Damdama Lake Timings, Entry Fee, Nearby Attractions & More

Damdama Lake Timings, Entry Fee, Nearby Attractions & More

The Damdama lake stands majestically, tucked in the middle of the Aravalli range of mountains. This magnificent lake is the house of 190 species of birds from all over the world.

This lake is a natural water body fed by rainfall but almost vanishes during the summer season. The Damdama lake covers an area of 1300 acres. It is situated 24 km from Gurugram and 64 km from the national capital, Delhi.

Things To Do at Dhamdama Lake

Are you adventurous? Then why don’t you go for trekking in the Aravalli mountains near Damdama Lake? You will feel a sudden surge in hormones and your heart thumping, as you climb up and down, the rocks of those mountain ranges.

If you are fond of rope climbing or monkey crawl, many adventure companies organize fun camps and trekking assistance services.

If you want to go boating along the lake, you can find a lot of boats near the lake. After a busy day, if you feel tired and want to energize your body, you can camp near the lake and stomach down your favourite barbeque food.

You can enjoy the evening with your loved ones in a cosy camp. You can do a lot of other activities like paragliding, fishing, kayaking to feed your soul hungry for an adventure.

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Resorts near Damdama Lake:

The Gateway Resort

An excellent haven of comfort that will keep the stress at bay! It is a 20 acres long resort that entertains people with the facilities and cosiness it offers the visitors.

The serene atmosphere with air-conditioned rooms is way ahead of the comfort you get in any of the resorts in this area. It has an inviting lounge area and satellite Tv to spend time cheerfully while you are at this resort.

In the evenings, you can enjoy the gentle breeze that gets trapped inside the resort due to its favourable location. The luscious cuisine in this resort will be a pleasurable experience for your taste buds. The price ranges from Rs. 7000 upwards for a night’s stay in this resort.

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The Saras Resort

How nice it would be to sit back in your recliner and have a glimpse of the beautiful Damdama lake in the morning? On the bank of the river Dhamma, lies the Saras resort, with the most modern facilities at an affordable cost.

During cold mornings, you can switch on the heater to keep you warm. During the summer season, you can turn on the AC to make yourself comfortable.

This resort has created a green lawn to entertain the kids with a wonderful park having a variety of activities. You can also test your paddling skills as the resort has many boats to rent you.

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The Best Time to Visit Damdama Lake

During monsoon time, the water level in the lake rises to 50 feet. This lake hosts a large variety of migratory birds at this time. It is advisable to visit the lake from august to February month to enjoy the beauty at the fullest extent.

The cranes, water foul, terns, and kingfishers found here are unique. We can spot them only during this period. During the summer season, the water level goes down due to extreme heat. The extreme temperature during this time will steal the joy of enjoying the beauty of this lake.

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How to Reach Damdama Lake?

This lake is situated near the Faridabad railway station, which 21 km from the lake. You can travel by train to reach the Damdama lake. Otherwise, you can enjoy the drive from Gurugram to this place for Rs.500.

The Gurugram- Alwar highway is the easiest way to reach this lake from any part of India. If you are coming from Delhi, you can hire a car with a driver or self-drive to reach this lake. You can follow many Apps that guide you with various maps or voice assistants.

If you reach Delhi, it takes 1 and a half hours to reach this lake. Whenever you are tight on budget, you can take a metro train and reach this picnic spot. There are so many metro trains plying in and around Delhi and Haryana. It would make your journey safe and pleasurable.

When you have detailed information about the charges in all these types of transport, you can choose from the above options according to your choice.

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Nearest metro station to Damdama Lake

The nearest metro station to Damdama Lake is, Iffco Chowk metro station. There are a lot of Delhi Metro Rail corporation trains plying to this lake. There are some Apps like Moovit that will provide accurate information about the exact fare, distance from Iffco Chowk to Damdama Lake, and the timings of the trains.

Car rental companies offer attractive rates to those who wish to reach here without making a hole in their budget. These metro trains will take you to the gateway resort straight away. So no need of wasting time asking for the route to the gateway resort.

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Dhamma Lake Timings

The Dhamma lake is open throughout the day from 9.30 AM to 6.30 PM. It will take an average of 4- 5 hours to completely enjoy the beauty of the lake. The weather will be pleasurable if you visit during the winter season. You can sit there and enjoy while your children will be playing around, different types of games and activities.

Dhamma Lake entry fee: You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Dhamma lake without paying any entry fee. This is the reason why many people flock to this place during the holidays. Lots of people from Delhi, Haryana and other parts of the world come here to forget the busy schedule and breath the fresh air of tranquillity.

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Places to Visit near Damdama Lake

Lohagarh Farms

Lohagarh farms bring to everyone the rural touch of ancient India. This is to help people to bring back the reminiscence of memories lost in the present busy schedules of the people.

There are so many amusements activities in Lohagrah farms like animal rides, games, and fun activities. They have so many team building activities as well that will make your ordinary day a fun-filled day.

You will have to pay a charge of Rs.1150 all-inclusive of the entry fee, amusement fee, food during your visit to Lohagarh farms. One can play a lot of games from kite flying, wrestling, Danda, Ludo, sack race.

Tikli Bottom

It is an excellent guest house that offers a quiet place for the guests to enjoy and relax the silence of the place. It is 50kms away from the busy place of Delhi. This is a beautiful haveli on the bottom of the Aravalli mountain range.

It has 4 bedrooms and is surrounded by trees on all sides. It has the appearance of that of a hill station. It has a captivating courtyard that the visitors use to rejuvenate their souls for some time.

The staff in this haveli is very courteous, and the quality of food served in this guest house is very nice.

Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park

This is a wonderful home to thousands of birds and is maintained properly. This park is free from pollution. The locals prefer, to spend a day here to get rid of the stress in their lives.

The Huda city centre is the nearest metro station that helps you to travel to this amazing park. There are excellent, clean tracks for walking and jogging in the morning. Since the Haryana State department maintains it, there are no messy tracks or dry plants in this park.

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In short, Dhamma Lake in the Haryana district is a wonderful lake with scenic beauty and has a quality of curing all mental agonies like stress. This wonderful lake sees a lot of species of rare birds that come to Haryana from all over the world. There are so many resorts and activity centres that will help you to stay and enjoy the beauty of this lake without shelling a fortune from your pocket.