9 Popular Places for Trekking in Munnar – For The Adventure Souls

The mystic Munnar with its enchanting rustic feel and blooming tea garden will surely give your trekking shoes some remarkable days. Located towards the east of Kerala, Munnar is famous for more reasons than one.

Famous Places for Trekking in Munnar

From the vast tea gardens expanding to the horizon, to the spice garden and the mystic weather that makes you feel being amidst the cloud, Munnar is full of surprises. So, if you are planning your next trip to Munnar, pump your energy level and be ready to explore some splendour of nature.

Here is a list of the most popular places for trekking in Munnar


Also known as the lonely giant, the trekking trail can be divided into four parts, Shola Walk, the grass troll, the steep climb and the most difficult, dangerous terrain.

Being the highest peak of Munnar, Chokramudi offers the best view from the top rusted at the altitude of 7200 ft. The mystic cloud, the cold wind and the breath-taking view is the reward of the hard work.

However, for beginners, the journey ends at the first level as the road gets tricky thereafter. It’s best to take help of the local guide in the trek and be prepared for exposure to the wild animals on the way.


Be ready to fall in love with the expanse of cinnamon hills at Idukki. If you are one who would go some extra miles to feel the serenity of nature and get immersed in the beauty of forest and tea gardens, this one is the trek for you.

The four to five hours long trek is one of the easier ones in Munnar, and the trip is rewarding in all possible ways. Make sure to stop at the Pothamedu viewpoint to click some pictures. While being an easy trek, it goes through the forest area, thus, a local help may be quite helpful. It is one of the best places for trekking in Munnar for adventurous souls.

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You have seen this in the picture, you have dreamt being amidst the tea garden, and all these can come true as you take the Chummar trek. If you are in Munnar and you miss to walk through the tea gardens, you miss a big deal. Chummar trek takes you to the grassland meadows, and the Shola forest.

As long as you can see, your sight will be filled with a lush green tea garden, and the fresh fragrance of the tea will take you to a land of tranquillity. This trek is for one and all. Don’t miss to interact with the locals as you travel.

Kannan Devan Hills

The pristine beauty of Munnar lies in its beautiful tea garden that also contributes to a large number of trekking destinations. Kannan Devan Hills trekking, a high difficulty trek leads you to bliss of the tea garden, the peak being 1950 meters above the sea level.

As you enjoy the beauty of the Anaimudi and Idduki, you get a glimpse of the Idduki dam, which is also the highest arch dam of Asia. You will literally roam within the clouds in the highest zone of the trek and while being difficult, it is also quite rewarding. It is one of the most popular places for trekking in Munnar.

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Be ready to immerse in the surreal beauty of Ramaswamy Dam waterfall as you trek to Chithirapuram, the most beautiful hill area of Munnar. Not only you can trek to the peak, but you can also stay in the small cottages located in the tea garden area in the Idduki district.

The area is a treasure chest to say the minimum with verdant hills and mountain streams making it one of the most sought after trekking destination. The difficulty level is moderate and a local guide may be quite helpful as you embark on the beautiful journey.

Lakshmi Hill Trek

If you are one of those who likes zero human intervention in nature, the Lakshmi Hill trek is the right one for you. Nature is in purest here, just 3 km away from Munnar. The city blue will get healed, as you escalate to the intimidating hills.

It’s a 5 hours trek where you walk through the tea plantation and the mountain. The view from the Sevenmalai hills will keep you thunderstruck for quite a while. It’s a thrilling trek uphill with a difficulty level of easy to medium. Make sure to carry your trekking gears and water. The local help is highly recommended.

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Thoovanam waterfalls Trek

A 4 km trek from Alampetty check post, this trek takes around 3 hours owing to the hilly road. The overwhelming beauty of the Thoovanam waterfalls will strike you even before you reach the endpoint of the waterfall. Your best comrade in the trek is the Chinnar river that accompanies you throughout, as you reach your destination.

As you see the waterfall from a distance, your fatigue vanishes and you get the energy to move towards the endpoint. The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and may not be apt for the complete newbies. The trek is open from 8 am to 2 pm.

Letchmi Hills Trek

Letchmi Hills trek takes around 4 hours and the untouched glory of nature through the trail is so mesmerizing that you will want it not to end. The hill offers a panoramic view of the western ghat ranges. There are both easy and moderately difficult trekking options available.

The trek starts from the edge of the tea plantation and goes till Letchmi hills. The Hillcrest offers a beautiful view and a friendly guide offers a lot of information to keep you pumped up for the whole trek. You can see a variety of flora on your way up. Make sure to keep your camera handy.

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Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak is located at a height of 2695 meters from the sea level and is one of the most sought-after treks of Munnar. Anamudi is the highest peak in India outside the Himalayan range. It takes around 4 to 5 hours to climb the hill which includes a walk of 2 km and an ascending climb of 600 meters. It is one of the most beautiful places for trekking in Munnar.

For safety reason, the tourists are not allowed to go to the top. The place is the home for the largest surviving Asian elephant population. You may meet a few on the way which can also be dangerous at times.

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