10 Best Unexplored Hill Stations Near Chandigarh

Unexplored Hill Stations Near Chandigarh

Looking for best unexplored hill stations near Chandigarh? The well-planned city of Chandigarh is a famous destination of India because of its array of local attractions and the city acting as a gateway to major hill stations.

The beautiful metropolitan city gives you easy access to plenty of breathtaking locations in Himachal amidst the gorgeous Himalayan Mountains, envious green forests of pine, cedar, deciduous and the numerous adventure opportunities in the mountainous region.

It also gives access to many pilgrimage centres in the Himachal location that are equally beautiful with high religious importance. So, if you are planning for a dreamy vacation up the mountains, head on to these amazing destinations of Himachal Pradesh close to the Chandigarh city.

Unexplored Hill Stations Near Chandigarh

Unexplored Hill Stations Near Chandigarh Within 100 Km

Nahan (82 Km from Chandigarh)

Nahan is a picturesque town of Himachal Pradesh in the Srimaur district. It is an extremely romantic destination to explore with your beloved amidst the gorgeous Shivalik ranges, meandering pathways, lush green valleys, and a tranquil environment.

The destination was founded by Raja Karam Prakash in 1621. According to ancient stories, once a king in this destination went on to kill a lion, which a saint on observing opposed him by saying ‘Nahar’ which means ‘Don’t kill’ and from that the destination got its name as Nahan.

While another story reveals, Nahar means lion and this location once used to be the hub of lions and hence follows the name of the destination. It lies at an elevation of 932 meters from sea level and is famous for its attractions like- Renuka Lake, Trilokpur, Paonta Sahib, and Suketi Fossil Park.

It is hot plenty of temples as pilgrimage attractions and also offers mind-blowing trekking opportunities to the upper Himalayan region.

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Parwanoo (36 Km from Chandigarh)

It is a picturesque town in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Parwanoo is very close to Chandigarh lying at a distance of only 35 km. It is located on the Haryana and Himachal Pradesh border offering a panoramic scenic view with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop and beautiful fruit orchards enhancing the beauty of the location.

It is not just a beautiful tourist destination but also a famous industrial centre. Whether a nature lover or an adventure addict, Parwanoo caters to the requirement for all kinds of tourists.

The most beautiful attraction of this town is the ‘Timber Trail’ amidst the mystic Himalayan mountains offering a thrilling ropeway ride to the tourists above the Shivalik ranges at 5000 feet from the sea level and a stretch of 1.8 km.

Other beautiful attractions here include- Kalka, Cactus Garden, Fruit Orchards, Mansa Devi Temple, Shri Balaji Temple, Gurkha Fort, Dagshai, Pinjore, Gurudwara Nanda Sahib, Kali Mata temple, and Subathu hill station.

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Offbeat Hill Stations Near Chandigarh Within 200 Km

Shoghi (101 Km from Chandigarh)

Shoghi is a quaint, beautiful town in the suburb of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. It is pretty close to Chandigarh at a distance of only 100 km and 13 km from Shimla. The small town has a stunning scenic beauty covered in the dense vegetation of oak and rhododendron with the breathtaking background of Himalayas.

The town boasts of having amazing weather throughout the year and is well known for the different types of fruit products like- juices, syrups, jellies, and pickles.

According to the history of the 19th century, after the defeat of the Gurkhas in the hands of British and Chieftains, they were made to sign a treaty that the places under their rule would be returned to their original rulers.

Hence following the treaty the region was late gifted to Patiala’s Maharaj by the British for his loyal services to the British Raj. It houses various top class attraction located nearby like- Tara Devi Temple, Shimla, Viceregal Lodge, Kali Temple. Jakhoo Hills, Kandaghat and many more.

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Naldehra (136 Km from Chandigarh)

Naldehra is one of the most beautiful destinations in Himachal Pradesh close to Shimla. It lies at a distance of 136km from Chandigarh. It can be called a green paradise and a mountain resort inspired by the panoramic Swiss chalet architecture.

It is famous for having the highest altitude golf course in the world which was created by the British Governor Lord Curzon at an altitude of 2,200 meters. It features an 18 hole golf course surrounded by picturesque valleys, manicured lawns, trees, and lush greeneries.

Visitors can give a try to golf shots at this stunning natural setting with an affordable fee. The destination is also famous for the beautiful Chalets accommodation which is pretty much like the pine log homes with an overlooking view of the stunning lawns, pine and cedar forests, misty mountains in the backdrop and wonderful green valleys.

The chalets are located at the mountain summit, and hence the view is awe-inspiring. It is a stunning summer destination to visit in Himachal Pradesh offering a refreshing serene ambience.

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Narkanda (174 Km from Chandigarh)

Narkanda is a wonderful hill station in Himachal Pradesh at a distance of 173km from Chandigarh. It is located at a towering elevation of 9000 feet from the sea level in the Shimla district.

The destination is popular in the Himachal Area as the winter playground for tourists due to its bewitching snow view covering the giant Himalayas, its pathways and the nearby villages under the thick blankets of snow.

