10 Best Beaches in Gokarna That You Must Visit

Beaches In Gokarna

Gokarna is a paradise of beaches with a serene atmosphere everywhere. Gokarna beach, Om beach, half-moon beach all give a glimpse of paradise to those who come here to relax and enjoy.

Popular Beaches in Gokarna

The Offshore winds from the Northeast, rise and break through the beautiful beaches in Gokarna. The pebbly and calm beaches welcome tourists from different parts of the world.

Here is a list of the best beaches in Gokarna

Gokarna Beach

Known for trekking, activity, this beach is equally preferred by pilgrims due to its proximity to Mahabaleswara temple. Pilgrims from all parts of the country flock here after a pious visit to Mahabaleswar temple.

They go to the Gokarna beach to have a dip in the sea to cleanse their body before entering the main temple.

In addition to trekking, other activities the tourists prefer to do are skiing, snorkeling, surfing, etc. If you want to visit this exotic beach, then October to March is the best time. A peaceful morning walk, listening to the music of the waves offers you a nostalgic experience for sure.

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Om Beach

This beach got its name because of its shape like the spiritual symbol of Hindus- OM! Our nature never fails to give us surprises, and this beach is one of those pleasant surprises to us.

Even a person who doesn’t know swimming can enjoy the waters of this beach. The calm atmosphere and the sweet cooing sound of the birds during the daybreak, just give you a heartwarming experience to you!

It is one of the beaches where people love to flock. It is a heaven for those who love water activities. Are you a good swimmer? If you want to test your swimming skills, this beach is perfect for you. From skiing to trekking, from trekking to banana ride, this beach allows you to enjoy any sort of activity you are interested in.

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Half-moon beach

Just like Om beach got its name, the Half-moon beach got its name because of its unique shape of a half-moon. If you are a solitude lover, this beach is perfect for you.

Here you can’t see so many busy footprints and loud noises as it is not frequented by many people. This beach is apt for those who plan for a getaway with their family and are looking for a secluded place with less footfall and devoid of any commercial activities.

Here you can build a cozy, tiny tent and sit in it till the sun is down. This is one of the other 5 beaches that you can pay a visit together to enjoy the tranquillity of these water bodies in one go.

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Kudle beach

This is yet another beach that allows enjoying solitude along with your family. You can enjoy aloof places where there will be not many people to disturb you while enjoying a vacation.

Most of the foreign tourists visit this place as they intend to escape flocking crowds and honking of the car horns. There are lots of inns and resorts that can accommodate you at a reasonable cost in and around Kudle beach.

This beach is a little far off from the mainland and is located 6 km away from it. Om beach is very near to this beach and allows you to enjoy activities like volleyball. You can have a lethargic walk around the beach till your legs ache and go back to your resort after sunset.

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Paradise beach

Only during peak season, you can visit this beach. You can’t do much activity here as the beach is dangerous for swimming. The beach is not friendly like Gokarna beach or Om beach. So it is closed except for the peak season when you can do some activity on the sandy beach of Paradise beach.

This beach offers you luscious seafood to please your taste buds. This beach doesn’t invite a lot of visitors, and because of this reason, you can enjoy a few days of solitude with your loved ones here.

Nirvana Beach

This Nirvana beach will offer the best experience for beach lovers like you. This beach also helps you to realise the dream of being at a place where there is no crowd to enjoy with your family.

It has a peaceful atmosphere, and you can enjoy the musical rhythm of the rising waves. You can’t find any homestead or hotels in and around this beach. Carrying a backpack with eatables would be advisable to keep hunger at bay.

By the time you finish your food, you can enjoy the beauty of the setting of the sun. If you are an excellent swimmer, you can swim for some time at this beach. You have to be extra careful as the beach doesn’t have a lifeguard to save you.

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Baada Beach

Usually, tourists from all parts of the world flock to this place as it maintained properly. It is a clean beach with exotic sceneries and places to visit in the vicinity of this wonderful beach.

Baada beach is a real beauty as she is trapped between many rocks and beautiful hills on both sides of this beach. The best time to visit to enjoy this place is between November and February.

This beach is only 16 km away from Gokarna beach, which you can sail across with this help of a boat. You can do trekking along the sands of this beach and would cherish that experience!

Small Hell Beach

This is yet another beach waiting to give a treat of wonderful experiences in Gokarna. This beach is very clean and has a peaceful atmosphere. The scenic beauty of the spreading yellow sand and the calm blue waters of the Arabian sea is a visual treat to the visitors.

The beautiful cliff near the beach is what makes this beach a wonderful place to visit. It is unfortunate that not many people visit this place and is unknown to a lot of tourists. You can enjoy a peaceful walk along the side of the beach, or go swimming, or enjoy camping here.

Belekan Beach

You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this beach if you travel by boat. From Gokarna beach, it is very easy to reach the Belekan beach as there are lots of boats from and to this place.

It is best to take the boat driver’s mobile number to get in touch if you are left alone on this beach. This beach is surely off the beaten track. So you should make sure to carry the necessary food, water, and mobile phones to make sure you reach the resort on time. It is a pleasurable sight to see people playing frisbee on the beach.

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Alvekodi Beach

Almost 10 minutes away from the Kumta city is the Alvekodi beach. This beach is famous among the foreign nationals as well as local tourists. After enjoying the serene atmosphere of Alvekodi beach, you can go to visit the old lighthouse situated in Brahma Devaragudda and is a perfect place for family getaways.

It would be a nice experience to stride through the paths in the middle of paddy and groundnut fields, to reach this place. It would be a good idea to visit this place during the November month. Up to February, you can enjoy having fun on the sands of this beach.

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