18 Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai – Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Mumbai or the erstwhile name Bombay is considered to be the commercial capital of our country. The city that never sleeps got its name after the Mumba Devi temple in Bore Munde. What defines Mumbai are not just the skyscrapers ruling the city, but, the running locals, the amazing Dabbawala’s, the thrilling Ganesh chatruti festival, the beautiful Haji Ali, Dahi Handi festival by forming human pyramids, the deep oceans and Bollywood. Mumbai is an incredible city and there are so many best places to visit near Mumbai for a perfect weekend getaway.

Mumbai is blessed with lots of places near it for the residents to enjoy and take their weekend off. The spirit of Mumbai has an intoxicating effect and like the famous author Salman Rushdie once said, “You can take the boy from Bombay; you can’t take Bombay out of the boy”.
There are umpteen choices when it comes to visiting sites close to and outside Mumbai. Let us explore each of them.

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai for a Weekend Getaway

Popular Places To Visit Near Mumbai (Within 100 Km)

Alibaug (95 Km from Mumbai)

The coastal town of Alibaug is located 93 kms from Mumbai and has some spectacular beaches overlooking the Arabian Sea. Alibaug beach, the flagship beach gives you a magnificent view of the Colaba fort. There are boat rides available for you to explore the fort. Other beaches like the Kihim beach, and the nagaon beach gives you the pleasure of thrilling water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

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The beaches can be visited in the evenings to enjoy the orange tinges of the sun setting in amidst the cascading blue waters. The famous Kanakeshwar forest has the most exquisite variety of flora and fauna which also houses a very old Shiva temple in it site. There are many forts lined up in Alibaug like the Revdanda and the Khanderi fort that is a good place to revisit history and trekking.

Matheran (80 Km from Mumbai)

Matheran is a tiny little hill station that stands 2600 feet above the seal level. Matheran means “Overhead forest” doesn’t allow vehicles to venture into its land. The fresh air devoid of pollution is what you will be enjoying at this perfect weekend getaway. Matheran is quite famous for its viewpoints taking the count to 36.

The most popular viewpoints are the Echo point, Alexandra Louisa point, Panorama point and the Porcupine point. The viewpoints give us the most unfathomable views of the mountains, sunsets and lush greenery. Charlotte Lake is the hottest picnic spots here. The charming town is an easy 100 kms drive from Mumbai and is cuddled up amidst the Sahyadri range on the Western Ghat.

Lonavala (82 Km from Mumbai)

If you want to experience the beauty of natural surroundings, amidst cold chills, thick forests, wonderful waterfalls and dams then Lonavala is a beauty that needs to be admired. The Lonavala has the famous Buddhist rock-cut cave temples called the Karla caves. This place is the pride of Lonavala and is a protected property of the Archeological survey of India.

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The lion’s cave offers a vantage point between Bhushi Dam and Aamby Valley. The majestic view from the cave offers the sight of many waterfalls, green hills and lakes and the mesmerizing sunsets. Other places worth a visit is the Rajmachi point, the Bhaja caves, Tiger’s point and the Duke’s nose point. Lonavala is certain a heaven on earth and ensure you don’t give this a miss.

Khandala (82 Km from Mumbai)

If you are looking at a place with a stupendous view combined with magical waterfalls and fairy tale ponds then, you need not leave Mother Earth. Pack your bags and go to Khandala for it wholesome weather, the charming greens, and the charismatic view of the downpour. The beautiful mansions and homes is a striking example of the regality of the place.

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Amongst the plethora of sites the best ones that khandala offers is the Shingroba temple which is an old temple and famous for its holiness. The Amrutanjan point is a wonderful picnic point and promises some breath taking views from its shelter. The Karla and Bhaja caves are full of tourists for its historical antiquity. The Bhushi Lake, gives you the tranquil spot to unwind and unravel your calm side.

Durshet (76 Km from Mumbai)

Near the Amba river is a beautiful village named Durshet, that serves as a perfect escape. The village is located between two historic Ganesha temples of Pali and Mahad. The place has a historic value too as it is supposed to be one of the battle fields of the great Shivaji Maharaj where he fought Kartalab Khan. The Durshet Forest lodge is spread on a sprawling 35 acre campus and is a welcome sight for people who love vegetation and birds.

The River Kundalika is a haven for rafters with the beautiful resort overlooking the River Amba. The lodge is the appropriate picnic places and for people in love with nature and thrills. The place is full of water sport and trekking activities that you can thoroughly enjoy. Pali Fort is also not to be missed.

