15 Unexplored Places Near Mumbai That You Must Visit

Looking for unexplored places near Mumbai for a perfect weekend getaway? Then you have come to the right place. Mumbai is widely popular in India as the city of dreams due to its life turning opportunities. It is also the topmost economically developed region of India and the biggest commercial center. Thinking of Mumbai the first scene that floats in front of our eyes are the mad crowds, lovely beaches, marine drive, luxury hotels, and the high skylines.

But apart from that Mumbai is one of the best tourist gateways in India that gives you access to innumerable hidden gems located in and around the city in the state of Maharashtra. So let’s have a look at the most unpopular and less explored tourist destinations in Mumbai that are gorgeous for a perfect weekend outing.

Best Unexplored Places Near Mumbai

Beautiful Unexplored Places Near Mumbai within 100 Km

Pandavkada Falls (30 Km from Mumbai)

Situated in the Khargar region of Navi Mumbai, Pandavkaa Waterfall is a stunning tourist attraction. The waterfall has major importance in Hindu mythology as it is believed that in this waterfall, the Pandavas once had a shower during the Mahabharata era and since from then the waterfall has been named as such.

The waterfall is a plunging beauty falling between the rocks from a height of 107 meters. Being surrounded by the Pandavkada hills, the lush green vegetation and clouds twirling above the destination has a breathtaking scenic beauty and reaches at its peak during the monsoon season when the waterfall is in full force.

Monsoon has an amazing effect on this place during the rainy season giving the destination a mesmerizing scenic beauty from the driveway to the rocky terrains of the waterfall. This is an amazing site for a family picnic and also for escaping the busy city crowds amidst the lap of Mother Nature.

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Sewri Mangrove Park (17 Km from Mumbai)

Sewri Mangrove Park is a very popular tourist attraction in the state of Maharashtra sprawling over 15 acres of land filled with mangrove vegetation. The park is situated close to Sewri station in the Mumbai harbor area. It is an ecologically protected area and home to numerous bird species as it is very useful in nurturing marine life and birds.

Some of the most popular birds often spotted in this region are the Flamingos, Barn swallows, Stints, Sandpipers, Gulls, Little Egrets, Pond Herons, Reef Herons, Kingfisher, Black-tailed Godwit, and many other migratory bird species. The Flamingos here are mostly spotted in the winter season on the mudflat areas in a dedicated section known as Flamingo Point within the park.

October to March is a great season to spot these beauties in the Mangrove Park. The destination is an ideal choice for the bird watchers to have a look at numerous flocking birds and also for the photographers for some candid bird photoshoots. It is definitely one of the best unexplored places near Mumbai for nature lovers.

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Gilbert Hill (12 Km from Mumbai)

It is a spectacular rock column standing in between the city areas of Mumbai which is 66 million years old. The rock stands at an elevation of 200ft. It was formed in the Mesozoic period by squeezing out the lava from the earth’s clefts. It is the most ancient structure in the states of Maharashtra and in the country and also a solid proof about the existence of life in the earth during that time.

The hill is made of black basalt rock and serves as a visual treat to the visitors and also the residents of Mumbai as the most preserved ancient property. It was believed during that time a very unusual phenomenon occurred where a large bubble of frozen lava seemed to be hung in mid-air across various parts of the world which resulted in the formation of three huge rocks among which Gilbert Hill in Mumbai is the one.

The top of the hill houses two Hindu temples of Gaodevi and Durgamata and also consists of various rocky steps to trek to the top.

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Amazing Unexplored Places Near Mumbai Within 200 Km

Dahanu Beach (142 Km from Mumbai)

Dahanu Beach is the twinning partner of Bordi beach located close to each other within 15km distance. The beach is situated in the Thane district in the states of Maharashtra and lies at a distance of 145km from Mumbai. The beaches are jointly known as Dahanu Bordi beach which is completely unspoiled being less explored by the crowds and has a wonderful scenic beauty with black-sand all around intercepted by coastal trees and vegetation.

Be it soaking some summer sun, going for a long beach walk or gasping at the beautiful sunset in the evening, Dahanu beach has it all to make your holidays interesting and exciting. The most interesting attraction of this beach is the Zoroastrian temple having the sacred fire of Zoroastrian culture and also the Mecca of Zoroastrians located close to the beach.

The ambiance of the beach is extremely rejuvenating and romantic which makes it a perfect couple spot and also good for organizing family picnics.

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Kamshet (106 Km from Mumbai)

It is a breathtaking hill station of Maharashtra which is famous across the country for paragliding. The destination is pure love for the adventure enthusiasts and also features among the top major adventure zones in India. Having the most beautiful Western Ghats in the backdrop and surrounding areas, the scenic beauty of the destination is mesmerizing, and on top of that, the gorgeous sunflower fields make the hill station look like a painted beauty.

