Top 15 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai

Top 15 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai

The pictures take you back in time to different places and inspire you to relive the special moments of your life. Pre-wedding shoots are on the rise , but the idea behind the shoots is what makes them so popular. Capturing and locking some emotional moments into the frame is what these shoots are all about! While you may have seen many albums on Facebook  , choosing a pre-wedding photoshoot location in Mumbai is  not an easy task for yourself or someone close to you; Especially when you have to do many other preparations before the wedding, such as booking your honeymoon tour. Choose from these popular and best places for photoshoot in Mumbai and pose as  soon as possible!

Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Sanjay Gandhi National Park

For couples looking for peaceful yet charming places for pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai  , Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the best option. 

This is the largest protected urban tropical forest in the world, where you can find lots of rusty and green backgrounds for your pictures.

  • Entry Fee:  INR 30 per person
  • Location:  Borivali East

Hanging Gardens

If you are looking for pre-wedding shoots in Mumbai you should consider the ever-blooming Hanging Gardens, a popular romantic spot for couples where they can pose and get clicked before their big day. 

This is one of the prettiest pre wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai, where the plants and sculptures add a bit of drama to the background. Don’t miss out on some shots at the nearby Nepean Sea Road. The mornings and late evenings here are especially beautiful.

  • Entry Fee:  None
  • Location:  Ridge Road, Malabar Hill

Imagica Theme Park Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location in Mumbai – Imagica Theme Park

Are you looking for a perfect pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai? For couples who love kids, there are not many pre wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai that are so prolific. Come here to enjoy some slow ride with him who is going to be your partner in everything you do in life. 

And let the photographer steal a few obvious clicks as you share a carefree laugh. Although this place looks good in bright light, the lighting of theme parks is no less!

  • Entry Fee:  INR 1,899 per person
  • Location:  30/31, Sangdevadi, Pali-Khopoli Road, Tal-Khalapur, Off Khopoli, Mumbai – Pune Exp

Marine Drive

The Queen’s Necklace, as it is believed, is a boulevard that has inspired many filmmakers to shoot here. And even over the years, the charm doesn’t fade. No wonder it is one of the  most coveted places for photoshoots in Mumbai!

With the endless ocean aside, Marine Drive is undoubtedly a popular pick for these shoots. The view of the Arabian Sea and the beautiful skyline of the city makes it one of the most popular and gorgeous pre wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai. If you want it to be a private moment, go early in the morning. For the twinkling of city lights, evening   is the best time for pre-wedding shoots in Mumbai and perfect for things to do in Mumbai for couples.

Planning your honeymoon but confused where to go? Let these honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Dress in Mumbai Gateway Of India

You can’t have a more coveted venue for pre-wedding in Mumbai ! A major landmark of the city, the Gateway of India is inspired by the Victorian style of architecture. 

The 220th century monument by the sea marks the gateway to new beginnings and new beginnings in your life.

Right in front of the monument is the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel with vibrant maroon domes. Don’t forget to shoot in front of it. Go early in the morning for fewer crowds; The evening hours are usually so busy that the shooting doesn’t go smoothly.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai Bandstand 

At the end of the street where famous Bollywood actors have their own mansions and bungalows, you have a rocky beach which is perfect for a romantic shoot.

One of the most beautiful places for pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai , Bandstand has a variety of backdrops for your album; There is a small garden, a fort, sea and sea link which you can frame.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai Juhu Beach 

The sand on your toes and your half in your arms ain’t right! A short walk away from the main Juhu beach are some secluded places that can be your posing ground. In the meantime hit the location for a pre wedding shoot in Mumbai and let it be a day of fun with your bae. If the beach you choose is busy, schedule an early morning shoot.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Pose Vasai Fort in Mumbai 

The location where Coldplay’s famous song Hymn for the Weekend was shot, Vasai Fort is great for couples who would love the backdrop of ruins. This is one of the best pre wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai but make sure your clothes contrast with the colors of the brown walls of the fort. For some beach shots, nearby is Vasai Beach.

  • Entry Fee:  None
  • Location:  Fort Road, Police Colony, Vasai West, Vasai

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location in Mumbai Asiatic Library

Dating back to the 19th century, the Asian library boasts of a Greek Revival style of architecture. The pillars, stairs and the road in front make it one of the most adorable pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai. Since the composition is all stunning white, wear bright colors to make the pictures pop up and look eye-catching. The early morning is perfect for shooting.