Kamshet (105 Km from Mumbai)

The town of Kamshet is popular for its mystical caves, beautiful lake, old temples and paragliding. The place is a marvel for those who admire architecture and history. The Bedsa caves and the Bhairi caves offer the thrill to embark on the rocky steps taking us to them. The beautiful Kondeshwar temple surrounded by the fertile forests adds to the beauty of the temple.

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Kamshet is also hugely popular for paragliding, water sports, rock climbing and other survival based adventure thrills. Apart from this there is a medieval period temple based on the lofty hills of Bhandar Dongar. Kamshet is a place that provides huge entertainment in addition to adventure thrills in the midst of natural beauty that it is.

Best Places To Visit Near Mumbai (Within 200 Km)

Dahanu Bordi Beach (149 Km from Mumbai)

The beach is situated in Thane district of Maharashtra spread over a distance of 17 kms. If you are looking at a hushed, comforting trip to refresh your weekend, it is a good option. The prime attraction of the beach is Udwada which is a glorious and venerable temple for Zoroastrians.

Several tourists flock the area to witness the sacred fire which is kept alive for more than a century. The beach is famous for ‘chickoos’ and is a sure shot winner amongst couple and families. Don’t forget to engage in some beach walking and volleyball to take the most out of it.

Igatpuri (120 Km from Mumbai)

This is the embodiment of nature’s most picturesque places combined with spine-chilling adventure. It is a hill station that has the highest peaks of the Sahyadri’s. I would highly recommend to add this destination to your bucket list of best places to visit near Mumbai. The monsoon seasons does a makeover here with rich greenery spread across the town with beautiful waterfalls swelling up in the lakes.

The day trek to Kalsubai cannot be missed for its sheer view from the highest peak. You can also combine it with a one day trek to Harihargarh Fort if trekking is something you are looking at. The Bhatsa river valley is an enigmatic place which gives you a divine experience of nature, boondocks and crests. If you are looking to up the adventure quotient Camel valley offers enthralling rafting packages to beat the heat.

Kolad (121 Km from Mumbai)

Dotingly called as the Rishikesh of Maharashtra, Kolad takes you to the journey of steep mountains with cascading waterfalls and emerald pastures. Nature aficionados and hikers head towards Kolad for their adventures but, this place is equally good for white water rafting and treks in the backwoods. Kolad is a visual beauty in monsoons, but every season here has something else to offer which cannot be missed. The Tahini waterfalls are one of the most popular attractions of this place. The Kansai waterfalls and hot springs at Uddhar is located near it.

The Bhira dam, popularly known as the Tata Power house dam is the major source of electricity in Kolad and finds it source from the Kundalika River popular for river rafting. The Ghosala fort stands tall between the creeks of Revdanda and Salav. The fort is for architecture connoisseurs and houses prisons, parapets and secret chambers in it. The plus valley trek, Sutarwadi Lake and the Tala fort are other attractions here. It is definitely one of the best places to visit near Mumbai for all adventure lovers.

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Pune (149 Km from Mumbai)

Pune is a sprawling city with a beautiful weather considering its city life. Pune has a lot to offer to its visitors, be it the Shaniwar Wada Palace or the Parvati hill. If you love adventure and crave for thrills you can visit the Pasha Lake to explore the wildlife enveloping it.

The peacock bay is yet another feather to its cap. The unique Osho Ashram will bring out the new spiritual you and make you feel lighter. The City of Pune has the most youth crowd and there are innumerable malls that could help you enjoy your shopping experience.

Palghar (115 Km from Mumbai)

Palghar has its loyal tourists visiting regularly because it offers a lot to us. Palghar is a sought after industrial town with many small scale industries housed here. The place has some good places to wither away. The Kelva Dam is a major source of irrigation, has a beautiful garden surrounding it.

There are some ancient temples here with many lakes adding to the beauty of the place. One of the best places to be here is the Manor. It is a peaceful town and a perfect place to relax. The Kelva beach and the Shirgaon beach adjoined to the fort is a must see in the city.

Beautiful Places To Visit Near Mumbai (Within 500 Km)

Ganpatipule (346 Km from Mumbai)

As the name suggests the town located in Ratnagiri district is the abode of Lord Ganesha. The Swayambhu Ganpati temple is located on the Ganpatipule beach which is what makes the place beautiful. The serenity of the temple seeps into in the whole village with a calm aura surrounding it. The Ganesh temple is more than 400 years old and the idol of Ganesha is said to be a monolith that was self-incarnated.

