13 Best Beaches Near Mumbai For a Perfect Weekend Trip

Mumbai due to its blissful location by the Konkan coast is actually a hub of beaches and coastal areas located in and around the city. Today, I’ll talk about 13 best beaches near Mumbai that are a must visit.

Thinking about Mumbai; the first thing that pops in our mind are – Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Bandra Bandstand, the glamorous city lifestyle and most importantly, Bollywood. But, Mumbai is much more than that.

Mumbaikars need not travel as far as Goa to enjoy an exciting beach vacation this weekend. Mumbai has the best beaches  and calmness, making you want to visit them again and again. Whether you are planning to spend a holiday on the beautiful beach of Mandawa or you want to try challenging water sports in Diwegar , there is something unique for all types of holidays.

If you love exploring beaches, apart from Goa being the most popular nearest destination, there are plenty of other coastal areas with lovely untouched beaches worth cherishing for.

Most Popular Beaches Near Mumbai

So let’s check out the most beautiful beaches near Mumbai within a range of 100, 200 and 400 km.

Best Beaches Near Mumbai within 100 km


The beautiful beach is located at Manori village in north Mumbai. Tucked away from the bustling city crowd, the beach is famous among the visitors for its tranquil environment, laid back ambience and mesmerizing scenic beauty.

The beach looks beautiful featuring long stretches of soft white sand intercepted by artistic shells, cashew trees lining the shore and beautiful vibrant greenery in the surroundings with a picturesque view of rocky cliffs enhancing the beauty of the coastline.

It is also famous in the name of mini Goa. It is a great destination to organize family picnics, take casual beach strolls, relax watching the waves crashing the shore and have some delicious meals in the beach shacks or rest in the beach huts.

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Vasai Virar is a famous beach destination in Maharashtra that lies 50 km north of Mumbai. The destination is a perfect weekend gateway and comprises of different beaches to cherish for like- Suruchi Beach, Rangaon Beach, Kalam Beach, Bhuigaon Beach, Ambala Beach, Rajodi Beach and few more.

It has the typical Portuguese ambience as found in Goa and the each of its beaches is equally beautiful with a unique scenic view. The most famous beach in Vasai is the Suruchi Beach which looks beautiful having an array of lush green trees and bushes lining the shore accompanied by magical Arabian Sea waves.

The beach is completely unspoiled and offers a calm and peaceful environment to relax and go for fantastic camel rides. Other attractions include Vasai Fort, Vasai Old churches, and Hedavde Mahalaxmi Temple.


This is a major tourist attraction and famous location in Maharashtra located around 102 kms from Mumbai. It is a coastal area and is most famous among the locals and tourists due to its lovely collection of beaches.

However, the famous among them is the Alibaug beach that has got a panoramic scenic view featuring the blue Arabian Sea splashing the long golden sand beach intercepted by envious green bushes and the rocky cliffs.

One of the most beautiful heritage attractions of the beach is the Colaba Fort and the headquarters of Maratha Army. The boat ride from the beach to the fort is a highly fascinating one.

Other famous beaches in Alibaug include – Varsoli Beach, Akshi beach, Nagao Beach, Mandwa Beach, Kashid beach, and more.

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Popular Beaches Near Mumbai within 200 Km


It is another famous weekend gateway in Maharashtra at a distance of 80 km from Mumbai city. The beach has the longest stretch of 8 km in the Palghar district and looks amazing.

Having beautiful golden sands surrounded by Suru Trees and the majestic Arabian Sea, the beach tempts you to relax amidst the serene, clean surroundings or go for a casual beach walk exploring its beauty.

The beach has plenty of tourists accommodations in its close vicinity in the form of resorts if you are willing to spend one night in the location.

Some of the beautiful attractions of this beach are- Kelva Beach Fort, Kelva Pankot, Kelva, Dam, Danda Bridge, and Shitaladevi Temple. However, it is not best for swimming due to high tides.


Located in the Raigad district, this beach is a wonderful weekend destination located at 103 km from Mumbai. Mandwa is basically a village of Maharashtra and is renowned among the tourists for its beautiful beach.

Being located in an isolated location, the beach is an unspoiled one and offers stunning scenic views lined with too many coconut trees, an overlapping sea bridge, and beautiful sunset views.

One of the famous attractions of this beach is Chaul housing ruins of Portuguese heritage architectures, old churches, temple, and a Buddhist cave. The beach is like a paradise for the adventure enthusiast hosting various water sport activities like Jet Ski, Banana boat, kayaking, Quad Bike Ride, Bumper ride, Parasailing, Power Kite, Swimming, Kite Surfing and what not.


It is a secret paradise destination in Alibaug and is also famous as ‘Gem of Alibaug’. The picturesque beach is painted in the hues of green and yellow weeds, colourful flowers, and gorgeous grassy landscapes beautifying the shoreline. It has distinct summer and winter views.

While the summer season all green and colorful in the winter, it achieves a rocky look. It is not that popular among the tourists, but every part of the beach is drop-dead gorgeous and worth exploring. Some of the famous attractions close to the beach are- Korlai Fort, Lighthouse, and an age-old church.

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In Monsoon, the view of the beach is out of the world under the dark clouds and seems like the entire destination is transported from heaven. It is a must-visit attraction in Alibaug.