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The hill station stands at a towering altitude of 2200 feet above sea level and is located at 45kms from Pune. Flying over the muddy villages, the breathtaking mountain ranges, sunflower fields, and among the clouds by paragliding is like a million dollar experience for the visitors which make Kamshet very special.

Apart from that, there are also many heritage sites for the tourist’s like- Bhedsa Caves, Bhairi Caves, Pavana Lake, Khondeshwar Temple, Shinde Wadi Hills etc. It is one of the most amazing unexplored places near Mumbai for a perfect weekend getaway.

Kolad (127 Km from Mumbai)

Kolad is a hub of natural beauty situated in the Raigarh district of Maharashtra. The scenic beauty if its place is panoramic having majestic Sahyadri ranges in the background accompanied with cascading glittery waterfalls and bright green, gorgeous meadows covering the land area.

Kolad is an ideal destination for the photographers, nature lovers and most importantly the adventure addicts. It is best known for Kayaking, waterfall rappelling, rafting, and trekking. The destination is situated on the banks of the blooming and the fastest flowing Kundalika River which makes it an amazing site for trying our water adventure activities. It has the scenic beauty at its peaks during monsoon season.

Other important tourist attractions to visit here are-Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, Bhira Dam, Ghosala Fort, Sutarwadi Lake, Kuda Mandad Caves, Gaimukh and many more. The two prime activities to try here are- Kolad River Rafting and Plus Valley Trek. It is a natural wonder in the states of Maharashtra, and a must visit destination.

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Jawhar (140 Km from Mumbai)

Jawhar is a picturesque town situated in Palghar district in the states of Maharashtra. The location has an awe-inspiring scenic beauty due to its strategic location in the Western Ghats and also has major historical importance due to its association of various events from the ancient time and also for its architectural heritage sites.

The town serves as a visual treat for the nature lovers with its lush green vegetation intercepting the majestic mountain ranges and the varieties of flora and fauna. The prime attractions of Jawhar are the world famous Warli Paintings, Jai Vilas Palace and Shirpamahal.

Another biggest tourist attraction of the town is the Sunset Point which is also famous as Dhanukamal due to its unique shape of the valley in the form of a Dhanush. The waterfalls of this region are breathtakingly beautiful, and the most famous among them are- Dabosa Waterfall and Dabdaba Waterfall. Jawhar is amazing to be visited by the history buffs and nature admirers.

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Sandhan Valley (183 Km from Mumbai)

Also, famous a Suspense Valley, Sandhan valley is an amazing adventure spot in Maharashtra. It is a huge canyon situated amidst the gorgeous settings of Sahyadri mountain ranges which has a depth of 200ft and a length of 1.5km. It is situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra very close to Ratangarh Fort.

The Valley lies in the Samrad Village and is an ideal destination for trekking, rock climbing, and camping. The valley is situated between the two mountain ranges which are quite deep, narrow and even darker at the ground level where sunlight is unable to reach. Due to this reason Sandhan Valley is also the Valley of Shadows.

All adventure lovers will have a spine thrilling experience in undertaking this challenging trek accompanied by rock climbing which will definitely give you a fun-filled memorable experience. While the daytimes are adventurous with trekking, rappelling and rock climbing, the nights are mysterious and beautiful with bonfire camping in the adventurous location of Sandhan Valley.

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Bordi (158 Km from Mumbai)

Bordi is situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra and lies to the northern part of Mumbai. It is famous for its unspoiled sea beach having sticky black sand intercepted by plenty of chikoo trees. The sea is completely safe in this region due to calm water flow and hence perfect for swimming and relaxing to at least half kilometer.

The beach is a lonely one away from the city of Mumbai at a distance of 153km having a charming scenic beauty. The destination has a wonderful driveway from Dahanu where the sea beaches fall on one side, and the old bungalows fall on the other side. It is one of the best unexplored places near Mumbai to spend some quality time with your close ones or better half.

Apart from the beach, Bordi has many sightseeing locations for visitors in town area like Kalpataru Botanical Garden, Depchari Dam and Reservoir, Bahrot Caves, Asavli Dam, Vrindavan Studios, Jain Titrh Koshbad Temple and many others.

Malshej Ghat (127 Km from Mumbai)

It is a breathtaking destination situated in the terrains of Western Ghats and houses varieties of flora and fauna. The destination has been blessed with all kinds of natural beauty starting from the waterfalls, dense forests, mountain passes, enchanting lakes, dams, and historical heritage sites.

The prime attraction of Malsej Ghat is Harishchandragad Fort which is a favorite to the adventure addicts due to its amazing trekking routes. It is also a hub of various ancient temples from the era of 16th century. Another beautiful eye feasting attraction of the destination is the Malsej Falls cascading through the middle of vibrant green forests from the rocky surface.

