Phulkari Shopping in Amritsar – 7 Best Shopping Destinations

Phulkari Shopping in Amritsar – 7 Best Shopping Destinations

I have tried to make this a comprehensive guide on Phulkari shopping in Amritsar.   Phulkari is a famous Punjabi embroidery work, which means embroidery of flowers. The work is done by using white or yellow silk floss on the cotton khaddar cloth material.

The embroidery is called Phulkari when the work is in dupattas or scarves. But, when the embroidery work covers the entire body of a kurta or suit, it is called Baghs, which means Garden work.

Amritsar, being the heart of Punjab, tops in having the best collection of Phulkari apparels and suits. It is the most beautiful souvenir to carry from your Amritsar trip without which your trip us partly incomplete.

The following are the best shopping areas in Amritsar for exclusive Phulkari shopping.

Best Places For Phulkari Shopping in Amritsar

Katra Jaimal Singh Market at Katra Jaimal Singh Road

This is one of the oldest market and best market of Amritsar for Phulkari shopping. It is located at the Katra Jaimal Singh Road in Amritsar. The destination is not just famous for exclusive phulkari works but, also houses varieties of clothing.

If you are looking for buying clothes in your Amritsar trip, be it men’s or women’s wear; this market is the best choice. Having a setting among the busiest lane of Amritsar; you will find plenty of shops lined on both sides of the market with beautiful, alluring displays.

It has got the finest collections of phulkari suits and apparels for both men and women; colourful bright sarees; Pashmina; beaded dresses and also wedding collections in phulkari work as well as designer ones.

The market not only has the finest quality of traditional clothing but also has the best collection of western clothing like gowns, suits, ties, and so on. You can brag some best quality clothing from this market with good bargaining skills.

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Guru Bazaar at Katra Ahluwalia Road, Shiv Puri

This is another famous market in Amritsar alluring the visitors with its quality collections. The market is famous for having the biggest collection of jewellery in Amritsar, along with clothing and accessories. It is situated at Katra Ahluwalia road in Shiv Puri between Guru Ka Mahal and Golden Temple.

The market is not only the hub of locals but has become a tourist attraction due to its array of shops selling breathtaking apparels, jewellery, and accessories. From Gold, silver, Kundan, costume, statements to Jadau bridal set, everything you can have in the best quality from Guru Bazar.

If you are looking here for Phulkari shopping, you are most welcome. There are various retailers in the market selling Phulkari apparels, dupattas, stoles, and suits.

The best part is you can even shop for matching jewellery from here to go with the phulkari outfits. The market houses more than 2500 shops where you can also get home décor items along with jewellery being the main highlight of the market.

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Phulkari Creations at 24, Park Lane, Near Old Shivala, Rani Ka Bagh

As the name suggests, this shop is especially dedicated for the ladies looking for phulkari shopping in Amritsar. It is a well established and a renowned phulkari centre in Amritsar at Park Lane close to Rani Ka Bagh.

The shop has got huge collections of phulkari garments, apparels, suits, dupattas, bridal phulkari outfits, phulkari stoles and what not. The price rates are affordable, and you get to plenty of unique Phulkari works here in bright colours.

The selections of this shop are amazing with high-end quality. You can shop multiple phulkari items from here for your family members and also for yourself. The shop staffs are very friendly are then also allow to click pictures of their collections if you are purchasing for someone who is not present with you.

Apart from the phulkari works, you can also have the finest collection of Pashmina wears here along with designer suits, embroidered suits, ladies fancy cotton suit, georgette salwar suits, and a majority of the Indian traditional wears under one roof.

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Hall Bazaar at Hall Bazaar Road

This is a one-stop shopping destination in Amritsar. The market is located at Hall Bazar Road at a distance of 1 km from Amritsar Railway station.

It is referred to as the biggest shopping hub in Amritsar having a series of shops lined on both sides selling everything from apparels, clothing, shoes, accessories, handicrafts, home decors, jewellery, embroidery products, electronic and daily requirements.

The market features a Mughal style shopping gate showcasing a giant clock with the caption ‘Amritsar-Sifti Da Ghar’. You will simply love the vibe and ambience of this place.

The market is well known is Amritsar for Phulkari Shopping, offering a range of retailers to provide you the best quality Phulkari items. The destination is also famous for having the biggest collection of Chinese Lamps and houses multiple eateries to fulfil your hunger cravings while shopping.

It can be called the biggest and the best shopping zone in Amritsar for having your trip souvenirs. It is a must-visit shopping destination in Amritsar irrespective of you is looking for Phulkari shopping or not.

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Lahori Gate Market near Main Bazaar Rd. Lahori Gate Rd

This is another budget-friendly shopping destination in Amritsar for phulkari shopping. It is famous for the exclusive collection of Pashmina shawls, Phulkari suits, apparels, Kashmiri suits, cotton suits, footwear, and casual suits as well.

It located at the Main Bazar area, Lahori Gate Road in Amritsar. The market is not just Amritsar’s top-most shopping destination but also a famous commercial hub. It houses plenty of branded showrooms, polished restaurants, high-end cafes along with the busting shops selling heaps of bright and colourful items.

The ambience of the market is very lively, with an appealing look to enchant the shoppers. From designer items to casual wears and accessories, jootis everything is best in Lahori gate market.

You can have a gala time here, shopping for your family at affordable rates provided your bargaining skills are good. Apart from the shopping locations, the market is also famous for selling Amritsari papad, Kulcha, and homemade pickles which are great to carry as trip souvenirs.

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Kapda Bazaar Located Near Town Hall

It is the famous cloth market of Amritsar having a huge collection of apparels in unique designs, varieties, and colours. The clothing market is located close to Town Hall in Amritsar.

It is one of the most crowded destinations in the city, especially in the day time with the maximum ladies crowds from locals to visitors. If you are willing to purchase the best quality Punjabi apparels as your trip memory, head on to this wonderful market.

Here you will get all kinds of traditional Punjabi wear, starting from suits to bridal and Phulkari suits always top among them. From colourful Phulkari dupattas to readymade Phulkari suits, apparels, and Phulkari bridal wears, the market has it all.

You can also have a bright collection of Phulkari scarves here in unique designs along with accessories like bangles, bindi, earrings and so on. The market leads in Amritsar for its traditional wear collections and is a must visit for all looking for Indian traditional and Punjabi outfits.

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Lawrence Road Market at Lawrence Road

Lawrence road is more of a tourist attraction than a marketplace. The destination features a big street area housing number of malls, glamorous showrooms, local shopping destinations, cafes and restaurants to hang out for the young crowds.

You can enjoy the city culture at its best in this area, have a glance at the Amritsari Fashion and taste mouth-watering Amritsari street foods along with multi-cuisine restaurants. From Pizza Hut, KFC, Dominos, to Imli Wala Laddu, Panipuri, Mungfali, ice-cream corners, everything yo get here under one roof.

Coming to the shopping zone, you can choose to purchase exclusive Phulkari apparels and suits from the branded showrooms here, from the malls as well as the reputed local shops. You will get a range of different varieties of Phulkari suits and dupattas here along with beautiful dress materials.

You can also purchase other traditional Punjabi suits and Jootis. The market also has a vast collection of carpets, stationery items, accessories, and jewellery. Lawrence Road is a happening joint of the city mostly dominated by young crowds.

Hope you liked this complete guide on Phulkari shopping in Amritsar. Do share your views with me in the comments section below. If this article was helpful, do share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It would mean a lot to me.