13 Incredible Waterfalls Near Mumbai – Indulge in The Bliss Of Water Symphony

All you ever wanted to know about the beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai. People living in cities and town feel more stressed out because of their hectic routine. Watching the greenery around, waterfalls and birds can prove to be a stress buster. Mumbai Waterfalls has a special appeal among these nature lovers as it provides a different serene and peaceful vibe.

The calm and effortless flow of the water with the quiet symphony seems relaxing and pleasant and reduces the stress. If you want such a trip, you are never late as you can head on the outskirts of Mumbai over to explore the most famous waterfalls.

These are navigable places where you will find a number of hidden waterfalls. If you want to add on a bit of adventure, you can go for water rappelling. Check these amazing waterfalls near Mumbai where you should definitely pay a visit:

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Popular Waterfalls Near Mumbai Within 100 Km


Regarded as the 14th highest waterfall in India, Kune falls lie in the heart of Lonavla Khandala valley at Maharashtra. Kune Waterfall wraps itself in the blanket of nature. Sahyadri Mountains standing against it which makes it look like a dream. It is a three-tiered waterfall and should be right away added to your list during monsoons.

How to get here? It is located 94km from Mumbai and 70kms from Pune so book a cab or taxi and reach this place through Mumbai Pune Highway. There is no entry fee and is close to Kune church. This place looks majestic during monsoon with the vibrant greenery around it. It is also one of the most popular waterfalls near Mumbai.


This will be an adventurous trip if you visit this place with your friends during weekends. Located on the outskirts of the island city, Bhivpuri is the perfect break which you are looking for from the lock and horns of the city life. You can enjoy the blissful view of the greenery, streams of waterfall and birds at places along this plateau.

Entry fee is minimal and you can enjoy chilling out in the waterfall. With a height of 20 feet high, you can enjoy the waterfall rappelling here. Bhivpuri Waterfall is not far away from Mumbai and is one of the ideal places to visit during monsoons.

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The 107 metres high plunge waterfall is known for the massive amount of water pouring down underneath the Rocky surface. It was once a famous place among visitors for bathing and is now regarded to be dangerous by the authority. It is a good place for a day trip or a picnic. Located in Kharghar, this is the best place to visit during monsoons.

Enjoy the alluring waterfall down the mountains. The flow of the waterfall is soothing and is a place which should deserve to be on your list. But, refrain yourself from visiting this place during high rainfall.

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If you are looking forward to a private trip and trying to escape from the crowdy city life, visiting Bhagirath Falls will be the best decision. Thank me later!! This historic waterfall is situated in Bedis village close to the Vangani town in Maharashtra. This legendary waterfall has a strong connection with Hindu Mythology. The maximum flow in the waterfall is seen during the monsoons with several hundred heights.

You will be mesmerized by the lush greenery around and the place is quite captivating with the way it looks during the season. Bhagirath Dam rests down at the base to pump out the water stream into the tank located above the dam. This pumping helps in creating waterfall throughout the year.

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Beautiful Waterfalls Near Mumbai Within 200 Km


Located amongst the valley of some incredible region bounded by mountains in the Western Ghats is the Malshej Ghat. The Malshej Ghat is a well-known place among tourist during the monsoon months for the misty mountains and the manifold waterfall. This downward myriad waterfall looks no less than an empress walking down and this increases the royalty of this ghat. This is also an attraction for trekking which is preferred after monsoon gets over.

How to reach there? Board any bus or car and you can easily reach this spot from Mumbai. This beautiful place should be on your list and the trip is feasible too. You can even spot few flamingoes during rainy seasons during monsoons near the Pimpalgaon Lake which lies beyond Malshej. Some nearby destinations are Junnar, the ancient Lenyadri caves, and Shivneri Fort.

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The majestic Randha Waterfall is located on Bhandardara road in Ahmednagar district. The waterfall is 170 feet high and will leave you spellbound with its beauty. This is the third largest waterfall and the most popular place visited by the tourists during monsoon.