This is another beautiful beach of Alibaug at a distance of 135 km from Mumbai. It is known for its stunning white sand beach, crystal clear royal blue waters of the Arabian Sea, the gorgeous shoreline of Coconut trees and the panoramic rocky cliffs giving a sharp edge to its beauty.

It stretches around 3 km long and has a perfect romantic ambience for the couple to spend some quality time or have romantic campfire nights. The beach features several hammocks for relaxation.

You can also go for swimming here or try out the water sport adventures like Parasailing, scuba diving, banana boat rides, snorkelling and so on. Some of the famous sightseeing attractions close to the beach are- Kanakeshwar Forest, Alibaug Beach, and Janjira Fort.


It is a coastal town in the Konkan district of Maharashtra at a distance of 110km from Mumbai. The destination is famous for its beautiful Dahanu Bordi beach. If you are looking for an exotic weekend beach holiday, head to Dahanu Bordi beach.

The beach has a pure refreshing ambience with perfectly clean golden sand beach accompanied by the crashing waves of the Arabian Sea and lush greeneries enhancing the beauty of the location.

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset here, interact with the local Parsee and Worli communities, taste some lip-smacking seafood, visit the orchards and farms, trek to the nearby hills or visit Tarpa which is the adventure zone here.

The beach is also famous for Chickoo festival and Tarpa dance. Some of the famous attractions here are- Asavli Dam, Dahanu Fort, Silvassa, Bahrot caves, and Daman.

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It is a famous beach in Maharashtra located at Murud-Janjira in the Raigad district. It lies at a distance of 48km from Alibaug. The beach is among the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra stretching about 1.75 km long.

The scenic view of this beach is eye-arresting having beautiful mountains in the backdrop on three sides with black sand shores and green landscapes with boulder-filled edges.

The town Murud lies on the eastern part of the beach. The ambience of the beach is very peaceful and has captivating sunset views. The major attraction here is the Murud-Janjira Fort which can be reached by ferry across the sea.

You can also try out adventure sports in this beach like- Bumper Tube ride, Jet-Ski Ride, Dolphin ride, fishing trip, and Banana Boat ride.


It is a prosperous village in Shrivardhan district of Maharashtra at a distance of 170 km from Mumbai. The destination is famous for its Diveagar beach that flourished from the time a golden Ganesha mask was found in this location.

The overall beach comprises of three breaches- Diveagar beach, Harihareshwar beach, and Shreevardhan beach. The ambience of the beach is calm and peaceful having clean golden sand shores lined by the beetle nut, coconut and suru trees.

It is an ideal destination for weekend breaks to explore multiple nearby locations like- Lakshmi Narayan temple, scenic drive from Shreevardhan to Harihareshwar, Devkhol village, and Roopnarayan temple.

Apart from the attractions, you can also trek to Madagad Fort, and pay a visit to the Janjira and Padmadurg forts as well.

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It is a beautiful hill town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra that is guarded by the Harihareshwar, Harshinachal and Pushpadri hills. The destination is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva, the temple of Kal Bhairava and its beautiful beach.

It is also popular in the name of Dakshin Kashi. It features among the three major beaches in Raigad district. The beach lies on both sides of the Harihareshwar temple and has an eye-arresting scenic beauty with glittery golden sands, royal blue sea waters and giant hills on three sides.

Apart from the temple, two major attractions of this beach are the scenic Diveagar beach in the southern part and Shreevardhan beach in the northern parts which are equally beautiful. You can also engage in water sport activities here like- paragliding and surfing.

Famous Beaches Near Mumbai within 400 Km


The destination of Kelshi lies at 30km from Harihareshwar in the state of Maharashtra. It is known for its scenic beach and religious significance. It houses the famous Mahalakshmi Temple.

The beach has awe-inspiring scenic beauty featuring black sand beach intercepted by Kevda, Cyprus groves, tall casuarinas trees, and coconut trees and majestic hills in the backdrop and surroundings.

The beach stretches across a length of about 2.5kms and houses multiple tourist accommodations in the form of hotels and cottages. You can enjoy a perfect calm beach walk in this eye-arresting beach, spot the seashells, sea urchins, sea anemones and enjoy nature’s serenity.

Some of the famous pilgrimage locations here are- Mahalakshmi temple, Siddhivinayak Ganapati temple, Yaqub Baba Darga, Parashuram temple in Ade and Chiplun which are at 5kms from Kelshi.

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It is a coastal village and a small port at the Dapoli taluka in Maharashtra in the Ratnagiri district. The location is famous for its port area, Kadyavarcha Ganapati temple, and the Anjarle beach. The unspoiled beach is the favourite destination of many local residents as well as visitors in Maharashtra.

The beach looks amazing featuring a golden sand beach covered by the blankets of dense vegetation, thereby embracing the crystal clear blue water of the Arabian Sea. If you are looking for a refreshing weekend break from the monotonous life, this is one of the best places close to Mumbai to spend your vacation.

Be it taking casual beach walks, exploring the port area at the mouth of Jog River or visiting the temples of Shree Keshavraj, Shree Vyagreshwar, and Kadyavarcha Ganapati. You will love everything in this calm and peaceful location.

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