There are many other spots that can be visited here especially the Malgund. This place was the birth place of the famous poet Keshvsut and has a memorial in his name. The Gaywadi beach near Malgund too hosts water sport activities. The Jaigad fort and the Prachin Konkan Museum are other attractions here.

Malvan (528 Km from Mumbai)

The historic town of Malvan, located in the Sindhudurg district is most famous for the Sindhudurg fort of Chatrapati Shivajiraje. There are 6 beaches encircling the Malvan area with lesser population invading them. The rock garden is constructed on the rocky shores of the Chivla beach that is beautifully made and adds up as a must-visit area.

Malvan also has a beautiful Rameshwar temple that resides the deity of Shri Rameshwar. The Sindhudurg fort is one of the rare places where scuba diving can be done. The water is pristine thus making it an ideal spot for the same. Water snorkeling activity too has gained momentum with live coral reefs and marine life at display.

Rajmachi (313 Km from Mumbai)

Resting between the Sahyadri peaks is a small village that is a joyful ride with a trek to die for. The Rajmachi fort has two iron grip forts called the Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. The Kataldhar waterfall is easily visible and it makes for a beautiful sight especially in monsoons. The fort is surrounded by caves that are full of trekkers.

The caves amidst waterfalls can be enjoyed if you want to trek your way out to the Kondane caves. The Udaysagar Lake and the cult Shiva temple gives combined with trekking makes Rajmachi visit worth every penny spent on it. It is definitely one of the best places to visit near Mumbai for all nature lovers.

Mahabaleshwar (263 Km from Mumbai)

One of the most visited tourist spots in Maharashtra is the beautiful land of Mahabaleshwar. The hill station located on the Western Ghats of the Sahyadri is known for its breathtaking locales, majestic peaks and strawberries. The views are charming making it the most perfect getaway for the weekend. The Elephant’s point is the most famous spots here that give you a glorious ride around the natural surroundings. Your visit to Mahabaleshwar is total incomplete without visiting the Chinaman’s fall that gives a tantalizing view of the gushing waters.

The Arthur’s seat or the suicide point is also regarded as the queen of all points. The view offers an awe-inspiring view of the dense valleys of Brahma – Aryana and River Savitri. Panchgani is 30 mins away from Mahabaleshwar and is embodied with colonial structures, beautiful locales and typical Parsi homes. The Mahabaleshwar temple residing Lord Shiva is about 500 years old and is a must on your tour here.

Panchgani (244 Km from Mumbai)

The famous hill station is named after five hills and offers its tourists a wonderful holiday treat. Panchgani is a treat for nature lovers and adventure seekers. While on one hand, the beautiful mountain peaks and flowing waterfalls wakes up your inborn serenity, on the other hand, horse riding, paragliding and Go karting call you to discover your exploratory side. Panchgani is famous for its magnetic appeal and Sherbaug is one of it.

The picture perfect surroundings with beautiful birds adorning the green plots and valleys make this spot a never forgettable experience. The Parsi point is yet another spot that is ideal for picnic lovers and endows us with the enigmatic sight of Dhom Dam backwaters. The Rajpuri cave is encircled with several ponds and that’s why Panchgani is a treasure for travelers.

Ratnagiri (350 Km from Mumbai)

Ratnagiri is a dream destination for tourists. The place has everything you have craved for, be it, white sand seas, hills and peaks with waterfalls with the most magnificent monuments adorning it. Some of the best places to visit in Ratnagiri is the Jaigad fort, the Thibaw point, Pawas, Malgund and Pandre Samudra. Each of the spots promises enduring memories. And yes, while packing off, don’t forget to own your carton of Ratnagiri mangoes.

Goa (586 Km from Mumbai)

The most popular place in the entire country is our very own Goa. There is a feeling of a mystical aura surrounding Goa that makes us come back for more. Goa is a blend of Indian and Portuguese culture apart from its beaches and trances. Goa is an enjoyable ride with your family, friends and honeymooners. Goa is synonymous with beaches and the best beaches are inarguably the Baga beachAnjuna BeachCandolim beach, while the Calangute beach is the busiest beach out here.

The breathtaking views of sunset and hovering on the silent seas marks the Cruise service in Goa. Go at the right time and you get to experience all the water sports activities. If you enjoy betting your money, then Goa is the right place for you. You can have the best casino experience here if you have the appetite for it. Beach Shacks and trance are intoxicating and so are the beautiful churches that take you to another World. Without doubt, Goa is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai.

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