You will find temples near the banks of the river which adds richness to this place. The gorge on the rocky side of mountains is home to bees and you will find bee-hives under the edges of the rocks. One can find trekking and hiking routes at Bhandardara. This place should be only visited during monsoons.


Travel down the Randha Falls and you will come across another incredible waterfall “The Umbrella Waterfall”. Located just below the Wilson Dam this is a beautiful tourist spot during monsoons. The falls are actually created by the Dams and the force creates the look of an umbrella on rocks. You will also find a bridge which connects the Pravara River and you can enjoy the look at the falls and dam.

It lies within 500m from the Bhandardara bus stop. This water body is also used for hydro-electric power. It is well connected to Nashik, Igatpuri, and Mumbai. You will have a good time if you love photography. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai.

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Magnificent Waterfalls Near Mumbai Within 300 Km


This waterfall is located just 6kms from Mahabaleshwar just beside the forest Bungalow of Lingmala. This waterfall is breathtaking and will relief your soul. This is regarded as the best place for visitors for the sense of relief and peace it provides from a hectic work schedule. You can embrace the beauty of Dhobi Waterfall and Chinaman Waterfall from this point. This majestic 600feet waterfall and the grace in its flow from the cliff will give you a joyful and memorable experience.

You should definitely visit this place with your friends and family if you are planning a trip during the monsoons. The Lingmala waterfall cataracts into the Venna Lake during the season. This is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

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The captivating beauty and magic of this waterfall should not be missed and is famous for the breathtaking view of the falls descending down the Rocky Mountains. It is located towards the south of the Kona valley in Mahabaleshwar. If you visit this hill station do not miss this place.

It will give you a different pleasure watching the water flow from such a tremendous height. Come to visit this place with your family for a picnic or a short trip and you will not regret this station. Get an inch closer to nature and weave the memories in your mind.

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VAJRAI WATERFALLS (270 Km From Mumbai)

With an incredible height of 1840 feet, it stands tall in India. This three level perennial waterfall is one of the most famous attractions in the Satara region. Located amidst the Sahyadri Mountain range, it is just 29km away from the Satara City. Do visit this place if you come to Kaas Plateau.

How to reach this place? This place is well connected to Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik. Entry to this place is free and you can enjoy the authentic rural life with no nearby hotels. You will find caves near this waterfall to explore or can enjoy boating in the water pool near the waterfall. The Valley of Flowers is just 5km away from this place.

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Located just 20km away from the Satara city, this scenic waterfall lies close to the village of Thoseghar. This is a point of attraction during the months of July-November as more and more waterfall increases the beauty of the place. There is a serene atmosphere locked with clean lake and dark woods.

You can also spot various species of birds around the waterfall and have some wonderful clicks. This is a common spot for a picnic but it is not safe to enter the platform during heavy rain. This cataract waterfall has a series with the highest being 200metres. Reaching this place isn’t difficult because you will easily find public transports coming to this place.

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This waterfall lies on the old Mahabaleshwar Petit Road and 2kms away from the Mahabaleshwar bus stand. This enchanting waterfall creates a magic in the minds of the visitors and faces the Elphinstone Point. Being enclosed with rocks on all the sides, the water flows down into the Mahabaleshwar valley and cascades into the Koyna River.

It covers itself with vibrant greenery all around her and looks mesmerizing. This is the perfect picnic spot if you are looking forward to spending a day full of fun with your dear ones. Visit the place during the rainy season to view its real beauty.


It is one of the most beautiful falls located on Kundali river, this waterfall is best viewed during monsoons. The most amazing thing is that it gives birth to Krishna River. Different shores arise from this small waterfall and the water looks as pure as milk. You can also enjoy rappelling in this place.

This is an adventurous place with a lot of things to do. Activities and games are conducted at the campfire by the experts with due safety. This is a must visit place if you are looking for a pocket-friendly trip on the weekends with family or friends.

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