8 Best Places To Visit In And Around Kharghar

8 Best Places To Visit In And Around Kharghar

Located at the node of the largest planned city on the planet (Navi Mumbai) , Kharghar city has its own private hill station. A perfect blend of planned downtown area, close proximity to the main city, and a collection of natural wonders, this place has long been a favorite of locals. This node of places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai  incidentally also falls on the route to Pune and thus, attracts many tourists who wish to let themselves loose in the lap of nature from both the cities.

With that said, there is a lot to do and see in the small area of ​​Kharghar. if you are in that area, or even planning a trip, and  looking for more tourist places near Kharghar, you have come to the right place.

Top Places to visit near Kharghar

Kharghar is surrounded by many grand attractions that ensure a perfect vacation. Read on to know about the top 10 places to visit near places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai :

Mumbai Waterfalls Pandavkada Waterfalls

With a plunge of 107 meters, Pandavkada Falls is a true marvel of mother nature. One of the top tourist destinations in the area. During and immediately after the monsoons, Pandavakada Waterfalls is a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts as they can be reached only after a short walk from the lush green surroundings.

A short bus ride from places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai , Pandavakda Waterfalls are a wonderful way to spend your day in the lap of nature. If this is not enough, then there is also a mythological significance attached to this place.

It is said that there is a cave in the mountain (where the water falls) which was mentioned in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata by the Pandavas during their exile. The legend states that the group stopped at the waterfall for some time and took a bath in the waterfall. Due to this legend this place is called Pandavakda.

Talking about bathing in spring water, it is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Thanks to tourists who fail to follow these warnings, there have been several fatal accidents at the site.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  9.9 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Rs 50 per person
  • Timings:  9 am to 7 pm

Mumbai Sightseeing Palm Beach Marg

Connecting the nodes of Vashi and CBD Belapur, the Palm Beach route looks like it came out of a movie set in a beach town in America. With 10 kms of oceanfront, 6 lanes of road and some truly breathtaking residential and commercial complexes, Palm Beach Road is an absolute delight among petrolheads.

However, even if you are not an automobile enthusiast, you will find the Palm Beach route to drive relaxing and mesmerizing at the same time. With such great views and such a smooth road, don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking a U-turn and another lap across the blissful Palm Beach route.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  11 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Free Admission
  • Timings:  Open all day

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Mumbai tourist places Sagar Vihar Garden

Officially known as Veer Savarkar Udyan, the park is a government-maintained garden that faces the Thane Creek. Boasting of lush greenery and variety of rare plants, Sagar Vihar Garden is a favorite when it comes to family places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai .

Visitors can enjoy a walk in the park, a leisurely afternoon picnic with their loved ones and even enjoy boating in Thane Creek. The park is also a popular destination for bird watching enthusiasts as it attracts a variety of migratory birds every year.

While the park is well maintained as it is the responsibility of the local government, the greenery is in full bloom during the monsoon season and subsequent months.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  12 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Free Admission
  • Timings:  5 am to 10 pm

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 National Gallery of Modern Art in Kharghar near Mumbai

The youthful counterpart of the famous National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, Mumbai is no less important, especially for those who understand the importance of art as a reflection of the current state of our society. Moreover, since modern art has always been a silent expression of society, the artifacts from different eras in the museum allow visitors to peek into the life of a common man from a different time.

The National Gallery houses paintings and sculptures depicting the state of our society over the past one hundred and fifty years, some as early as 1857.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  41 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Rs 10 per person
  • Timings:  10 AM to 5 PM (Closed on Mondays)

Tourist Places Near Mumbai Khanderi Fort

Khanderi Fort was built in 1678 by the Maratha ruler Shivaji. The fort is situated on top of an island, which is the counterpart of another island fort called Andri Fort. The fort, as one can imagine, holds great historical significance.

The island which houses the fort is also home to the temple of Lord Vitthal. The temple is a very revered place of worship for the Hindus and especially the fishermen living near the fort. Most of the fishermen in the area will tell you that they should remember Lord Vitthal whenever their boat passes near the island.