  • Entry Fee:  None
  • Location:  Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Fort

Kala Ghoda

Host to a plethora of art events, the biggest being the Kala Ghoda Festival, this place adds a clever backdrop to your pictures. It’s also a vintage hotspot that looks absolutely charming with a Beetle (of course rented :-P). Works well in Kala Ghoda in the morning like orange in evenings; You are free to plan the shooting anytime!

  • Entry Fee:  None

Central Park

Central Park located in Navi Mumbai is a true delight for couples and also for photographers as it provides a stunning natural backdrop for that perfect shot. Imagine clicking in front of a sea of ​​touching natural colors! Feels blissful, doesn’t it? It remains completely green in all seasons, and the melodious chirping of birds will add to the beautiful shooting experience here. You can click in the setting sun which will give your face a natural glow and you don’t even need to fiddle with reflectors to get the perfect light!

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Azad Maidan

If you are looking for a secluded and unknown place to have a photoshoot with your partner, then you should choose Azad Maidan. In the backdrop of this place are over 22 acres of open space as well as the iconic dome of Victoria Terminus (now CST). If you come here early in the morning, you can have the whole place to yourself without any distractions, awkward stares, or people photobombing in your background. That timing will give you the perfect lighting to shoot you and your bae against the gorgeous panorama of the place.

Horniman’s Circle

Horniman Circle is known for its historical relevance, but it also serves as a modern day center for the various arts initiatives and events that take place here, including the annual Sufi Music Festival, Ruhaniyat as well as the Kala Ghoda Festival. Is. Apart from being relevant for historical and festive reasons, this garden is also amazing to see and click in. It will set the perfect mood for an ultra romantic and happy photoshoot of you and your better half as you enjoy the beautiful natural environment of this mini paradise, hand in hand.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses Ballard Estate in Mumbai

If you are more fascinated by the iconic European architecture of wooden houses, stone streets, palaces and forts, then the opulent Ballard Estate is the perfect pre-wedding photoshoot location near Mumbai for a memorable and exciting shoot with your significant other. This serene yet beautiful place houses buildings from the Victorian era, designed by George Wittet, who designed many of Mumbai’s iconic landmarks such as the Gateway of India and the Prince of Wales Museum. To add to the beauty of the scenery you can rent a vintage Volkswagen for the scene.

Pre-Wedding Sophia College in Mumbai

Often referred to as the “palace in Mumbai” by young couples, this institution is the perfect venue for the photoshoot of your dreams. The old-worldly buildings and historical atmosphere of this place will make you like the heroes and heroines of old Hindi films. The Central Lawn and the royal corridors of the college will offer you a lot of spectacular views. This is definitely one of the most beautiful pre wedding shoot locations in Maharashtra for those who want to revive their college romance before their wedding. No matter how many times you look at these pictures even after years of being happily married, they will strike nostalgia.

This lovely pre-wedding photoshoot location in Mumbai is perfect for couples getting married soon. So, pack your bags, book your trip to Mumbai and plan a shoot here to capture great pictures with your future life partner!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai

Q. How much does a pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai cost?

A. The cost of a pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai depends on several factors such as the season you are shooting in, the location you have chosen (the amount increases if there are multiple locations), how many photographs you need and do you want the pictures to be processed later. The photographer can also add to the cost of carrying his or her camera and equipment to get it to the location.

Q. What are the best locations for a pre-wedding shoot in Lonavala?

A. Hilton Shilim Resort in Lonavala, as well as Pawan Dam, are two of the best places in Lonavala for a pre-wedding shoot.

Q. Which is the best location in India for a pre-wedding shoot?

A. Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Udaipur, Kumarakom, Jaipur, Goa, Agra, Ooty, Delhi and Kashmir are some of the best places in India for pre-wedding shoots.

Q. Which is the most beautiful place in Mumbai?

A. The metropolitan city of Mumbai has some of the most beautiful places. Some of them are listed below: 1. Victoria Terminus 2. Elephanta Caves 3. Juhu Beach 4. Colaba Causeway Market 5. Gateway of India 6. Haji Ali 7. Banganga Tank 8. Film City

Q. Where can we go near Mumbai?

A. If you want to make your travel experience in Mumbai a memorable one, you should spend at least 3 days in the city.

Q. Where should we stay in Mumbai?

A. For a hassle-free stay in Mumbai, you should consider staying around these city areas: 1. Colaba 2. Worli 3. Marine Drive 4. Bandra Andheri West or Versova