5 Most Beautiful Lakes In And Around Chandigarh

5 Most Beautiful Lakes In And Around Chandigarh

The well-planned city of Chandigarh created by the French architect Le Corbusier is an important tourist destination of India. It is the capital city of Punjab and Haryana and is famous for its quality lifestyle, world-class architectures and plenty of beautiful attractions and heritage sites. If you plan a visit to Chandigarh,  make sure to include these beautiful lakes in and around Chandigarh in your bucket list.

It is one such highly urbanized destination in India that has equally preserved the green ecosystem with its beautiful lakes and surrounding greeneries. One of the most famous lakes of Chandigarh is Sukhna Lake but apart from that, there are multiple others that are equally beautiful with a calm and serene ambiance.

The following are the 5 most beautiful lakes in and around Chandigarh.

Stunningly Beautiful Lakes In And Around Chandigarh That You Must Visit

Scenic Lakes in Chandigarh

The Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

Sukhna Lake is a major tourist attraction in Chandigarh on the foothills of Himalayas. It is a manmade lake that was created back in 1958. It covers an area of 3 sq.km.

The lake has got a mesmerizing scenic beauty accompanied by a golf course in the southern part and Nek Chand’s Rock garden on the western part. The lake was constructed by Le Corbusier and P.L. Verma by changing the flow of Sukhna Choe which is a natural seasonal stream descending from the Shivalik Ranges.

The lake is the home to 150+ migratory birds’ species and offers different water entertainments for visitors like Sailing, sculling, rowing, boating, and windsurfing. Sukhna Lake is famous for having the largest rowing channel in Asia and has also been the venue of the Asian Rowing Championship.

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Dhanas Lake, Chandigarh

Dhanas is a village area in Chandigarh and its second most populated city famous for its picturesque beauty- Dhanas Lake. It is among the three famous lakes of Chandigarh and is located close to sector 38.

The scenic view and the tranquil environment of this location are awe-inspiring. Covered by lush green greeneries on all sides with blooming flowers and housing the lake in between, the destination actually serves as a visual treat for the majority of the visitors.

It is slightly tucked away from the city area and hence offers a perfect place for relaxation from the concrete jungles. It is one of those places to spend some quiet quality romantic moments with your special ones admiring the natures beautiful creation and the sight of wonderful migratory birds.

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New Lake, Sector 42, Chandigarh

New Lake is another famous lake of Chandigarh situated in Sector 42. It is the newest addition to Chandigarh lakes that has eventually become the most lovable spot among the local families.

It has got a polished look situated in the quieter part of the city and covers an area of 3 acres. The royal blue sparkling water of the lake accompanied by expansive stair cased stone pavilions intercepted by lampposts at regular intervals makes the scenic beauty of the lake highly captivating mostly in the evening time.

Be it for running, jogging, lazing around or spending some quality time, the New Lake is Chandigarh has become the latest attraction of local couples and residents along with Sukhna Lake. The lake is also famous for celebrating grand festivals like Chhat Puja and Ganesh Puja.

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Gorgeous Lakes Around Chandigarh

Renuka Lake, Sirmaur

Renuka Lake is the largest lake of Himachal Pradesh in the Sirmaur district at an altitude of 672 meters. The huge lake has a circumference of 3214 meters and has derived its name from Goddess Renuka who was the mother of Vishnu avatar ‘Parshurama’.

As per the Hindu mythology, when Goddess Renuka’s husband ‘Sage Jamadagini’ was killed by Sahasarjuna and he tried to put his hold on Goddess Renuka, she in order to escape the deadly incident jumped in the lake and never returned.

The lake is famous for the after Diwali celebration when Goddess Renuka is believed to arrive for her son Parshurama and hence the festival is celebrated grandly by saints across the word after a bath in the holy lake.

The Lake has a picturesque Himalayan scenic beauty entertains the tourists with boating, Renuka ji Temple and animal safari in the nearby zoo.

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Tikkar Taal, Morni Hills

Morni Hills is a beautiful tourist attraction at Haryana in the Panchkula district. The destination lies at an altitude of 1,267 meters from sea level at a distance of 45kms from Chandigarh.

The location has got its name from the Morni queen who ruled the area before 2000 years. The beautiful Tikkar Taal Lake is a famous attraction of Morni hill. It is divided into two sections by a giant hill.

The larger lake is given the name of Tikkar Taal having a width of 550 meters while the smaller lake is known as Chota Tikkar Taal having a width of 365 meters.

Having a mesmerizing mountainous background on the three sides accompanied by neem, oak, jamum, Pipal, and jacaranda vegetation, the lake serves as a visual treat with a tranquil ambiance to bring peace to your mind and soul.

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