The island is situated on the coast of Alibaug, which is easily accessible by road and state transport buses. From there, visitors are expected to hire a boat to reach the island. Thanks to the expansive ocean views and the solitude offered by the island, it is one of the best places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai for couples.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  46.7 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Free Admission
  • Timings:  5 am to 9 pm

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Mumbai Hill Station Gadeshwar Dam

A beautiful, small and little-known dam near Navi Mumbai, Gadeshwar Dam is a perfect destination for nature lovers looking for a break from every metropolis. The dam is still unexplored among tourists and is easily accessible by road and public transport from places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai .

The dam, which is about two kilometers long, is surrounded by greenery and hills offering spectacular views to the visitors. Apart from this, there is also a lake in the vicinity which makes a perfect picnic spot.

While the dam is a great place to spend a short day away from the city, this happens only during the monsoon and winter months. During summer, the region becomes extremely hot and humid. Also, if you are visiting the dam, it must be remembered that you have to carry your own food and water as there is no restaurant or shop near the dam.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  24 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Free Admission
  • Timings:  Open all day

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 Castella de Aguada (Bandra Fort) in Kharghar

Built by the Portuguese to protect the British, Bandra Fort, originally known as Castella de Aguada, is a famous attraction near Mumbai to visit in Kharghar . Situated in the posh area of ​​Bandra, the fort is especially popular with local college students and couples looking for solitude with a spectacular view.

The palace is also home to a beautiful garden and offers unmatched views of the newly opened Bandra Worli Sea Link Expressway. There is also a variety of Maharashtrian street food around the Bandra Fort, making it perfect for a quaint evening with your loved ones or significant other. make perfect. Also, the fort can get a bit crowded during weekends and thus, it is a good idea to take out time to spend a weeknight here.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  38 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Free Admission
  • Timings:  10 am to 8 pm

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Juhu Beach Places to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai

If you’ve seen a Bollywood movie featuring the city of Mumbai, you’ve probably also seen (and know about) Juhu Beach. Juhu Chowpatty is famous for the variety of street food it sells, and makes a great association with upmarket gated localities and 5-star hotels across the street.

While swimming is not allowed on the beach, visitors can have a great chance of shooting a Bollywood movie or sunbathing in the evening. Since Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is in the vicinity, visitors can indulge in plane-spotting as well. Juhu beach is easily the most famous place to visit in Kharghar near Mumbai and is definitely worth visiting if you have time.

  • Distance from Kharghar:  37 kms
  • Entry Fee:  Free Admission
  • Timings:  Open all day

As you can see, there is no dearth of places to visit around Kharghar for those willing to go the extra mile to quench their thirst for wanderlust. 

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about places to visit near Kharghar

Q. What is Kharghar famous for?

A. The most remarkable thing to do in Kharghar is to hike in Kharghar hills. 
From the top, one can enjoy panoramic views of the planned city of Navi Mumbai. Kharghar is also home to Utsav Chowk, which, contrary to its name, reflects Greek architecture that positively complements the charm of this planned city. There is also another point of interest for hiking enthusiasts, the hike to Owe Dam. 
Bottom line, it is the alluring natural and man-made beauty that attracts local and outside tourists to Kharghar.

Q. What is the best time to visit Kharghar?

A. While the Kharghar hills are sometimes closed during the monsoon season, the region is especially in full bloom at this time. Thanks to the rains, the vegetation in the area is in full bloom and thanks to the migratory season, the region is also rich in avian fauna. If the monsoon is very heavy and it is unsafe to visit Kharghar, the next best time to visit is just after the monsoons have left the area.

Q. How much does it cost to stay in Kharghar?

A. Since it is a famous tourist destination, accommodation in this area is a bit expensive. On an average, a night stay in a 3 star hotel can set you back up to Rs 2700. On the other hand, if you choose a 5 star property, the average for a basic room is a little over Rs 5200. Since the destination is particularly popular during the weekend, accommodation costs can increase during this time.