Covered by dense tropical forests on the lap of majestic hills and housing the beautiful Tannu Jabar Lake, the destination of Narkanda looks like as if imported from heaven. It offers a memorable trek to its highest point Hatu Peak from where the entire Narkanda looks like a painted beauty.

It also houses few remains from the Pandavas and Vanya Prashta era which are worth visiting. Some of its popular attractions are- Hatu Mata Temple, Stokes Farm, Mahamaya temple, Jau Baug and Kacheri. It is a must-visit destination for all in Himachal Pradesh.

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Mandi (167 Km from Chandigarh)

Mandi is an important tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh in the Mandi district. It lies at a distance of 145km from Shimla and at 198km from Chandigarh. It has major religious importance in Hindu religion and is also known by the name of Chota Kashi by the banks of Beas river.

It offers a breathtaking scenic view for the visitors having decorative pebbled pathways, meandering streets, a thick cover of pine and deciduous forests and panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. The entire destination houses more than 300 temples and also old palaces showcasing exclusive colonial architecture.

The destination’s serene ambience automatically brings peace to your mind and soul. The destination is also famous for housing the Rewalsar Lake which is treated as a holy lake with a 12 km statue of Padmasambhava. It also features the Gurudwara dedicated to the tenth Sikh guru – Guru Govind Singh.

Apart from the religious destinations, Mandi is great for trekking, skiing, mountaineering, camping, rock climbing and watching wildlife at Shikhari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Unexplored Hill Stations Near Chandigarh Within 300 Km

Dharamkot (249 Km from Chandigarh)

Dharamkot is a gorgeous hill station in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It lies at 248kms from Chandigarh perched on the hill above Mc Leodganj. It is also known by the name of spiritual hippie village due to the hippie communities residing in the location from decades.

The destination is an unspoiled green paradise amidst the Himalayan ranges having a tranquil environment. You can get eye-arresting views of the Kangra Valley, and Dhauladhar mountain ranges from this location which is worth cherishing.

The destination is ideal to have relaxing weekend breaks from the busy life and seek serenity in its refreshing ambience and lush green landscapes. If you love doing Yoga, nothing can be a better place than this location to execute them. You can pay a visit to the Vipassana meditation centre and Tushita Meditation centre.

Besides that, you can enjoy a breathtaking trek to Trinud, enjoy the nearby waterfalls, explore the Tsuglag Khang Temple, visit the Dalai Lama Tempe at Mac Leodganj, and hike to gorgeous mountainous locations nearby.

Gushaini (249 Km from Chandigarh)

Gushaini is an adventure hub located at the Tirthan valley in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 248kms from Chandigarh. From river water rafting to rock climbing, camping, hiking, river crossing, rappelling, angling, and trekking, you can enjoy everything at Gushaini in your weekend break.

It is a jewel destination of Himachal Pradesh with the beauty of fairyland and extremely comfortable for the summer holidays. It is a bit offbeat destination compared to the other locations of Himachal and welcomes you to a rejuvenating ambience amidst nature’s wonderful creations.

The biggest attraction here is the Great Himalayan National Park located at 20kms from Gushaini which is a superb attraction for the wildlife enthusiasts housing 300 bird species and 30 species of mammals.

Other attractions include the famous Tirthan valley which is a trekkers’ hub and a paradise for trout fishing; then comes the Jalori Pass trek and the Serioskar lake which is must visit the attraction with heavenly scenic beauty. It is perfect for a typical hill station vacation.

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Bir Billing (285 Km from Chandigarh)

Bir Billing is known for heart-warming paragliding opportunities In Himachal Pradesh close to Dharamshala and at a distance of 284 km from Chandigarh. Bir is also a famous Tibetan settlement housing multiple monasteries and the giant stupa.

The destination hosted the first paragliding world cup in India in 2015 that had around 150 expert paragliding pilots participating from different corners of the world. The silent valley of Bir Billing is filled with fresh air and panoramic beauty of the Mother Nature in the form of Himalayan mountain ranges and lush green vegetation.

Not just in India, Bir is also famous as the best paragliding destination in the world. The destination from where the paragliding takes off is Billing while the landing destination is the Bir. Visit this place to have a memorable flight of a lifetime over the gorgeous valleys and mountains.

Apart from paragliding, you can also go for trekking, mountain biking, angling, and camping in this location. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Bir Billing is perfect for a thrilling weekend.

Kheerganga (310 Km from Chandigarh)

Kheerganga is a breathtakingly beautiful hill station located in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. It stands at an elevation of 3050 meters from sea level. It lies at a distance of 102km from Manali and 309 km from Chandigarh. You can trek to this destination from Kullu with is an 11 km trek or from Kasol as well.

The scenic beauty of this location is out of the world featuring vibrant greeneries, stunning meadows, narrow meandering trails, dense cover of tall pine and deciduous forests and the mystic mountains in the background and surroundings.

The entire destination is painted in a blue and green aura with a refreshing ambience. The trekking trails to this location are absolutely gorgeous so as its villages. It is a paradise for the nature lovers to have ultimate rejuvenation.

It houses a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati along with a hot water spring which is also referred to be holy. It is a must-visit destination in Himachal once in a lifetime offering pleasant trekking experience and heavenly scenic beauty.

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