Also, this location consists of numerous other waterfalls huge and small along the roadside which makes the location seem to be deceased from the other part of the world. It is a gorgeous weekend gateway for the young crowds in the state of Maharashtra with panoramic sightseeing locations like Spatatirtha Pushkarnani Lake, Kedareshwar Cave, Pimpalgaon Dam, and Ajoba Hill Fort. It is one of the best unexplored places near Mumbai within 200 Km.

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Incredible Unexplored Places Near Mumbai Within 300 Km

Diveagar-Srivardhan- Harihareshwar (Dakshin Kashi) (257 Km from Mumbai)

These are the three different destinations in the states of Maharashtra that takes you to the Harihareshwar Temple which is also known as Dakshin Kashi. Shrivardhan is a coastal area located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is famous for its beautiful Shrivardhan Beach which lies at 20kms from Harihareshwar.

The beach is very popular among tourists due to its scenic beauty, white sand beaches, and lip-smacking seafood. From Shrivardhan beach you can travel to Diveagar within 50 minutes. It is another coastal village in the same area and is famous for its gorgeous Diveagar beach. From Diveagar you can finally travel to Harihareshwar temple within 1 hour.

Harihareshwar is a painted beauty nestled between three hills- Harihareshwar, Pushpadri and Harshinachal and also famous for its temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is followed by the Harihareshwar beach and consists of Shrines of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Bramha. It is a major pilgrimage site with a high religious value.

Harnai-Anjarle (235 Km from Mumbai)

Harnai is a small cozy destination of Maharashtra at 200kms from Mumbai widely known for its beach that has an excellent soothing atmosphere and is among the most unspoiled beaches of Maharashtra. The calm and quiet ambiance of the beach is perfect for spending some lonely time away from the city crowds amidst the lap of nature.

Harnai is also known from its historical heritage Harnai fort. The fort and the beach of Harnai make it a fabulous weekend gateway for the residents of Mumbai and Pune. Anjarle beach, on the other hand, is located in close proximity to Harnai beach and can be reached within 25 minutes.

It is also a clean beach intercepted with coconut trees and beach resorts and consists of beautiful white sand. The beach is famous for its Dolphin Safari tour and delicious seafood like pomfrets, prawns, and surmai. Both Harnai and Anjarle are perfect weekend gateways to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Saputara (246 Km from Mumbai)

Saputara might lack popularity but is a beautiful tourist destination occupying a small portion of the Sahyadri ranges in the Western Ghats. It lies in the borderline of Maharashtra and Gujarat and has mesmerizing scenic beauty accompanied by mountain ranges, waterfalls, manicured gardens, green vegetation, and extremely pleasant climate.

During the winter season, the destination looks beyond beautiful having the snow-capped mountain ranges in the backdrop in its gorgeous settings. The destination has a great value in Hindu mythology as it is believed Lord Rama stayed in the forests of Saputara for 11 years and even houses his shrine worshipped by thousands of devotees. Saputara due to its magical location has the most beautiful sunrise, and sunset which is a must experience for every nature lovers.

Some of the major tourist destinations in Saputara are-valley View Point, Echo Point, Sunset Point, Step Garden, Vansda National Park, Pandava Caves, and Echo point. The destination is pure love for the nature admirers.

Kaas Plateau (280 Km from Mumbai)

This is a beautiful biodiversity hotspot decorated by the species of numerous flowering, herbal, medicinal plants and dominated by thousands of colorful butterflies. The plateau is situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra and is also known as Kaas Pathar. It lies at an elevation of 1200 meters above sea level and covers an area of 10 km square.

Kaas Plateau is also referred to as the Valley of Flowers and looks straight out of the heaven painted in the colors of various flowering species among the lush green meadows. The plateau was formed from the volcanic rocks and has maximum rainfall due to its strategic location that has led to the growth of its beautiful vegetation and flowering plants.

Some of the unique flowering species spotted here are-Nisurdi, Abhali, Suichi Bhaji, Halunda, Undri, Gulabi Terada and many more. The location looks beyond beautiful in a monsoon with more than 850 blooming species of flowering plants, and blooming waterfalls from the Sahyadri ranges creating a magical scenic beauty. It is one of the most beautiful unexplored places near Mumbai for nature lovers.

Unexplored Places Near Mumbai Within 500 Km

Lonar (495 Km from Mumbai)

It is the secret destination of Maharashtra best known for its crater on the earth’s surface. The destination has got its name from the famous daemon of Hindu Mythology named ‘Lonasura’. The lake in this region is a beautiful emerald color waterbody which has been created by the meteors in the period of Pleistocene Epoch.

The Lake is world famous for the biggest crater created by meteors in the land of Maharashtra around 50,000 years before when the meteor fireball crashed into the earth’s surface at a roaring speed of 90,000km/hour. Lonar has a magical scenic beauty surrounded by mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, dense forests and this lake situated in between like studded emerald stone.

The location is just 4 hours drive from Aurangabad and must be visited by every tourist to have a look at the scientific wonder as well as the adventure addicts for an amazing forest trekking up to the Lonar Lake.

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