cost you a single penny. You can try this in the month of April and May, and the best place to try is the Haripur, Patlikhul and Raison, in the lake area.

You need to find a guide who will supply you with the equipment and bait for the experience.

Snow Scooter – Skid Through The Snow

Snow Scooter is one adventure sport that is a must-try in Manali. You don’t need to know how to ride one as long you are ready to go pillion with an instructor.

The ride can range up to 2 Km and believe it or not; this is an experience you won’t like to miss. This sport is available at Rohtang Pass and Solang Pass from December to February.

The difficulty level is easy to moderate, so anyone can try this one. The cost will vary from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 depending on the provider.

Quad Biking – Cross The Varied Terrains

If you want to explore the dense forest of Manali, the best way to do so is Quad Biking. You will be given a quad bike to ride on, and you can always take a Pillion with you.

The all-terrain vehicle looks quite big in size, and thus you get a proper balance. The trails can be between 1.5 km to 12 km, and the cost will vary accordingly.

You will get safety gears from your operator along with some mandatory gears that you need to carry in your trip. You can try this expedition at Kiwi Trail, Rocky River Trail, and River Beas area.

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